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Summary: When Sakura dies, Naruto uses a forbidden jutsu to revive her, but this jutsu doesn't require chakra to be used. One week after the usage of the jutsu, the user dies. No way out. What's an Uzumaki to do?

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A/N: This is the epilogue. It will only vaguely give you an idea of what went on after Naruto died.

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Anything in italics is a diary or journal entry. Who wrote it becomes obvious throughout said scene, entry, whatever you wanna call it. Yes, the diary entries do jump around a lot. I hope this chapter is understandable. --'


Everyone went to his funeral.

It made me happy, and little Arashi-kun was kicking happily. We didn't have a body, obviously, so we simply held a memorial service, so I guess you couldn't call it his funeral.

In fact, the village has created a shrine in Naruto-kun's honor. I wonder if he's laughing about it in Hina with his parents.

I wonder if they were shocked when he told them he was going to be a father, all because he died. Then again, they know of the ritual and what it does. I've seen him once. Inspecting his friends, all who have grown since his death, two weeks ago.

I wonder… if he is happy?


It's been almost a year since you died, Naruto-kun. Your friends have grown a great deal, and Sasuke is dead. Itachi-san has returned to the village as well. He seems content, depressed that you're dead, though. He, Kakashi, Sakura, and even Hinata, myself, and Shikamaru visit the memorial stone on a daily basis. Shikamaru brought Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou last time.

Temari cried a great deal, you can imagine.

And Gaara simply smiled a sad smile that he was finally able to see your grave. He's become Kazekage, you know. You'd be proud, I imagine.


Maa. It's been 13 years since you died, tou-sama and mother has told me and Kina tales of a time when you were alive. I really wish I could have met you, ojii-chan, obaa-chan and that lady you used to call 'Grandma'.

The whole reason I'm writing this is because I found a page or two like this from mom's diary, both letters to you to let you know how we're doing of course. Well, I taught Kichi a thing or two today and Konohamaru-sensei taught me this really awesome technique you knew called the Rasengan! I'm gonna finish it to for ya, dad!

Oh yea, and Sis is gonna help to. The only reason she's helping is because she's standing here threatening me… Stupid Kina…


A redheaded woman smiled down at the letter sitting on her lap. She was reading her own son's letter to his father, inspired by two of her own he had discovered when snooping through her room. That had been six months ago, when Konohamaru had still been alive. Now Arashi was bordering 13.

"Good morning, Mrs. Uzumaki."

Kyuubi's head shot up in shock, but sighed seeing Itachi and Sasuke standing before her. The voice of the 31 year old always scared the shit out of her.

The 7 year old giggled; his resemblance to Sasuke wasn't a matter, as his personality was that of the mask Naruto had once worn. She frowned simply at the thought but a smile wormed her way back onto her face. "Itachi-kun. Sasuke-kun. How can I help you?"

"Your son's at it again."

"Oh no…" Kyuubi sighed, "He's always going off and killing his father's non-supporters isn't he?"

Itachi nodded, "It's not as if my son and Kakashi's son doesn't help him any."

Sasuke smiled, "That's what I'm good for! I'm a tattle-tale!"

Itachi smiled uncharacteristically and shook his head, "That's a bad thing, Sasuke-kun."

"Mmm… Not really, tou-sama!"


You know, Naruto-kun. Hana-san, Kiba's older sister, birthed Itachi-kun's second child today. They named it Obito, after Itachi-kun's brother-like cousin who died in the Iwa war 14 years ago.

I'll do well to make sure our own son and daughter get along fine with both of Itachi-kun's children.


You know, Naruto-kun. Today, it's your birthday! So, have a beloved birthday, Naruto. I wish not to tell you this, Naruto-kun, but Arashi-kun returned from a mission today. Kina-chan and Konohamaru-kun didn't make it…

I am readying to attend the funeral now and I hope you're able to read this page, as it is so tear-stained even I can no longer read the half of it.

Tell Kina-chan I love her, Naruto-kun. As you must already be with her, reading this letter. If I had known Kina-chan and Konohamaru-kun were in such grave danger, I would not have let Sakura-san send his team out. Sakura-san meant no ill will I understand, but I cannot help but feel hatred towards her, and for that I ask your forgiveness.

Kina-chan, I hope you had a safe trip to Hina. I love you both more than you can imagine.


Oh, Naruto. I can't believe it's been almost five years since you died…

It's been so horrible here without you, but I've made it. Lee-kun has helped me and now I'm pregnant with his child, and a hokage candidate to top it off! Cool, huh? I think I'll either name our kid Kichi or Sakuya, and if Lee doesn't like it… I'LL KICK HIS ASS! CHA!

Hee, anyways, it was nice talking to you, little brother. I have to go baby-sit Tsunade now while Kakashi-sensei and Shizune-taichou are on a mission. I mean, Tsunade, Kakashi and Shizune's first and only daughter for now, is like your 'obaa-chan'! It's crazy!


Hey, tou-sama.

I don't wanna tell you this. In fact, I barely can believe it myself. Mom… Mom's dead, dad. When I adsorbed all of her demonic powers when I was born, it turned her into a human.

She recently caught ill with some sort of disease, like a skin-eating virus or something. God it was nasty. But like mom said in a letter she wrote about four months ago, I hope you can read this tear-stained page.

Because I sure as hell can't.


A/N: Alright. Any questions? The skin-eating disease came from Cabin Fever, if you've ever seen it.

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If you're STILL wondering what 'Hina' is, it's like Uzumaki Heaven where only Uzumaki go (no matter by adoption, marriage, or blood) when they die.

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