Finding Time and Her Soul by AndromedaMarine

The four little words that John Sheppard had grown to loathe were "I don't have time." While he knew that she was busy, yes, she didn't have to blow him off perpetually and blame her utter lack of time for it. So when he walked boldly into her office he decided he wouldn't settle for the four words.

"Elizabeth," he said, trying to belay the tone of frustration. "I have something you need to see."

He braced himself, he knew it was coming. "Not now, John, I don't have time." He was prepared.

"Yes, Elizabeth, you do."

The leader stopped staring at her laptop's screen and looked up at her second in command. "Excuse me?"

"Elizabeth, I have something you need to see," he repeated slowly. He leaned against the desk with his hands, coming to his leader's eye level.

The wearied woman took another glance at her computer screen and internally agreed and was grateful for John's distraction. "Fine. Will it take long?"

John didn't answer. Instead he led her out of the office and to the balcony on the south pier where both of them used to spend all their time off. Now Elizabeth was spending all her time off working. With his head he closed the door to the balcony and turned to face Elizabeth.

"Well? What did you want me to see?"

John grasped her shoulders and stared into her brilliant green eyes. "It's called the world. You say you don't have time for anything – but look around! This is everything! You're spending all of your time in your office looking over boring, dull and un-illustrated mission reports! The world is out here, not in there. You have time. How could you think that you don't have time? The world won't wait for you to get on. But I will." With that he moved in quickly and kissed her before she could pull away. In that one kiss he conveyed everything he'd been trying to tell her for the past three years. "Time isn't the only thing you've lost," he said, pulling away but still keeping his grip on her. "You've lost your soul."

Elizabeth finally realized the importance of the little words John was saying. She did have time. And it wasn't meant to be spent in a tiny office with no breathing space. "I think I just found it," she breathed, and kissed John back.

She had found time and her soul.