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Timeline Note: This chapter takes place after Kallen is captured in R2, Episode 11.

The Castaway Prince - A Code Geass Lemon Fanfiction by ClockMaker411

Chapter 1 - Rescue

"Knight of Seven, Kururugi Suzaku, to see the prisoner." The lieutenant glanced up toward the main monitor at the interruption, narrowing his dark brown eyes in silent consideration. Fingertips light as they deftly manipulated the controls of the touchpad, he brought up three angled views of the honorary Britannian standing resolutely in front of the door to the holding cell. The young man had a thin, silver briefcase tucked beneath one arm. The lieutenant turned his swivel chair to look up at his superior.

"Chief, should we let him through?" The larger man regarded the display screens with a furrowed brow, his thick arms crossed in front of a broad, barrel chest. His lips compressed into a fine line of disapproval as the two uniformed guards stationed in front of the prisoner's isolation cell stepped to either side of the entrance, each affecting a deep bow. The door slid open of its own accord, the accompanying pneumatic hiss inaudible from the monitor.

The lieutenant cursed under his breath, turning back to the touch screen before him. He had to remember to reprimand the pair of them the next time he toured the cells. As if sensing his thoughts, the chief spoke in a gruff but arresting voice. "Can we blame them, Lieutenant Arturo? Kururugi is a Knight of Rounds, after all." The chief sank bank into the chair, his right hand tapping the synthetic leather of the arm rest as his left stroked the short, trimmed beard at his chin.

"Knight or not," the younger man spoke over his shoulder, "they should wait for authorization before allowing anyone to see the prisoner." It was Arturo's belief that order depended upon strict observance of regulations; laxity in such regards, no matter how small, could threaten to topple that order. Yes, he would remember to speak to those soldiers, and insure that such a breach did not happen again.

"He's an anomaly, that one," the chief said in reply, giving a casual wave of his hand. "Not only is he a Knight of Rounds, but a Number, too. Who would have thought an Eleven could rise to so high a position?" He grunted in vague distaste. "The soldiers are uneasy around him – they don't know what to make of him." The large man watched the screens as the white-clad figure stepped into the cell, standing for a moment at its threshold, before vanishing beyond the view of the cameras. It was a Britannian policy that the interior of a holding cell was not monitored, so as to keep what went on in such cells completely off the digital record.

Arturo turned in his chair to face the elder man, his own arms now folded. "And that's precisely the reason why – she is an Eleven too, is she not? This ace of the Black Knights… If Kururugi were to betray us and escape with her…" The chief dismissed the notion with a shake of his head. Arturo, annoyed at being so wordlessly rebuffed, returned to studying the display screens at his station.

"Still," came the chief's voice from behind, in idle comment, "I didn't expect to see him here today. I heard he was supposed to be testing a new Float System for the Lancelot." He seemed unconcerned.

Before he could reply, a sudden jolt slammed Arturo onto the control panels over which he hunched. Even in his groggy haze, he could see the flashing red signals of alarm on the screens beneath him, and hear the sirens blaring in his ears. He shook his head, regaining his senses, and realized that the chief was issuing orders.

"It's the Black Knights! – They've come to rescue the prisoner! – Send a company of men to the isolation cells to secure her! – Alert Second Prince Schneizel of the attack! – Ready the Knightmare Frames for immediate deployment!–" Arturo's fingers worked frantically at the display screens, never noticing, in one corner of his monitor, that the door to the isolation cell remained open, although guarded.

"Who's there…?" The voice from the dark enclosure had an edge to it, a pretense of anger masking the uncertainty, and moreover, the fear, lying hidden beneath. He stepped forward into the dimness, so that the strong light from the outer corridor would cease to shadow his features with its luminous outline. "Suzaku?" The voice filled with contempt. "I have nothing to say to you. Leave."

He touched his throat, fingers working beneath the tight collar of the white uniform. "Oh?" It was not Suzaku's voice that came from his lips now, but his own, and that was a comfort – it had been disquieting to hear his own voice inside his head, and that of another on his ears, as he had spoken. But it was now time to abandon the charade.

Kallen sat up as best she could, secured as she was in the white prisoner's uniform, banded irregularly with belts of black. "You're not…" she trailed off, her blue eyes narrowing in the darkness. "Zero?"

He chuckled, bowing his head slightly and reaching up with his free hand, removing the digital prosthetic face mask that Villetta had provided for him. "Glad to see you've followed my orders, Q1." He knelt by her, his hands deftly working at unfastening the buckled restraints that held her soundly in the uniform. In a few moments, she was free – he wasn't unaccustomed to the buckles, having found C.C in similar garb. He stood, taking Kallen up with him.

