Hi, I was watching A Knight's Tale last night and while trying not to cry (unsuccessfully

Hi, I was watching A Knight's Tale last night and while trying not to cry (unsuccessfully.) (R.I.P Heath!!) I came up with this story line. This is only my second solo fic (I usually right with my sister, our shared account is Cassie08) so please let me know what you think and if you're a Twilight fan (an Edward Fan.) check out Singer, my Twi-fic.

Cast other then Original:

Lady Alice Thatcher: Kristin Bell

Sir Michael Adhemar of Anjou: Tom Welling

Edward II, the Black Prince of Wales: Robert Pattinson

Noah: Jackson Rathbone

Prologue Hope

Thatcher. This name has gone from the bottom of Cheapside to nobility, but when one thinks this name they are more likely thinking of Sir William Thatcher. And who can blame them? Sir William was – still is - a paragon of Knighthood and all that should be held high in ones life, such as believing in what's in your heart, fighting for what you want, friendship, true love, and family. Few know of Lady Alice Thatcher.

I have been living in my father's shadow from the moment I was born. It was no secret to me that he wished for a son, what knight did not? I yearned for his acceptance at a young age, following him around as if I was an extra shadow, which was easy given that I favored him so; blonde hair and determination that shown out. Finally, after catching me at age eight easily besting Noah, Roland and Christiana's son, at the sword and a long drawn out argument with my mother, he began to train me as a knight.

"Not that you'll be allowed to compete." He reminded me with a smile that had an apology behind it.

"You did when you weren't allowed." At eight I did not see the difference between my own situation and his.

"Well, Alice, I don't believe you'll be able to hide as I did." He had replied.

After five years I had realized that my dream of competing was impossible. While my mother had thought I would grow out of my phase of wanting to follow in my footsteps, I realized just how hard it would be to hide the fact that I was a women without my armor on. Though I looked more like my father, I had my mother's sharp, clearly famine fetchers also I was growing from a girl to a woman.

Five more years past and my mother began to think of finding me a husband before became an old maid, while Father, Geoffrey Chaucer (Uncle Geoff), Noah, his father, Wat Falhurst, Kate the Farrier, and I went to every tournament that was close. While Noah competed in Archery, I analyzed every match in the Joist and Sword.

The summer of my 19th year, my dreams finally had the hope of coming true…

"They've agreed! They've agreed!" I called happily as I ran from the village back to my home on that bright, day that I shall never forget even if I live to be a 100.

"Who's agreed what?" Noah yelled after me as I past him. He looked like his father as well, only small around the middle. His dark hair was cut short and he had been practicing for the next tournament before his home while Roland instructed him.

I did not bother stopping. Past Kate's forge and home as well, I heralded my news. Finally I reached the end of the road where my home lay and ran around to the stable where I knew Father would be. Sure enough he was saddling up one of the horses for my afternoon training.

"Father," I said hardly about to contain my excitement.

"What is it, Alice?" He asked looking at me with mild concern, his brows drawing together.

"They've agreed! All the Lords whom host tournament have agreed to allow any women of noble birth to compete at their own risk! They say King Edward backed this fully!"

"What? That's wonderful!" He swept me into a crushing hug as he had done the first time I had broken a lance in practice list. As we celebrated, Mother came into the stable curious as to what all the noise was. "Jocelyn!" Father said quite ecstatic as he released me and hugged her as well. "They have agreed! Alice can compete!"

"Oh, Alice." She said smiling at first, but then her face fell. "But the other knights won't be as pleased with this…"

"I'll command their attention and acceptance with the tip of my sword and lance." I said smiling mischievously.

"You'll do more then that, dear." My father had said that.

I wished then that I knew how true his words were and what terrible road lay hidden just behind the horizon…