I have no idea what motivated me to write this but I was bored and I thought to myself "Why does Yuki get so tired in the mornings?" Well... its completely understandable, wake me up anytime before noon and I am dead but hey, why not give it a fluffy romantic twist? ;D

I don't own FB, fortunate for Yuki and Kyo...

"Yuki, they're going to see us." Kyo said trying to sound angry as he looked around the room frantically hoping no one was coming. Yuki just nuzzled further into Kyo's arms.

"So what?" Yuki asked groggily. Kyo made an irritated sound.

"Stupid rat, you won't be saying that if we get caught." Kyo grumbled pouting a little but put his arms around Yuki letting the silver-haired boy fall into a half-daze in his arms. The rat snuggling his head on Kyo's shoulder and letting out a satisfied sigh.

Kyo's grip tightened on the boy as the feeling of warmth he had felt the previous night returned to him. He had gotten used to the rat being his comfortable blanket during the late hours of the night. With him he was never lonely and never cold, and each night they found ways to hold each other even closer, if that was possible.

However even if that was the case they had to control themselves at least around the house, when someone could walk in at any minute. Kyo sighed annoyed. "Why the hell are you so tired every morning anyway?" Yuki's already shut eyes pinched together even more as he leaned in closer, grabbing a bigger fistful of Kyo's school uniform as he held the cat's back.

Yuki thought back to each night he spent with the feisty orange haired teen, stealing his warmth, and in return giving his own. The way the cat looked in his arms took Yuki's breath away. The way his mouth opened slightly and how his eyes were drawn shut as the moonlight caused a shadow to come from his eyelashes making small shadows on his slightly flushed cheeks. Yuki knew he was the only one ever allowed to see the cat like this and he savored it for as long as he could until his eyelids finally forced shut and he let the warmth envelope him.

That warmth… he had never felt it before. Not from his parents, not from Akito and not from Tohru. Only from Kyo, and he never wanted that to leave. The first time he felt it he was shocked and almost didn't know what to do. But after so many months it became a necessity in his life.

He grew scared, with the way this family worked, the way Akito lurked around every painful memory it wasn't hard to believe that maybe… one day… it would… disappear. So into the late hours of the night when his eyes were forced shut he fought sleep just to keep that warm feeling…

"Just for a little longer." Yuki mumbled into Kyo's shirt and Yuki mentally scolded himself for the unwanted tone of need in his voice. Kyo clutched Yuki tighter sensing the desperation in his voice.

"Whatever," he mumbled. "Just don't make this a habit." Kyo said annoyed, however Yuki knew Kyo needed the warmth just as much as he did. Yuki smiled into Kyo's shoulder.

'I'm glad I never have to be cold with you.'