"We don't have much time–" His words were cut off by an abrupt explosion, its tremor nearly causing him to lose his balance. Kallen gripped his upper arms, steadying herself, squeezing almost painfully. After she had regained herself, he brought the slim briefcase up between them. "Soldiers' uniforms. Put one on. Quickly now." The case slid open, and he took one, pressing it to her middle, before taking the other for himself. "I'll turn around while you dress, so don't worry." He gave her a small smirk over his shoulder as he faced away, already stripping the gold-embroidered white Knight of Rounds uniform from off his body and replacing it with the black and gray of a soldier.

Kallen watched him for a moment, blushing slightly in the dim light, before a punctuated look from Lelouch brought her back to her senses. That embarrassed her further – he had said he wouldn't look, after all. Her cheeks reddened, but she did as she was asked, the whites of her prison garb joining his on the floor of the cell. When she was dressed, he grabbed her hand, leading her out the door. Another jolt caused him to yank her forward with one arm, holding her against him, while the other braced himself on the frame of the doorway as the tremor passed.

From within the darkness of the cell, Lelouch called to the two guards flanking the outer entrance. "Your helmets and your weapons, give them to me." Quickly they complied, standing straight and facing forward upon surrendering what he had asked. The magenta of the Geass shone brilliantly in their eyes. Lelouch handed a helmet and pistol to Kallen, urging her to move quickly through the doorway and down the corridor.

"Zero, what's happening? Are we really trying to attack the Avalon?" He gave her a cool look over his shoulder, pulling her harder as they ran. He didn't have to pull that hard, she thought, and she knew that he wouldn't be able to maintain the pace for long. He was starting to become winded.

"It's a diversion," he said between breaths, "but it should be convincing enough for what I have planned." Taking a sharp left turn down a smaller corridor, Lelouch led them to a small offshoot, what proved to be a maintenance tunnel. "Right about now, C.C. will be demanding your release. As Zero, of course." He lifted a half-recessed hatch, revealing a vertical maintenance tube, its metal ladder descending further into the depths of the ship. Heaving himself through, he began to descend. "With C.C. in Shinkirou and Li Xingke in Shenhu, the threat will be substantial." He looked up, just to make sure that she was following, but then diverted his gaze. The uniform fit her a bit too well, being especially tight around the hips. An observer would certainly have little doubt that she was female.

"And what about the Knights of Rounds? Where's the real Suzaku?" She looked down at him, from between her legs, as she descended. Within his helmet, she saw that his face was flushed – was he this worn out already?

"Ashford Academy," he said with a light laugh, but one that still betrayed his exertion. "As are the other Knights of Rounds, Anya Alstreim and Gino Weinberg." Setting foot on the floor of the shaft, he stepped aside, waiting for Kallen and catching his breath. "But knowing Suzaku, the Lancelot will be here soon – which is why I've given the order for our forces to disperse as soon as the Knights of Rounds present themselves."

"Then how will we escape?" She looked down at him, over her shoulder, and then slid down the remaining length of the ladder, slowing her descent using the insoles of her boots and the palms of her gloved hands on the ladder's sides. As she reached the ground, another explosion caused her to lose her footing, Kallen stumbling back to press the line of her body to his within the cramped confines of the narrow shaft.

"Just leave that to me, Kallen," he remarked with a casual smile, his voice soft but certain in her ear. With his hands on her waist, he urged her through another small hatch which opened into an outer corridor, larger than the one before. They walked briskly now, not wanting to attract any more attention than necessary. Kallen thought that she recognized this area – these were the corridors leading to the docking and loading bays, where her Guren had been taken.

As if reading her mind, Lelouch spoke. "I'm sorry, Kallen, but we can't risk retrieving your Knightmare. If we tried to fight our way out, we'd have the Avalon to our backs and the Knights of Rounds cutting off our escape. Besides, we don't know the condition of the Guren's energy filler, or even if it's still operable. But we can't leave it in Britannian hands, either…." He trailed off, leaving the rest unsaid.

She understood. "You've made the preparations, then?" He nodded. Her teeth gritted, but she said nothing more. It pained her to lose the Knightmare Frame, but if losing it meant that they might destroy the Avalon, it was a sacrifice that she was willing to make.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Lelouch suddenly halted, casting out a hand to stop her in mid-stride. Blue eyes assessing the threat, Kallen counted eight soldiers fanned out, four on either side, their weapons drawn and leveled at them. She stayed her hand, quelling the instinct to reach for her own pistol. It was far too risky.

"Identify yourselves," one of the men in the middle of the group demanded cautiously, eyeing them both in turn. Lelouch casually removed his helmet, drawing all their eyes, and weapons, to him. She could tell by looking at their faces, the way their eyes focused, yet their features slackened, that he was using his power.

The order was curt. "Fall in behind us and escort us to the ground below." Lelouch took her hand and walked forward, the soldiers behind joining them in a formation of two abreast. It was eerie, to her, the way that their eyes shone with the power of his Geass – that sparkling hue of magenta around their irises. She looked up at him, at the same power, blazing in his left eye. He gave her a slight smile. "Everything is going according to plan," he murmured, leading the company of soldiers down a gangway to the surface of the Shinjuku Ghetto, where the ship had docked.

