A/N: Sorry, I left to go on vacation again! Anyway, I'm also curious: would you prefer the switching points of view or sticking with a 3rd person? I'm just wondering because I know that I actually prefer reading stories when they are all in the 3rd person (I'm not sure why, I usually write in the 1st person!)

Massie's POV

"So, Massie." Harris pushed a tree branch away as we walked through the woods down to the hidden spot in the woods where kids usually met before going to the beach for bonfires. "I've heard that Cam plans on being at this bonfire tonight. And remember that we are gonna have to act like a couple." I rolled my eyes at this. We've been acting like a couple for over a week now, I'm pretty sure I've gotten this little act down. "However, you do realize that if we are a new couple, we're going to want to be a little more touchy feely."

"Meaning that you want me to walk off with you at some point so we can go make out somewhere?"

"Well, to put it bluntly, yeah. But me, being the mastermind, I've already thought this out." Throwing his arm around my shoulders and squeezing, he started to map out the beach with his fingers. "Now, if you do remember there is that giant rock that sits not too far away from where people have bonfires. In fact, if you look hard enough and drift off a little you can see exactly what is going on there. I figure if we go there, Cam will be able to see us since he will obviously be watching."

"And if he isn't watching?"

"Then we'll have to find a way to get his attention and blame it on being drunk. I hope you know how to moan loudly!"


"Massie!" Jessie ran up to me, a giant smile on her freckled face. "How are you? How's Westchester? How was your first day here? Harris? Wait, are you dating Harris? Ohmygosh! Maaaaasssieee, why didn't you tell me? I have to go tell Mike! Hold on, I'll be right back, I want to talk to you, but just wait."

"Jessie, wait––"

"Seriously, I'll only be a second!"

"Jess, I think they'll figure out on their own. You don't need to tell them." Harris looked down at me with a smirk. "Plus, I've got to tell them what they've been missing out on." I internally rolled my eyes, but instead I just smiled and laughed, then hit Harris on the shoulder.

"Shh! Harris, you can't go telling everybody about what we do on our own!" See, I can clearly play the part of girlfriend well. Plus, if Jessie believes me then she will tell everyone––and I mean everyone.

"There are some things I like to keep to myself, Massie, don't worry. I'm gonna go chill with the guys, I'll catch up with you in a few. Want me to grab you a Smirnoff before they're all gone?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna stay here and talk to Jess. I'll be over in a second." Harris winked at me and then walked away, leaving me with the bubbly, gossiping, Jessie.

"Soooooo..." Jessie started, "When did this happen? I never thought that you and Harris would get together, but you two are soooo cute! But last time we talked, you were dating Cam..."

"Um, well we started dating a few weeks ago. After Cam and I broke up, Harris came over to talk to me, and he was just being really nice and he was there for me, and I realized that maybe I wasn't with the right brother all along."

"Oh, really? Harris is cuter anyway! Plus, he's older and more experienced. Massie, you are so lucky! I want my own Harris!" Jessie pouted her lower lip. "I know! You can help me find a new guy! And, now we get to hang out with Harris's friends all day! Yay! This is gonna be so much fun!"

"Are you forgetting that Mike and Harris are friends?"

"Just because they're Mike's friends doesn't mean they can't be my 'friends' too." Jessie said with finger quotes around the word friends. "I'm so excited! So, who should we plan my attack on? Chris? Hunt? James? Theo? Connor? Whit?"

Harris's POV

"Yo, guys, what's up?" I sit sitting down on the sand next to the bonfire, digging Massie's drink into the sand next to me.

"Harris, my man! How you doin'?" Connor held out his hand for a fist bump. "Have you seen the chicks around here yet? Seriously lackin' this year. They're all ugly or unavailable."

"Hey, Harris! Is that Massie?" Theo called out. "She's lookin' fine this year. Maybe this year..."

"Uh, yeah, Theo, I don't think you have a chance this year. She's kinda my girlfriend now. Sorry, it happened while we were back home."

"Aw, dude! That's such an unfair advantage. Just when you think there's a hot chick around..."


"Hey, guys." Cam sat down in the sand, with Derrick following closely behind him. "Anything exciting going on?"

"Not really." I replied, not really wanting to be talking to Cam now. Although, this was honestly the perfect situation for Massie and I. If Cam stayed for fifteen minutes more, I could take Massie away to the rock and make it look like I didn't leave just to make a point to Cam. "You wanna chill, Cam?"

"Yeah, man. Der and I just needa get some drinks. We'll be back." Cam then stood up and brushed the sand off the back of his legs, before walking off into the direction of the cooler.

I looked down at Massie, who was currently sitting in-between my legs and leaning into my back, before whispering into her ear, "He just set up the perfect situation. Just act all giggly and stuff for a little. Don't be alarmed if I...touch you...or whatever. If we walk away when he's sitting with us, it's perfect. Trust me."

Massie just leaned back and crooked her neck up in order to whisper into my ear. "Sounds perfect. I won't be too surprised, don't worry. You think I'm gonna make out with you multiple times, but I'm gonna freak out if you touch me?" Cam was nearing our group again, and by the time he could see me, I was pretty much sucking on Massie's neck.

"This was not something I ever expected to see my brother and ex-girlfriend doing, dude. Could you stop it with the PDA?"

"Whatever you want, Cammie boy. Let's go Massie." I got up, and then reached for Massie's hand. Both of us grinning devilishly at each other, we walked away to gigantic rock that was perfectly in line with where Cam was sitting. Well, that was easier than expected.

Cam's POV

If I didn't expect to see my brother sucking on my ex-girlfriend's neck, another thing I wasn't pleased to see was my brother practically dry humping her on a rock. When I told him to cut it with the PDA, I didn't predict that he was going to walk away to go rape her practically.

And I could see everything they were doing, since there were in my line of direction. It's one of those things that you don't want to see, but you can't take your eyes off of.

I wanted to vomit.

I seriously felt like a stalker now. Earlier, I was listening to them have sex, and now I'm watching as they practically have sex on a rock. Plus, the way that Massie seemed to mold into Harris perfectly, and the way that their hands seemed to move effortlessly and to the perfect place (unlike when Massie and I were dating and we never knew where our hands should go and every time we even hugged our held hands it felt awkward) was disgusting.

It's hard to see that your brother not only looks better with your ex, but gets a long with her a million times better.

Plus, my mom approves of them. She is practically writing up the guest list for the wedding.

And while sitting there, watching them go at it, I decided that it was time to take down Massie and Harris.

There was no way that she was going to get over me so easily, that my brother was going to be picked over me yet again, and there was no way that I was going to see Massie and Harris happy with each other without a fight.