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"No dear, your name is Bella."

Stupid mother.

Gothic Lullaby-- Chapter 2

Leather or Plaid--BPOV

"Good Morning Miss." Said a male voice.

I woke up to the sound of that, and the clinking of ice cubes in a glass.

I peeked one eye open and met the green eyes of Xavier my butler with a glass of lemonade. I groaned, taking the glass (which had a cute black umbrella) and gulping it down. The sweet of the sugar and tang of the lemon made an intresting combo on my tongue. I thanked Xavier and he shuffled away from my bedside. Flipping off my black silk duvet cover from my slender torso, Belinda, my agent stepped into my room.

"Bella, Dahling." she said as she flipped out her Blackberry and began to punch in random numbers.

"Hey Bee" I smiled weakly, not quite out of my morning fog.

"Wear that leather number we bought the other day, your going to the UK today, for the Sweeney Todd premier like in...seven minutes. So Hurry, kay?" Belinda said.

I nodded, though I knew she wasn't paying attention. I delicately stepped toward my closet, in search of that horendous leather dress, that is until something else caught my eye. A nice long, comfortable plaid housecoat. (Actual Helenda Boham Carter outfit xD Look it up) I ripped it off the hanger, and put it on, as well as a pair of black boots. I stepped out of my spacious closet that Alice would be proud of.

I missed them, truly I did, but I realized that crying over them was a waste of tears and time. Edward was right, human memories do fade. At first I was terrified when I couldn't exactly remember Esme's smiling face, or Jasper's solomn one. I don't quite remember Emmett's joyful grin fully, and I was never able to comprehend Rosalie's beauty. Alice was still clear, and Carlisle was an easy face to remember, after my hospital fiascos. I broke down one day when I realized I didn't remember Edward's exact hair color. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I did agree to marry him. Bella Cullen. Eh, it doesn't flow very well. Even Jacob is fading. I lost contact with him when I was casted to star in the Sweeney Todd movie that came out a couple months ago. That was a memory, I remember at least.

It was a joke, when Jacob sent my picture in to the casting agent. When I got a call wanting me to star, I was less then thrilled. I didn't want to do it, but with Jacob's persuasion, I did.

That where I am now, atleast, twenty years old. Alone. With Money. It was quiet in my home, aside from animal noises from my dogs, cats, ferrets...you name it I got it. Multiple, probably.

My housecoat was comfortable, Belinda shot me disproving glare. She didn't really care though, why I didn't understand. I applied some dark eyeshadow and tamed the rats nest I called my hair and I was out the door and boarding a plane to the UK. I of course, fell asleep.

I awoke with a start, I didn't know why though. I looked out the window, it was raining and there was a huge comotion outside. I leaned closer to the window to see what was going on. It looked like a bunch of officials surrounding a body. A body with long blonde hair.


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