Looking up at the open sky, Kallen was grateful for the darkened visor of the helmet, shielding her eyes as they adjusted to the sudden, effusive light. Then she noticed something troubling – the explosions had stopped. "Zero," she voiced, with rising concern, as she gestured to the empty horizon.

"They've withdrawn already, hmm…?" His tone was considering, but not overly worried. As if in answer to his unvoiced question, Lancelot tore through the sky, flanked by Mordred and Tristan. They circled, then steadied, slightly north of the docked cruiser, hovering above as if surveying the retreating Knightmare Frames below. "It doesn't matter – we're almost out." Their escort, having completed the assigned task, moved back up the gangway to once again board the ship. He cast a hand about in front of him, indicating a number of dark gray transport vehicles spread out across the width of the main square.

"So many?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Not for us," he chuckled as he withdrew a small transmitter from his breast pocket. Raising the device to his lips, he spoke a command. "Execute pattern epsilon." Immediately the vehicles sped away, their tires raising dusty grit in the otherwise still air. Kallen watched as the vans peeled off, one after another, each taking a different route amidst the side streets and alleyways of the ghetto. "Decoys," he said in answer to her questioning gaze, "and each driven by a 'willing' Britannian soldier." He pulled her into a side alley. "Despite the confusion, I'm expecting that most will be caught, traveling on the surface as they are, but at least a few will make it out. And as far as Schneizel will know, you and I will have made good our escape." He opened a small door, inviting her to enter with a flourish of his hand.

"And what about us?" she asked, stepping inside lightly. He closed the door behind them.

"We'll be traveling through the subway system safely underground, of course." He gestured toward a flight of stairs, sunken into the floor and disappearing from view as it descended into darkness. "This is one of the maintenance entrances leading to the tunnels. Our exit is below, and out. Come." He took her hand, his other retrieving and activating a small flashlight that he had doubtlessly left there before boarding the Avalon.

"You have a Knightmare down there?" She followed, finding cautious footing on the stairs as her eyes searched through the darkness that his light left untouched, Kallen constantly on guard for a waiting enemy.

"You'll see." By the tone of his voice, she thought that may have been smiling in the darkness. Kallen considered pressing him again, but before she could ask, a sudden jolt took her from her feet. Even underground, she could feel the impact of the explosion – the force of it reverberated down the length of the tunnel, causing dust to fall in unsettling streams from the ceiling, revealed only when the beam of the flashlight cut into them. A portent of grim foreboding, the tunnel walls shifted ominously as the shockwave passed.

She realized then that Lelouch was close by, kneeling over her, gripping her shoulder with one hand and holding the light with the other, thankfully directed away from her eyes. "Are you all right? Can you walk?" She nodded, and he pulled her to her feet.

"We should run," she said, her voice worried. "This tunnel won't hold for long." He nodded his agreement. This time, she startled him, as she without warning loped forward at a rapid pace, pulling him along, his flashlight illuminating the concrete path before them. As its beam wavered with each bouncing stride, she thought she could make out something in the distance, flickering a dim, red reflection.

Now nearer, Kallen gasped, recognizing the vehicle. It was the garishly decorated trailer that Zero had appropriated for the Black Knights as a mobile headquarters, in the early days of the resistance. She had thought it had long been destroyed, or abandoned, but here it was before her, just as she remembered.

"Get inside," he said, slapping a hand on a control console and opening a side door. "We're running out of time." Climbing up after her, he paused before entering, looking instead over his shoulder, listening to the deep rumble that echoed down from some distant part of the tunnel. It was beginning to collapse in on itself. "Let's go." The door slid shut behind him.

Lelouch cursed. He hadn't anticipated that the shockwave from the explosion which had crippled Schneizel's flag ship would do such extensive damage to the subway tunnels beneath – and not only those directly under the ship, but those near the outskirts of the ghetto, where the resonating vibrations had caused already weakened tunnels and passages to collapse. This was the third time he had had to turn the trailer around – a third route cut off by impassable debris that had not been there upon entering Shinjuku.

"So what are our options, Lelouch?" He glanced over at her, considering her question. She had taken off her helmet, and he noticed now that her face was smudged with dirt, from when she had fallen.

"Hmm. The trailer isn't as noticeable as a Knightmare Frame," he began, leaning back and powering down the engine, "but it still leaves a heat signature that may be followed. We've been driving for nearly two hours now, and I'm sorry to say that we're not that much closer to finding a way out." He took off his own helmet, running a gloved hand through his dark hair. "We could abandon the trailer and move up to the surface – according to the map, there's a service exit a few kilometers back the way we came – but even if we surfaced, there's no way of knowing what kind of Britannian presence may be waiting, especially after the explosion.

