High School Re-run: Vamp Style!!


NOTE: All these characters belong to the one, the only, Stephanie Meyer (I wish I could create – or even dream – characters as great as hers.+
In this story Bella is a vampire. You can probably tell, but this is for those thick people who can't. PLEASE don't be too mean; its only my first FanFiction story; and I'm only 12!


Today is the first day of my high school re-run. I was – finally – a vampire. It has been three years since my transformation, and I still couldn't believe it. I am a vampire. Wow. It sounded so… so… right.

I felt Edwards arm tighten around my waist as we walked toward the office of Australia's wettest high school. We'd moved to Australia as and excuse not to see Renee and Charlie. Most recently, Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Edward and I set up a 'permanent' residence at Bellenden Ker on Queensland's east coast. Rosalie and Emmett stayed in Alaska with Tanya and her family, where we'd meet them in a few years.

When we walked into the office, Edward whispered so only I could hear – "Are you sure you're ready for this?" I responded by giving him a dirty look. "Okay! Okay! I was just making sure!"

"You've 'just made sure' plenty of times." I reminded him as the office lady walked in.

"You four must be Edward and Alice Cullen, Isabella Swan and Jasper Hale" she said as if we were personally offending her.

"Yes, thank you!" Alice said sweetly, dancing in front of us. I heard Jasper sigh behind me, and I smiled at that.

"Here are your timetables. Edward Cullen. Alice Cullen. Isabella Swan. Jasper Hale." she all but snapped at us. Weren't office ladies supposed to be nice? "These are maps of the school. I advise you take one. You all will need to take one of these. Fill them out, get your parents to sign them and bring them back tomorrow. Any questions?" she finished. We took our timetables, forms and maps – for her sake – silently, then quickly left.

"She was happy wasn't she!" Jasper said sarcastically.

"You would know, wouldn't you?" giggled Alice, pushing him into me. I looked at Edward, who was smiling brilliantly to himself.

"What?" I asked, as Alice burst out laughing, "Alice, what's so funny?" Jasper and I exchanged confused loos. I think Alice had 'seen' Edward doing or saying something.

Edward opened his mouth to speak, only to burst out laughing.

"The office lady –" Edward began, recovered from his laughing.

"Mrs McKenzie" interrupted a giggling Alice.

"Whatever. Mrs McKenzie's daughter – Christina McKenzie – is going to have a massive emotional breakdown because of us. God, I wish Rose was here. Christina used to be the hottest, most popular girl in Bellenden. Mrs McKenzie wasn't happy because we were all better looking than her daughter. Depending on how big the emotional hit, she may or may not be the most popular, but – with our good looks – she's gonna need some MaJoR plastic surgery!" Edward said. Jasper and I got the joke and joined in their laughter. We were still laughing when the bell went for roll call.

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