TITLE: ...While Dealing With The Consequences Is Not


PAIRING: Jack/Jennifer Hailey

TIMELINE: after Affinity

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is the first version of the explanation of how they got into bed together that I've come up with and is also the shortest and most straightforward, so I'm updating it now. This is part one of the two parts of this explanation. It was at first uploaded as part 2 of the original fic, but then I decided to post it as a fic by itself.

The other versions will take some time because they continue to grow. Don't know when I'll update, but be on the lookout for new updates.

Thank you for your reviews of the first part, I really loved them. And I'm also glad you took the scam (Hailey - Carter) in good humor in which it was also meant. I didn't even realize, until it was pointed out to me, that the summary could mean it's a slash fic, yuck. Trust me, there's NO WAY I'll EVER write slash, male or female.

Also, know that I took liberty with writing our heroes' private lives' histories, but I firmly believe that with the background of them that we received over the years and how they were portrayed that my version of their private lives' pasts is extremely probable. Remember that Jack is a traditional man, raised by Irish Catholic parents (and the generation of Jack's parents tended to be most religious) and that Jennifer had always been a genius and a loner, and remember what that does for a person's social life in High School and College/Academy.

Loved the reviews, please keep them coming!

SUMMARY: Waking up is easy, but dealing with the consequences of your previous night is not. How will Jack and Jennifer deal with waking up together and with what happened last night? Sequel to "Waking up is the easiest thing to do".


Jennifer shrieked in surprise and jumped out of the bed as if burnt.

Which gave Jack the opportunity to absently admire her body, while trying to figure out how to get out of there with at least some of their dignities intact.

But all thoughts fled his mind when he saw her naked. She was short, but man, was she stacked!

And he definitely called himself a dirty old man to be checking out this young woman, but he couldn't help himself.

Her body was different from the other two women he'd had the chance to see naked over the past 30 years (and did he feel old when that number came up).

Sara and Kynthia had both been tall women and neither of them had been a redhead, as Jack couldn't help himself but check. Yup, Hailey was a natural redhead and he instantly mentally thumped himself on the back of his head for checking that out.

Sara had been a blonde and as slim as her way of life as a housewife had allowed. She'd been his first... they'd gotten married at 17 with their parents' permission/insistence because she'd gotten pregnant during their first time. Sara had then had a miscarriage a month after their shotgun wedding, but since they were already married, they'd decided to stay married. And to wait with intentionally starting a family. She'd given birth to Charlie 13 years after that. Their relationship had been a strong one and had it not been for his captivity in Iraq and tenure with the Black Ops there was no doubt they would still be together now, because they as a couple could've survived even their son's death. However, his secretive job and the torture at the hands of his captors had worked together to make him suppress any emotion and any outward sign of emotions like pain and suffering. Thus by the time their son had died Jack had no longer been able to express his grief and let Sara in, to heal him, thereby healing herself, to grieve together. He had pushed her away and then went on a mission at the most inopportune time, when she needed him the most, abandoning her, for a mission she knew he had no intention of coming back from. At least alive. Leaving him had been the only thing she could've done to prevent him pulling her into the abyss of self-destruction with him and he never blamed her for that. Still, after being married to someone for 23 years they are a part of you and even now Sara was extremely important to him.

Kynthia... well, Kynthia could've been a supermodel. Or at least Playmate of the Month for every months and Playmate of the Year, plus a Centerfold for several magazines, for years straight. Actually, she could've been that former, not a supermodel, cause modern supermodels have no waists, no breasts and no muscle tone. They're slim only because they're starved to death, they're anorexic, and Jack had always been turned off by that kind of slimness, he namely liked Kynthia's type of slimness more. She'd had an amazing body, tall, flat tummy, thin waist that flared out into just-rightly-wide hips, long toned legs and slim arms, large full and firm breasts, a long graceful neck upon which sat a head with a beautiful, perfect face.

Just too bad she hadn't known that you have to warn a person about what is in the cake and what the cake is for in the first place before giving it to them, especially if they're a foreigner. That had been her only flaw (though Jack wondered whether she even knew what was in that cake, cause she hadn't baked it herself, there had been not enough time to do that, that cake must've been already prepared by someone else), otherwise she was a gentle, kind, intelligent and definitely loyal woman. She stuck with him and loved him even when his hair was falling out, when his skin was paper-thin and when he couldn't even walk properly anymore. For a woman 30 DAYS old she had a very high Emotional Intelligence and loved fully. Had their relationship not started the way it had and had she lived on Earth she and Jack would've had a good shot at a relationship. She was namely someone Jack would want to be in a relationship with and she was also a good wife and mother potential, which was important to Jack when he considered a woman for a sexual partner.

There'd also been an elegance to her movements and manner that only a few women possess.

Regal came to mind. Her movements had the character of the finest teachers of manner, movement and walking, the kind only royal blood receive.

Hailey on the other hand had a muscular body that was shaped for the rigors of combat duty. She was short, at least a foot shorter than he, but slim and muscular, and her breasts were much smaller than those of the other two women, but very firm and they somehow fitted her body's build.

'Power dynamo' came to Jack's mind when checking her out.. Seeing her naked, there was no doubt in Jack's mind there was incredible power, drive, energy and force hidden in that small body, not to mention her brain and personality. She was a tightly packed, compact package of femininity, brilliance and nicely toned muscles, unfortunately with a superiority complex and arrogance to match her IQ. As a character in one of Cary Grant's movies once said about a woman "She was built for speed, like a destroyer, but kinda compact too, like a submarine."

Jack knew her small stature was a smoke screen and that anybody judging her capability based on her height, underestimating her, would be quite unpleasantly surprised.

But what Hailey lacked in height she more than made up with her huge brain and a superior intellect, superior even to that of Carter's. Not any smaller was the force of her will and determination when she set herself on something. She also thought for herself, didn't let anyone dictate how she should think, which was one of the reason for her problems with authority and the military and also one of the reasons Jack had instantly liked her and still did.

All in all, Jack had to admit she was one very attractive young woman, inside and out, though way too young for him. Though, given the evidence, last night he obviously hadn't thought that way...