"If we were to surface and stay hidden, there still isn't much we could do. Down here, communications are essentially cut off, and up there, the enemy will be tracking any unfamiliar signal source - they'd expect us to be calling for help. Assuming they didn't find us using the signal, we can't exactly have the Black Knights come to back us up, not with the Knights of Rounds still in the area, and you without your Guren." He rested his hand lightly on the top of hers – a gesture of comfort, and one that she welcomed. "Lakshata is working on the Guren Mk. III, if that's any consolation. You won't be without your Knightmare for long."

Her brow furrowed, blue eyes considering as they looked at him. "So our best strategy is to just stay here, underground, and wait for the soldiers to pass before slipping out?" He nodded.

"That way, there isn't a chance of the enemy tracking our signal – they're expecting us to have fled on the surface, but if they detect an underground energy source constantly on the move, then it would most likely arouse their suspicions. Our Knightmare Frames moving into this area would do the same – after all, Schneizel is of the belief that we have already escaped." He tugged at the collar of his uniform. It was getting too warm. "If we wait here for a few days, the regular army will fall back to the Avalon, giving us the chance to make it through on the surface, even using this trailer. We have plenty of supplies, more than enough to last, and weapons, too." He reached over, tugging the material of her soldier's uniform. "And a few changes of spare clothing." With the back of his gloved hand, he wiped the sweat from his brow, succeeding only in making a brown streak across his own forehead. He glanced at the dirty gloves in distaste, and began to peel them off. "You should shower and get dressed," he said casually after removing the first, "It may be a while before we can get moving again."

"All right. I'm going, then." She stood, turning, and smoothly ducked out of the trailer's cockpit. He sighed, somewhat regretfully. He appreciated her presence.

"Don't be too long," he called out behind her, "I need to take one too." He heard her reply in assent. Hunching forward, Lelouch rubbed his temples with his fingers, now free of the gloves. Being cut off from his escape had been an unfortunate and unpredicted event, and his future plans had to be adjusted to accommodate the delay that this problem presented.

There was the Chinese Federation, of course – with the Eunuch Generals now dead, would the rebellion he had worked to incite within the cities of the Federation now accept the leadership of Empress Tianzi, acting in conjunction with Li Xingke, and ultimately, under the direction of Zero himself? He thought he had the man convinced at least, after having staged the Empress' rather timely rescue, and further, by not interfering with his engagement to Tianzi. Li Xingke would be a valuable ally – he had proven his skill once before, in capturing Kallen. He ground his teeth at that.

Then there was the problem of Ashford Academy, what with Anya and Gino now students there, along with Suzaku. Three enemies that, if eliminated, would make his plans go all the more smoothly. But that wasn't the way of the Japanese, or his way, despite all of Diethard's urgings. He wondered why they had been placed there, as honorary members of the school, and of the Student Council. It hadn't been Villetta's idea, he knew – she would have informed him of that. As of now, though, they were just a nuisance – two more sets of eyes waiting for him to falter in the life of posturing that he upheld with Rolo.

And finally, Shirley. She had been acting strangely around him, during his time at the Academy, before he had left to set in motion his plan to rescue Kallen. He needed to find out what was going on with her. Rolo had mentioned something about it – that Sayoko, posing as his double, hadn't been acting like his usual self. Using her as a double was a risk, but one that he had to take in order to maintain the veil of normality. He would debrief Sayoko thoroughly when he returned, and handle Shirley as need be.

Lelouch sighed heavily, leaning back in his chair. There were too many things that needed to be done, and he was in no place to deal with them. With a resigned shake of his head, he pushed himself to his feet. He had to bend low to exit the cockpit, its small stairway leading into the lounge that made up the bulk of the trailer. In the back was a short corridor connecting to the storage area, and next to that, the spiral stairs to the second floor – the bedroom, and what had been his makeshift office. He heard the running water from above reduce to a slow trickle. She would be out soon, and he wanted a shower – wanted to get out of the sticky, sweat-damped soldier's uniform. Sauntering to the stairs, Lelouch mounted the short flight of steps and knocked twice on the closed door at their top. "Are you dressed?"

Instead of replying, she opened the door a crack, then let it swing open fully. Her dark red hair, looking even darker with the damp from the shower, just brushed the top of her collarbone. She wore nothing but a yellow towel, wrapped snugly around her body. "Not yet, but you should go in now, while the water's still hot." He nodded, averting his eyes, and stepped inside, moving past her. He could feel her warmth, radiating off of her body, even through the towel, and smell the clean scent of her skin and hair. He was glad that she couldn't see his face – that she couldn't see the red that suffused his cheeks.

