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Chapter 1--

Casey couldn't help but feel slightly nostalgic these past few days. She was very aware that she would be leaving for the University of Toronto in less than two months, and as a result, see her family less and less. She would miss Lizzie and her constant animal loving, environmentally aware self, Edwin and his enthusiasm for making a quick buck, Marti and her bubbly, fun loving nature, George and his somewhat questionable and highly hilarious parenting skills, and most of all, her mother, who at this point she couldn't imagine living without. Yes, she was going to miss this family, this house, this life which she had unknowingly fallen in love with within the past few years. All that is, except for one person. Or as Casey refers to him, one thing. Derek!

Shaking her head in an attempt to rid herself of any negative thoughts that were bound to cloud her mind from that one name this Saturday morning, Casey continued her ministrations of preparing a 'healthy family breakfast to show love and appreciation', step number two in her twelve step list she formed a few days back to ensure that she leaves London with no regrets.

"Casey? What's all this?" Casey turned around having placed the finishing touches on her gift for the family and faced her mother and George who had just entered the kitchen, still dressed in their robes. They probably would have not looked so wide awake if it weren't for the unexpected surprise that awaited them.

"Good Morning mom! George!" Casey cheerfully replied as she walked towards them. "I just thought that since I'll be leaving in a few weeks that these are the last few days that we have a chance to sit together and have a proper meal together. So, I prepared everyone's favourite meals. But a bit more healthier of course." She smiled brightly at them while gesturing them to take a seat. She couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of a sense of accomplishment when she noted their pleased faces.

Nora walked over and hugged Casey tightly, very aware that she would be loosing her little girl soon. "That is so sweet Casey. But you really didn't have to go through so much trouble."

"Of course I did mom. I wanted to show you guys that I appreciate you all, and what better way to show that than a breakfast feast?" Casey replied pulling away from the hug.

George put his arm around his wife and faced Casey. "Casey, I think what your mother is trying to say is that we love what you did. At least you show appreciation for this family, unlike some members." He finished bitterly thinking about his eldest son.

"Woah. Super mom's back?". The three in the kitchen turned towards Edwin who had just come downstairs to be shocked awake. Like many members of the male species, food was his first love.

Before they could reply Lizzie entered the room with a confused expression on her face. "Mom, did you quit your job again?"

Nora smiled at the tweens understanding why they thought the end result in the kitchen was her doing. "Actually, it was Casey." Nora looked proudly at her daughter.

"She wanted to do something to show how she appreciates all of us so she made our favourite meals" George continued.

"Sweet!" Edwin stated immediately jumping on a stool and grabbing as many chocolate chip pancakes as possible. "You should do this everyday" He continued with his mouth full. Casey shook her head not understanding why Edwin wanted to imitate Derek when it came to disgusting eating habits.

"And, you guys better eat quickly before it all cools down" Casey stated while taking out a few glasses from the cupboards. Indicating that the rest of the family should also follow Edwin's example. But perhaps with a bit more refinement."Where's Marti?"

"I'm here!" Marti bounded into the kitchen jumping onto a stool next to the other members, while placing her stuffed monkey on the counter. "Casey? Why did you make all of this? Did you make something that's blue? Oh, blueberry pancakes! Can I have some?"

While Nora was filling Marti's plate and the general Saturday morning conversations commenced with continuous praise for a blushing Casey on a job well done, they all looked up to see a face they didn't expect to see until the day had half gone. Derek shuffled into the kitchen with a face that simply stated that he was up against his will and did not like it. "Practice" he mumbled in response to the lack of activity the appearance of his form caused and the questioning glances. His lethargic movement stopped abruptly as he saw the kitchen counter. His face broke out into a wide grin. And as the rest of the family watched, his mood decisively changed from slow and painful to one that was full of energy as he practically lunged for the breakfast and started simultaneously placing the various treats in his mouth as well as on his plate. "Nora, you have totally outdone yourself this time." Derek stated taking extra care to ensure that his mouth was completely full of food while speaking, knowing well that it would irritate Princess Casey to see him talk like that.

"Actually, this was all Casey's doing" Nora spoke with amusement wondering how Derek would get out of the compliment that he had just paid his step-sister.

Derek however, didn't miss a beat. "That makes sense." He looked at Casey. "I thought the pancakes were a bit too dry and the juice was too bitter"

Casey scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest, a protective gesture meant only to show her irritation and anger."Yeah sure. As if you care what food tastes like in the first place. You would eat anything as long as it was dipped in ketchup or chocolate". The rest of the family however, recognizing the signs of the usual sparring, turned towards each other to have their own family conversation. Something that they have gotten used to doing since the McDonalds moved in.

Derek swallowed and gave her his signature smirk. "I think you got me mixed up with your boyfriend Space Case. See, I, unlike Maxine, do not eat just anything. I eat food that's delicious and delectable." He finished with a flourish, imitating the wording used on a tv advertisement he saw last night. "By the way, I love today's look. What's the message? Help me I'm boring?"

