Title: Rise of the Kami No Ryū

Date first posted: June 26, 2008

Author(s): Ulti/Rael

Summary: Naruto beated Sasuke at the Valley of the End and used this opportunity to flee the village. Several years later, a team is sent to try and form a new alliance with a new and possibly incredibly powerfull village, Ryūkagure no sato; the village hidden in the dragon. Powerfull and inteligent Naruto (Thus meaning OOC Naruto)

Main pairing(s): I'm torn between Naruto/Konan, Naruto/Ino and perhaps Naruto/Shion, but that one is most probably not going to happen

Main character(s): Naruo, Kyuubi and pretty much as many people I can throw in. But not much Ocs. I don't like to put Ocs in my stories too mcuh.

Genre(s): Adventure, drama, romance, etc.

Time period: Right at the end of the Sasuke retrieval arc.

Rating: I honestly don't know, so I'll just put T.

Warning(s): Cursing mostly. Blood too. Can't think about it too much.

Completion status: Not completed

Word count: 1 579 words

Chapters: 0/?

Note: I won't always put all this (points up) in each chapter. The only ones I'll continue putting constantly is "Word count" and "Chapters". Because they're the only ones that changes. If, let's say the rating changes, I'll add the "Rating" thing on the chapter and then it will be gone on the next chapter. Same goes for the "Warning" or any other for that matter.

Rise of the Kami No Ryū

"Rasengan!" (Spiralling Sphere) yelled a orange-clad boy, covered in a red bubble-light substance, a tail of the same substance swishing behind him and he leapt toward another form.

"Chidori!" (One thousand birds) yelled a boy about the same age, a much darker skin tone, grey hair and 2 red eyes with 3 tomoes spinning wildly in them.

Kakashi sprinted forward when he felt the surge in power that came from the valley of end. His "sixth sense" was telling him something bad was about to happen so he sped up his pace.

After several minutes of anxiety, the powerful ninja came upon the end of the forest. He continued jumping and landed on the middle of the lake, using chakra to stand on it. He looked around, his sharp eye looking for his 2 students. He quickly spotted something out of the scenery near the waterfall and rushed to it. He appeared next to the fallen form.

His eyes were downcast in sadness as he looked at the boy lying on the floor in front of him, no other evidence that any other person was here. He sighed. At his side, Pakkun, his summon, sighed as well, both adorning a sad expression.

No words were exchanged as Kakashi took the bloodied teen in his arms and went away in a flash of green and orange.

The teen slowly opened his eyes to meet a white ceiling. The few seconds it took him to realize were enough to let the doctor, disdain on his face, enter to room. He quickly checked up his vitals before leaving the room.

His eyes were showing his growing anger as he tried to sit, only to fall back on the bed with a painful back. He looked down at himself; He was heavily bandaged. He cursed again.

"Damn y—" he was interrupted by a knock on the window. He turned his head slowly to see the toad sannin, Jiraiya, as he opened the window and entered the room. The frog he was on disappeared.

"Looks like you took quite a beating if you haven't healed yet," he said, looking at him with a half-amused, half curious stare. The bandaged boy only gave him a death glare. "Indeed, it's really strange…" he continued, serious for once. "There's something not right about you…" he said before he narrowed his eyes. "Who are you?" he asked carefully.

The teen glared. As his anger flared, so did a bit of his chakra. Jiraiya went wide-eyed as he saw the third level sharingan eyes appear in the eyes of the blond looking teen, before they disappeared again. He formed a seal, gathering the necessary chakra, before he passed his hand over the bandaged body. His eyes narrowed again as the form blurred, slowly but surely turning into the youngest remaining Uchiha member, Uchiha Sasuke.

"Shit!" he cursed as he suddenly went through the window again, heading full speed toward the Hogake tower. Sasuke glared back at the ceiling, the memory of his humiliation still clear in his mind.


Naruto stood above the sharingan user, with a disarming bored expression. "Thank you, Sasuke. You gave me the exact opportunity I needed. Kakashi should be here soon. He'll take you back to Konoha." Sasuke sneered at this.

"Think about it, Sasuke. You're only relying on superficial power. The man you seek power from, as well as the other sannins, while we're at it, all gained their power from Konoha. Real power. You're just relying on false power. I'm ashamed to admit I did too." Naruto made a pause at that, a distant look in his eyes. He quickly turned his attention back to the Uchiha.