As if just now remembering his purpose, Lelouch shifted his gaze to the two neatly folded stacks of clothing on the desk at one side of the room – his clothes, and hers, along with another fresh towel. He strode to the desk purposefully, if a bit unsteadily, and she followed behind him. Not looking back at her, he handed her the folded stack of clothes, which she accepted with a small thank you. "Would you mind?" he asked quietly, not turning to look back at her. She gave a soft laugh, but he could hear her footfalls on the carpeted floor signaling her retreat to the side of the bed. Lelouch sighed at the loss of the warmth that fled as soon as she moved away.

He shrugged off the feeling as he shed his clothing – starting with the boots, then the vest and shirt, and finally the pants. The towel he wrapped loosely about his waist. "I won't be long," he murmured quietly, looking at her over his shoulder. She averted her eyes, giving a small nod, her cheeks tinged in crimson, the bundle of clothes clutched in front of her towel-clad chest.

Lelouch stepped inside the cramped shower stall, grateful for the frosted glass that hid him from the outside room. Stripping off his towel, he opened the stall just enough to pull the towel through the bar that hung on the other side of the door. Naked now, he let the water flow, allowing it to cascade as radiant waves of heat through his hair and across his shoulders, streaming in rivulets down the length of his body. Kallen had been as good as her word – the hot water was wonderful, working to knead the tensions and worries of his plans gone awry as he stood beneath the steady stream, forearms pressing the sides of the triangular stall, his head bowed forward. He relished the feeling a moment longer before lathering a washcloth with soap and beginning to scrub away the sweat and dirt from their escape.

He had just finished rinsing the sudsy soap from his body when he felt the shower door open, betrayed by the sudden influx of colder air. Lelouch froze, his body tense, and that caution stayed with him even when he felt Kallen's arms circle around his chest, holding him tightly. She wore no towel, now; he could feel the tantalizing warmth of her body, pressed against the back of his – from the firmness of her stomach and the front of her thighs, to the yielding softness of her breasts, and the heat of her breathing, coming in quick gasps, as she nuzzled her cheek into the back of his neck.

Slowing lifting his hand, Lelouch turned off the water, reducing its flow to a slow trickle from the showerhead above. There was little sound now, save for the patter of water droplets and the sharp, tight gasps of her breathing, close to his ear. "Kallen," he said softly, breaking the wordless silence between them. She squeezed him tighter, as if imploring him to remain silent. He complied.

After a few long moments, she finally spoke. "Thank you, Lelouch," she said with a breathy voice, "for coming for me." And as suddenly as it had come, the embrace ended, Kallen releasing her hold on him and backing demurely away. His mind still clouded with the memory of her closeness, Lelouch didn't register the door opening for a second time as she slowly stepped out. But before he realized what he was doing, his hand closed firmly around her wrist, stopping her just outside the stall. He stood within the threshold of the door, one wet foot on the lush carpet of the bedroom and the other on the slick tile of the bathroom.

"I promised, didn't I?" His voice was certain, yet gentle. He could hear her breathing quicken, feel her pulse racing beneath his fingers at her wrist. "You're too valuable a piece to lose, Q1." It surprised him when she tore her hand away, breaking his grip. He stared at her back, watching from behind as she crossed her arms in front of her. Bare as she was, it was something of an effort to keep his gaze from roaming.

"Is that all I am to you, Zero?" Kallen turned her head, ever so slightly, and he thought he saw a tear welling up in the corner of her eye. "Just another piece on a chessboard?" In answer, he took his towel and wrapped it around her shoulders. Her fingers clutched the towel tighter around herself, and embarrassed, she lowered her gaze to the floor. Lelouch let his hands rest on her shoulders.

"You are important to the both of us, Kallen," he said, squeezing her shoulders lightly, "to Zero, and to me." He backed away, bending down to retrieve the damp towel that she had dropped upon entering the shower with him. "But if you're asking me to love you, I can't." Lelouch began to dry himself off, trying as best he could to ignore the scent of her on the towel. He still watched her, out of the corner of his eye.

When she ended the silence at last, Lelouch gave a start. "C.C.," she muttered, her voice carrying a poorly hidden twinge of anger, "it's because of her, isn't it?" Kallen turned to look into his eyes. "You love her." There was a gleam over her deep blue irises – the sheen of tears, barely held in restraint.

Lelouch considered her for a long moment, remaining silent for the time. He let the towel hang from around his neck, its tails dangling down the front of his chest. If he said yes, he knew, it would prevent things from becoming far more complicated than necessary. He had no doubt that, as Zero, Kallen would follow him loyally either way – serving his ends in the cause to bring about the downfall of Britannia.

But if he said yes, then as Lelouch, their friendship might very well be over. She was one of the few people that knew his true identity, though perhaps not the extent of his reasons behind donning the mask. He realized now that her friendship was something that he did not want to lose. It should have been "yes", but he heard himself saying, "No."

Watching her as she took a cautious step toward him, Lelouch waited for the impending question. "Then why…?" she asked, her voice frail, as if afraid to hope. He shook his head, stopping her where she stood.