Casey huffed as she gave Derek the glare which he was obviously aiming for by that last statement. "As if I need to take fashion advice from you. Mr. I'm-too-lazy-to-wear-clean-clothes. And you cant even compare yourself to Max. He's everything you're not. He's smart, sophisticated and doesn't talk with his mouth full" She finished with a disgusted tone.

"Sure. Like that's the trait all women look for. Face it Case, the ladies love the bad boys." Derek leaned back in his chair as if he had clearly won the argument.

"That is not true Venturi and you know it" Casey countered. "The 'ladies' love gentlemen". She ignored Derek's scoff as she continued. "I've spoken to some of your so called dates and do you know what they tell me? That you're sweet and kind and a good listener. Ha! As if! But the point is, you act like a gentlemen to get girls, but Max, he IS a gentlemen."

"Oh please." Derek rolled his eyes. "As if Maxy-boy is a gentlemen in the first place. He's a guy. And guys are NOT gentlemen. He's just doing all this to get in your pants"

"DEREK" George and Nora cried in protests. They were painfully aware that although the rest of the family tuned out the bickering of their older children, it didn't mean that the other smaller kids weren't aware of what was still said.

"Why would someone want Casey's pants?" Marti looked questioningly at all around the counter. Nora, George and Casey were trying to think of a proper response

that would stop all further questions when Derek suddenly decided to reply. "No Smarti, no one wants Casey's pants. It's what Max wants to do in those.." "DEREK" George, Nora and Casey interrupted him causing Edwin and Lizzie to giggle. "What?" Derek looked at the parents with a look he has mastered which had the perfect blend of innocence and ignorance.

"God! You are SUCH a JERK!" Casey screamed at him grabbing the napkin in front of her and throwing it at him. She was disappointed that he easily caught it and continued to laugh at her. Damn those hockey reflexes. Knowing fully well that she needed to leave before any angry tears made it down her face, she stormed out of the kitchen and headed upstairs.

Derek continued laughing as he heard her stomp upstairs and slam her bedroom door. It was insanely easy to get her riled up. Especially if he attacked Max. Lizzie gave Derek a you're-pathetic look which he easily shrugged off. Edwin continued eating. George and Nora sighed looking at Derek. "What?" He repeated. "Can I help it if she cant take a joke?"

Lizzie narrowed her yes at him. "Why do you have to be so mean? She made this breakfast for us and you cant even bother to say thank you. Or at least leave her alone and not get her mad."

George nodded in agreement. "Seriously Derek, sometimes you take things too far. And don't make those type of comments anymore while in this house". He stated sternly.

Derek looked at his family in mock surprise. "Dad, I'm just being a good brother here and looking out for her." Derek ignored the scoffs and disbelieving looks. "Max is a jock, and if I don't tell her how it is now, how am I going to be able to say 'I told you so' when they break up? See? I'm doing this for her own good. Besides, why are you guys so upset? You know she's a drama queen. She makes big deal out of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!"

Nora looked at her step-son. "We all know Casey sometimes has a habit of...um.. over-reacting a bit.. but.." Derek interrupted her."A bit?" He raised his eyebrows at Nora. She sighed. "Ok, maybe a lot. But Max and Casey are in this weird place right now after that first beak-up. I think you need to be slightly more sensitive towards her"

Derek couldn't help but laugh at this statement. "Sensitive? You want me, to be sensitive?." George chucked slightly and earned a glare from his wife. "Derek is not the sensitive kind Nora. I think, what Derek would understand is something more in the lines of.. if he didn't reduce the fighting with Casey, he will be grounded till he leaves"

Derek's laughter faltered when he heard his father. "But Dad, you would not really consider grounding your son because you realize that he has been a hard worker by getting a hockey scholarship and this is his last few weeks to enjoy London right?" Even as he said it, Derek had a feeling that his father might not fall for his argument.

And he was right."Derek, I think that if you really want to enjoy London, you would treat Casey better. I think the whole family needs a break from your fighting."

"But Dad, you will be having enough of a break from us when Space Case and I leave. Besides, she picks a fight over every small little thing. It's impossible to do what you want"

"You know what? You're right." Derek smirked recognizing that he was winning the argument. "So what I will do is sweeten the deal. If you do your best to not provoke Casey or insult her in any way.."


But George continued as if he didn't hear his son's protests. "No curfew from now on till you leave."

Derek's face broke out into a full out grin as Nora protested to this turn of events. "But Georgie, do you think that's a wise idea?"

"Actually Nora I do. If Derek wants no curfew, he has to be more mindful of Casey's feelings. So, what do you say Derek? Do we have a deal?"

Derek pretended to weigh the pros and cons fully aware of the five pairs of eyes watching him, even though he had already made up his mind. "Well.. I guess if you really want me to stop bugging Casey then I could give it a try." He was already thinking of ways of getting a rise out of his super keener step-sister in a way that she couldn't run to mummy to complain. "So, it's a deal." Derek grinned.