A/N: This is my first story I have ever written , so please give me some advice or suggestions. Thanks.

As she went to sit down on the couch , Shelly heard something. What could it be she thought , as she turned around she saw Conrad , an ex morale monitor, and she smiled. She and Conrad had grown quite fond of each other. Conrad came and sat down next to Shelly gently placing his hand in hers, they both smiled at each other and turned the TV on. They barely had anytime to spend together alone, considering all the others that were abiding in this safe home. They both turned around as Vicki ,Shelly's best friend, walked in and blushed ,"Oh!", she said. " I didn't mean to interrupt anything!", Vicki said embarrassed. " Oh its fine." , Shelly assured Vicki. " I have to go make breakfast before everyone gets up. I wanted to surprise Becky. She always does everything for us, so I thought I would do a little something for her." said Vicki. " I will help." said Shelly. "Could you wait a minute Shel?" asked Conrad. "Sure. I'll be right there Vick." said Shelly. "Okay see you in a few minutes." said Vicki.

"So what did you want?" , Shelly asked softly. "Um...uh..." , Conrad stuttered. " Conrad it's me u can tell me anything. Now what did u want to say?" , Shelly said. "Will you marry me?" ,Conrad stammered. "Hello?! Now would be a good time to say something!" , said Conrad. Shelly was partially in shock and so overwhelmed, she didn't know what to say. When she finally got her voice back she said , "Yes!" Conrad looked so relieved. " Thank you! I didn't know if you were speechless, disgusted, in shock or just very upset." he said. " Nooo!! I was speechless. Yes yes yes! Conrad I would marry you in a rain storm, I would marry you in a earthquake, that might be kind of hard but I would, I would marry you during heck how bout The Tribulation." Conrad smiled and pulled out a beautiful diamond. " Oh, It's wonderful!" , Shelly about screamed. " But you didn't have to get me one of these, I'm glad you did , but you didn't have to! Where did you ever find it? Its beautiful!! Thank you!" Conrad grabbed Shelly by the waist and pulled her close, " I love you" , he whispered in her ear. " I love you too!" she said. Then he kissed her, and she gently returned it. " I better go help Vicki." , she said. Shelly walked to the door and right before closing the door, winked at Conrad , the man she loved, and soon to be her lawfully wedded husband!!

Shelly walked into the kitchen. "What was that all about? You don't have to tell me if don't want to." said Vicki. Shelly stuck out her hand and Vicki just stared for what seemed the longest time. " Are you going to say something?" asked Shelly. " I'm so happy for you!!" Vicki said still staring at the ring.

" So when is it?" Vicki asked. " I don't know. We didn't really talk about it." Shelly answered. " Oh, well I'm really happy for you." Vicki said. " Now me and you will both be married." Shelly said. Shelly Graham. , she thought.I could get used to that. And she went on making breakfast with Vicki.