"She and I have a contract," he answered, smoothly withdrawing the contact lens from his eye and letting her see the glow of the power held within it. It didn't faze her, and he replaced it. "But I don't love her. I can't let myself love anyone, Kallen – especially you." She took another step forward, closing the distance between them, her blue eyes intent on his. He tensed again, not sure whether he should back away or remain still. In the end, her warmth held him in place, broaching the small space between his body and hers.

"You've slept with her, haven't you?" The frank question made him avert his eyes, but the heat rising in his face betrayed the answer. Though it hadn't been an explicit part of their contract, C.C. was in no way reluctant in making him know that she was available in that manner - tempting him, in fact, seemed a wonderful amusement to her. A few times, he had succumbed to that pleasure – indulged in the sweet intimacy of being with a woman. The memory of those experiences caused him to redden further. "Then please, Lelouch," she begged, her voice weak, "will you be with me tonight?" Her hands let the towel around her shoulders fall to the floor, moving to clutch the tails of that still wrapped around his neck. Before she could pull him closer to herself, though, his hands stopped her, staying her firmly at the waist.

"You don't owe me anything, Kallen." Her eyes, like twin pools of crystal blue, glistened as the caught the light from overhead.

"I know – but I want this." She looked down, staring at his chest, before saying in little more than a whisper, "I love you, Lelouch." When her face tilted back to look at him, the cast in her features was pleading. "Please, even if you don't feel the same way, will you…?"

He answered by taking her into his arms, realizing then that a part of him did want this - had wanted it ever since that fateful day at the construction site here in Shinjuku. One hand held her close at the small of her back, while the other glided upward across the smooth curve of her spine and up, working its fingers into her dark red hair. Lelouch cradled her head to the side of his neck and felt warm tears moistening his skin as she returned the embrace, her arms wrapping tightly around his chest. "Thank you," she said in a muffled voice, quieting to nuzzle her lips against the hollow of his collarbone.

Kallen broke the sweet embrace only enough to kiss him, first gently and lingeringly, almost tentatively, and then more insistently, her lips parting to allow her tongue to coax his to meet it. Complying, he deepened the kiss, the hand in her hair holding her tightly to him as he stole the breath from her lungs. She gasped for air, pushing him away briefly to pull the offending towel from off around his neck, letting it join its companion on the floor, so that nothing remained between her skin and his. Her hands explored the contours of his front, fingers splayed wide as they moved slowly down, from his collarbone, to mid-chest, and then to the slim muscles of his torso, as if wanting to commit to memory each ridge and line of him. Looking intently into his violet eyes, her own a hot and sultry blue, Kallen let her hands wander lower, gently stroking the hardening length of his shaft. He moaned, and she hungrily kissed his opened mouth.

Lelouch pulled her closer with the hand at the small of her back while his right knee parted her legs, causing the hot wetness of her sex to press against the top of his thigh. Moaning into his mouth at the feeling, Kallen slowly began to grind her hips on his leg, leaving her arousal wet on his skin. Lelouch let his right hand drop from the nape of her neck, caressing the line of her back, to her flank, then upward to fondle her breast, his finger and thumb kneading an already hard, pink nipple.

"Lelouch," she said insistently, breaking off the passionate kiss to stare into his dark amethyst eyes. He could hear the desire in her voice – see the wanton lust in her gaze – as she pressed against him, her hips never ceasing that slow gyration. He understood, and it was a struggle to walk with her to the bed, neither he nor she wanting to end the erotic crush of his body to hers.

When his shin hit the edge of the bed, Lelouch let his hands slip to her hips, pushing her slightly away. "Lie down." She complied, if slowly, her head resting against the lush pillows near the headboard and her legs drawing up, turned shyly to one side. He didn't follow her immediately, instead waiting a moment to take in the sight of her – her pale skin, flushed with a tinge of red at the cheeks and upper chest, the curves of her breasts, rising and falling with each quick breath, and the lines of her legs as she shifted them nervously, her toes curving downward.

"Don't look at me like that," she said in a tone of abashed consternation, her eyes breaking off from his, cheeks reddening further. Lelouch let out a soft laugh, moving now to join her on the bed. Once he had settled down, he propped up his head with one elbow, those dark violet eyes regarding her as he lay on his side. She still hadn't turned back to look at him.

"I can't help but stare," he confessed with a soft murmur. "You're beautiful, Kallen." His words only seemed to unsettle her further, and she crossed her arms, covering her breasts. Gently, he took hold of her wrist, bringing the palm of her hand to rest against his chest, letting her feel the quick, rhythmic beating of his heart. "I'm nervous, too." That admission prompted her at last turn back to him, her blue eyes flickering with slight uncertainty. Lelouch let go of her hand, but she held it still at his chest. His own reached slowly toward her cheek, tucking back a loose lock of red hair that had fallen across her face.

