The Girl With His Heart in Her Hands

The Girl With His Heart in Her Hands

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Chapter 1- He Wasn't Ready

Cappie stared ahead. He couldn't stop thinking. So much had happened this spring break, so much he just wasn't ready for. Then again, when was he ever ready for anything involving Casey Cartwright? Even one crucial half of his entire college plan went up in smoke within moments of seeing her golden hair from across the backyard of the Kappa Tau house. And so, with that first glimpse at her, Cappie knew that he wouldn't be hooking up with as many girls as possible during his college career. He wasn't ready to fall in love, not so soon, not in college! College was for getting laid as much as possible by every hot girl on campus! He couldn't let one girl ruin that for him.

By the end of their first date, Cappie had let one girl ruin that for him, but he was okay with it. Actually, he was ecstatic about it, because he knew that this relationship was eternal. He and Casey shared a love that was deep, honest, fun, and passionate- everything love should be. She had his heart entirely grasped within her tiny hand and he didn't know how he was able to live with half of himself missing before he met her. That was why he wasn't ready to be single again when Casey caused his entire world to collapse upon itself. He had been so sure what he and Casey shared was perfect and infallible. He was sure that it was some sort of joke. After a few days when no one started laughing with him he realized that maybe this was for real. However, he was resigned that every great love story needed some conflict that would be resolved, leaving the lovers more blissful than before. So he waited.

After a month of waiting it dawned on him that she wasn't coming back without some incentive on his part. But he knew that she loved him and their love wasn't something she could just shake off. That's why he wasn't ready to see her draped on the arm of that bastard Evan Chambers.

So he dove into the other half of his college plan- booze. He'd drink himself into a drunken stupor night after night, but it wasn't enough. Even through the incapacitated haze he still couldn't purge himself of her smell, her face, every inch of her body that he had spent so many nights exploring and committing to memory. So Cappie revisited the first half of his college plan, never staying with the same girl throughout the whole night, just long enough for a quick fuck to somehow take his mind away from her in the hopes of filling the void she left him with. He was sure he had no chance of filling the void, but that's what he wanted more than anything else in the world- except of course her. He was never ready to move on because he knew no other girl could touch Casey from the pedestal she was on.

So he wasn't ready for Casey to watch him every moment she spent with Evan's arm around her, her every look filled with lust, wishful ness, and something Cappie was sure was remorse. It was this look that kept him coming back for heartache again and again because this look held an unspoken promise that her lips would betray. Because a look like that says that she isn't happy with Evan, it said that she would return to the one that caused her these thoughts that her eyes couldn't betray.

This is why he wasn't ready for her to accept Evan's lavaliere, a symbol of a permanent, lifelong, love-filled commitment that Casey had promised to Cappie not long ago. For two years since they had been together she had kept coming back to him, and each time he had been so sure they would stay that way forever. Cappie just wasn't ready for Casey to leave him for Evan- again and again and again.

The night she accepted Evan's letters, Cappie knew that he was finally willing to let her go. So he found Rebecca Logan. There was something about her that was so familiar, yet just different enough to excuse it in his mind. Because as much as he was enjoying his time with Rebecca, he still needed a way to excuse it, a way to ease the pain of his guilt at not staying faithful to Casey. His ladies of the night provided a physical quench, with none of the emotional attachments involved with a relationship. With Becca, he was having a great time while showing Casey that he had changed and was capable of a relationship. He was fully aware that there would always be a part of him dedicated to making sure he didn't yell "Casey" during sex and keeping him from not pulling her to him and kissing her every time he saw her. But as long as he had Rebecca, he was provided with a Locke to keep out the dangerous waters that were Casey Cartwright. That's why he wasn't ready for the flood gates to come tumbling down and the Casey waters to rush over him freely when Rebecca broke up with him during spring break.

Cappie wasn't ready for his kiss with Casey and the familiar feelings that came back. He wasn't ready for her transformation back to freshman Casey and the memories that accompanied it. He wasn't ready for the feelings of lust, hope, and most of all a feeling of utter willingness to dive back into a relationship with him headfirst that he had felt in her kiss. He wasn't ready for his reaction of having forgotten Rebecca completely. most of all, Cappie wasn't ready for the pain of having to walk away from Casey Cartwright and he wasn't ready for the look in her eyes that showed the tears she was fighting back as her lips betrayed her yet again with her indifference of his departure. Cappie had promised himself that he wouldn't indulge Casey again until she admitted that she wanted him back, but he wasn't ready for her lie to come for his sake as she tried to convince them both that they felt nothing for each other in the same manner that he knew they did, all to make his return to Rebecca easier. She was being selfless- or so she thought.

As he laid with Rebecca now, her cries soft as he mumbled soothing words he thought about his crying girlfriend, but only for a moment before he turned his thoughts to the kiss he shared with Casey. Couldn't she see that his return to Rebecca in her time of need was, just like his entire relationship with her, a way to show Casey that he was ready for a serious second chance with her? "Probably not" he mused. She never seemed to realize that his heart was still in her hands and everything he did was a vain attempt to win her back, even if he didn't like to admit it. He certainly wasn't ready for a spring brake like this, and he wasn't ready for the pain he felt in comforting his girlfriend when he knew the girl with his heart in her hands needed him just as much, maybe more, because true love slipping out of your fingers will always be the most painful thing in the world.

Cappie wasn't ready for Casey Cartwright to give up on him. He wasn't ready for the torture he knew he had to endure until Rebecca Logan didn't need him. How could she even ever need someone who needed someone else? He wasn't ready for Rebecca's pain when he left her a few weeks after their return to Cyprus Rhodes.

But God help him, he was ready to do whatever it took to win back the girl with his heart in her hands once and for all, and he was ready for whatever their future would hold. Cappie was ready to get his girl back as soon as humanly possible.

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