"But don't you dare think I'm selfish. I do have a reason to leave, unlike you. I'll never learn anything by staying here, like you'd do. Nobody'll ever teach me anything. Even you know it. But people will go to any extend to help you. I'm not telling you to abuse their generosity. I'm just telling you that there are people here willing to give you real power. Then, when you'll finally meet your brother, you won't have the shame to win only relaying on someone else's power. In this case, let's face it, a pedophile's power," he added as a side note. Sasuke didn't have the strength to hold his shiver as that also struck him.

"Take care of yourself and of Sakura. You know she cares deeply for you. Why don't you try to get closer to her? Perhaps you'll gain something in return. Let go of your hatred, Sasuke, or your brother will truly have won," those words struck hard on Sasuke as his eyes widened. His vision started to blur. The last words of his best friend, though, left his cheeks a deep, deep red as he immediately understood what it implied. "Beside, didn't you say you wanted to revive your clan too?" chuckled the blond before his vision went black and he fell unconscious.

End of flashback…

"He must have henged me into himself after I lost consciousness," he understood. Just then, the door opened and he caught pink hair in his sight as Sakura was closing the door.

"Hey, Naruto, I brought you… some… ramen…" Sakura barely finished her sentence as she finally saw the Uchiha on the hospital bed. The little package she was carrying fell to the floor. She took a nervous step toward him. "Sa… Sasuke…?" she whispered, disbelieving. She waited for a minute before Sasuke finally opened his mouth, slightly.

"Sa… kura…" he murmured. She took several steps forward before giving him a warm hug. He wasn't sure why, but he returned the hug, Naruto's words echoing in his head.

"What did you say?!" yelled the slug sannin as she broke her desk to pieces with her fist, focusing completely on the serious and irritated toad sannin in front of her.

"The boy Kakashi brought back, thought to be Uzumaki Naruto, is in fact Uchiha Sasuke," he said, looking in another direction. He turned toward her and made a step in her direction, his anger flaring. "Kami knows how, but the gaki put a henge on the Uchiha to look like him and used that to flee," he muttered, before waiting for the hokage's reply. She gritted her teeth.

"Jiraiya, we're talking about Naruto here, the dead-last at the academy who knows about five jutsus, two of them being the basic ones, and not even being able to do the simple bushin right. How the hell could he do that?!" she yelled. She didn't want to speak low of the boy, but facts were facts.

"Tsunade, let me also remind you that we're talking about a boy who mastered the kage bushin jutsu in a matter of hours, learned the Rasengan in a WEEK! A kid who managed to deceive most people into believing he was happy when we both know he was not. If he could do all that, do you really think it to be THAT hard to believe that he could have just hidden all his skills to everyone and only now decided to make a move?" said Jiraiya. Tsunade, though left speechless, hid it behind her frustrated expression.

"Whether he did or not, the point is—" She was interrupted by Jiraiya.

"The point is Naruto fooled us all and used this retrieval mission to is advantage. He didn't stop the Uchiha; He switched places with him," finished Jiraiya. Tsunade clenched her fists again. She then bent down and picked the microphone off the floor.

"Shizune!" she started. "Gather…" she again trailed off, before shrieking into the device and throwing it at a wall, where it broke into pieces. "Damn him! He planned this out perfectly! We used all the military force we could spare to go after the Uchiha and nobody's left to go after him!" she yelled again in frustration.

She looked at Jiraiya, who had a faraway look in his eyes and a calm expression on his face. She arched an eyebrow at the perverted sannin.

"What are you thinking about, Jiraiya?" she asked. Said person looked at her in the eyes, before a sad smile graced his lips.

"Think about it, Tsunade-hime," he started, getting an even more confused expression from Tsunade. "Naruto… He hid himself behind 2 masks; letting us voluntarily see under the first one not to raise any suspicions about the second one… And everyone fell for it… A happy-go-lucky exterior to hide a sad interior, both used to hide what I'm sure is one of the sharpest minds I've encountered… There'd be no point in sending a retrieval team after him even if we could," he finally said, driving Tsunade out of her understanding thoughts.

"You're right. If all of this is true, which now seems to be the case, what chances do we have to get him?" she said. She lowered her head to the ground, partly in shame and anger.

Another emotion soon mixed with those, clearly shown to the toad sannin by the glistening tears dropping from the hokage's face to the ground. He walked to her and embraced her. She didn't oppose any resistance as she simply let the tears continue to flow.

"Tsunade-sama…" barely said Shizune as she had slowly opened the door to witness the scene of her mistress crying softly into the arms of her teammate. "What happened…?" she barely whispered, her uneasy feeling growing.

End of prologue

First chapter, no author's note.