Moving from his chest, Kallen's fingers glided upward, slipping behind his neck to run through his thick, dark hair. She let her body relax, her shoulders now lying even with the top of the bed. Lelouch took her invitation, shifting himself to hover over her, his body propped up with one elbow to her right, and a knee between the two of hers. Tilting up her chin with his free hand, he bestowed a gentle kiss on her lips, reveling in their soft, liquid warmth. Though she trembled, slowly, that hesitance faded, the hand in his hair pulling him harder to her opened mouth. He cupped her breast, the flesh at the same time firm, yet yielding, and she gasped when his fingers found her nipple.

Lelouch ended the kiss, the cast of his gaze hungry. Relishing the taste of her, he moved downward, to her neck and collarbone, his lips and tongue hot and wet, teeth nipping playfully at her skin. The crimson flush of her body seemed to deepen as he traveled lower, his tongue now licking the valley between her breasts. What his lips and teeth did to one nipple, his fingers did to the other, twisting and tweaking, Kallen responding with hot, breathy moans. Judging by her sharp gasps, she especially seemed to like it when he took the hard nipple between his upper teeth and tongue, tugging and sucking wetly.

Lingering to tease the skin of her stomach, by her navel, Lelouch's dark eyes studied her reactions, his ears listening intently to the sounds of her arousal. It was something he had learned in his lovemaking with C.C., this attention to one's partner – to the quickness of her breathing, to the blush of her skin, to the sensitivity of her body as he touched her. He could tell that she was nearly ready to accept him, but there was no need to rush. He wanted her to enjoy it, fully. He trailed kisses downward. "Kallen," he murmured, looking up the contours of her to meet her eyes, "spread your legs."

Slowly she complied, blushing hotly and looking away. He shifted a bit, resting now on both elbows, one arm cradling her upper leg while the hand of the other stroked her inner thighs. Her sex was swollen red with arousal, already glistening, and she gasped when he slid a finger along its outer lips. She was very, very sensitive. Lelouch stretched his neck forward, letting his nose nuzzle the soft red curls of neatly trimmed hair that accentuated her womanhood, while his breath fell hot and steady along her skin.

The sharp, indrawn breath she gave as he spread her outer lips was replaced with a long shudder of pleasure when he began to lick her soft, pink insides, feeling like hot, wet velvet against his tongue. He relished the taste of her – clean and subtle, slightly sour with just a hint of salt. Her entire body tightened when he took her clit into his mouth, her hand fixing almost painfully in his hair, remaining there for the duration of her climax. It surprised him – he had barely touched her, and she had already had her first release. Her grip in his hair loosened as she began to breathe again, and Lelouch continued to lick and suck and nibble, her hips trembling with every movement of his tongue and teeth.

He was again surprised when he slid a finger inside her, gently at first. Lelouch had thought she would be a virgin. He asked her as much, trying to keep the thread of jealousy out of his voice. "I am, but it... well... broke," she mumbled, biting her lower lip and blushing hotly, "...while on a mission for the Resistance. Before I met you." He nodded, the jealousy cooling a bit, as he returned to his work, moving the finger slowly inside her. Kallen tried to bite back her moans, but her hips betrayed her rising desire, rocking to meet his hand with every in stroke.

Unable to wait any longer, her hands cupped the sides of his face, tilting his head up to look at her. "Lelouch," she begged, the hot need clear in her voice and in her eyes, her lower lip trembling. He gave her one last, long kiss, his tongue invading the depths where his finger had been, causing her to shudder once more. Then he moved up the bed, sliding along her body, until his eyes looked down into hers. "I want you..." she said breathily, her unseen hand stroking the length of his throbbing erection. "Please…." The hand positioned the tip of him at her entrance, coating it with the oils of her arousal.

He kissed her when he entered her, drawing her gasp of breath into his own lungs. She felt exquisite, warm and wet, like a hot satin glove that pulsed rhythmically around him, coaxing him deeper inside her. Her legs wrapped about him, ankles locking, burying the length of him within her. Kallen's blue eyes were wide as they stared upward into violet. He toyed with her lower lip, tugging it between his teeth. "Are you ready…?" he asked, kissing the corner of her mouth. She didn't reply in words, preferring instead to moan again as she ground her hips, as though trying to have him deeper inside her.

Slowly, he began to move, his hips backing out until only the tip of him remained in her, then sinking forward again, eliciting a sultry moan with each movement. As sensitive as she was, it wasn't long before she reached her climax, Kallen not quite managing to stifle a sharp scream of pleasure. He gave her only a few moments to recover before beginning again, his member slicked with her juices, her hips now actively meeting his with each thrust.

Leaning down, Lelouch kissed her neck, his movements falling into a quick, steady rhythm, one that pushed her over the edge time and time again. He gave her no respite, now, and nor did she seem to need it, as excited as she was. Her hands moved across his back, fingernails digging in sharply, dragging down in red streaks. "Lelouch," she said in a hot murmur into his ear, "you can be… rougher… with me, if you want… I won't break..." she let her voice trail off. He bit her neck, causing her to breathe sharply, then licked the welt.

"All right," he replied, lifting his head up to look into her eyes. They were hot with lust, and Lelouch watched intently as her tongue slipped out to moisten her lips. He sat up to kneel, his arms hooking her legs behind the knee, lifting her so that her buttocks were now off of the bed. And then he thrust with his hips and thighs, carrying enough momentum such that each time he invaded her again, her womanhood rammed hard against his, in a pendulous connection. Her screams of pleasure were loud and piercing, almost bestial.

To Kallen, it was rapture. The waves of feeling seemed never ending, radiating throughout the entirety of her body whenever she climaxed, pulsing from her sex, down her legs, to her curled toes, then up again, gaining strength as they resonated within her. Drawn breaths came ragged and erratic, as if she had to struggle to breathe, so overwhelming were the sensations coursing through her. She had lost all track of time – it could have been minutes, or hours; there was just no way for her to tell.

Vaguely she realized that Lelouch was shifting positions, laying her down on her side, now, and forcing her to draw up one leg. His forearm pressed up against the back of her lower thigh, just behind her knee, making sure that she couldn't straighten it. She did forget to breathe when he pushed the length of him inside her – she was thoroughly convinced now that he would split her open. The thought only made her climax that much harder. It was useless, now, to try to contain her screams – they tore through the air, unabashed in the raw, erotic pleasure that he gave her, his manhood strong and unyielding. Her hand squeezed his forearm, anchoring her to this world as the sensations threatened to drive her mad with bliss.

Lelouch struggled to keep control as she jerked beneath him, shuddering, her fingers tight around his arm. He knew he couldn't last much longer. He withdrew, Kallen letting slip a soft cry of disappointment, but soon he had her how he wanted her, laying down on her stomach, her legs together between his. Sitting back on her upper thighs, he let the slick shaft of his manhood move in the crevice of her buttocks as his hands kneaded the firm flesh. She had a very nice behind. Looking at him over her shoulder, she moaned, eyes glazed in ecstasy. "Please…." He complied, angling the tip downward and parting her silken folds once more. Gripping her cheeks tightly, he thrust, hard, the angle of this position drawing muffled screams from Kallen as she buried her head in the pillows. Her legs kicked and jerked, her heels hitting his back as he pumped ruthlessly in and out of her, loving the feel of her firm buttocks against the front of his hips.

He was close, he knew. Pausing while still buried inside her, Lelouch lowered his body down to rest on top of the back of hers. Kallen turned her head, trying to look back at him, but he licked her earlobe, whispering softly. "Are you ready...?" She bit her lip, nodding.

Kallen had never known that something could feel so good. When he had begun to move again, his chest flat atop her back, she had felt his hand slip beneath her, to her belly, then lower, his fingers seeking the hardened nub of her clit. He rubbed it mercilessly as he pounded her from behind, and to her, it felt like one continuous stream of climaxes, each orgasm stronger than the one that preceded it, until he finally let out a long moan, thrusting hard and deep inside her, staying lodged there as his essence erupted inside her belly. Feeling his satisfaction finally mixing with hers, she was pushed off of the edge of summit to which all her pleasure had been mounting, driving her mad with the enormity of that ecstasy. The scream was long and desperate, the release urgent and undeniable. Long after it had subsided, she still could not catch her breath, each gasp jarred by waves of pulsing, lingering pleasure.

When she had finally regained her senses, Kallen realized that she lay on her side, Lelouch close behind, she nestled into the curve of his body. She squeezed his arms, wrapped tight around her, and he nuzzled her hair in response. Taking a few deep breaths, Kallen tried to steady her voice before working up the nerve to speak. "Lelouch," she said hesitantly, still not turning to glance at him, "can I ask you something selfish?" He murmured a wordless assent, his lips lightly kissing the top of her shoulder.

Kallen turned in his embrace, her face close to his. She looked into violet eyes, losing herself in his gaze. The words were soft, and shy, but she managed not to look away. "…Will you tell me that you love me?" She bit her lip. "Even if it's not true…" she trailed off, looking down for a time before meeting his eyes once more, "…a girl likes to hear it."

Lelouch stared at her for a moment, seeing the fragility in those eyes of so striking a blue. "I love you, Kallen," he murmured at last, and she smiled, moving forward to kiss him. He met her halfway in that kiss, and in that instant, he knew that it had not been a lie.

"Thank you," she whispered contentedly, snuggling closer against him. He embraced her tighter, tucking her head into the curve of his throat, under his chin. Listening to her breathing become slow and even, he knew that she had succumbed to satisfied exhaustion. Closing his eyes, he tried to do the same, and soon enough, sleep had taken him.

End Chapter 1