The Last Slayer


Inquisitive One

Part 29

That Night

Angel looks towards the bedroom door. Turning to Cordelia he talks softly "She's sleeping for now but I don't know if she'll stay asleep. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Cordelia nods "No problem"

"Ready Doyle?" he asks

"Yeah man" Doyle says "See ya 'delia"

Cordelia watches as the two men in her life left the apartment. "Man I need some new men in my life" she groans

Outside the apartment a figure watches as the two men leave. "The two men are gone" he says into the radio.

"We'll wait for a while just to be sure their gone" the voice replies

"Yes sir over and out" the figure goes back to watch the apartment


"So what's with the Monkey?" Doyle asks looking at the dark haired vampire as he drives

Angel sighs leaning on his arm against the door. "I'm not sure. She had a nightmare about a white room. It terrified her."

Doyle frowns "She's a kid everything can terrify a kid"

"I know." Angel sighs "I just want to get back incase she wakes up."

"Think Cordelia can handle her tantrum?" Doyle asks with a chuckle

"No way" Angel replies "especially if Briena vamps on her."

"Lets just hope Briena keeps from getting mad" Doyle remarks

"She'll might bite her" Angel adds

"Oh man if she does 'delia will be mighty pissed"

"I know" Angel sighs "Trust me you've never seen Cordy pissed."

An hour later: Outside the apartment

Forrest joins his men outside the apartment "Here's the plan get in grab the girl. Only the girl. Do not hurt the woman. Her room is in the back be careful if my theories correct she's a possible hostile"

"Yes sir" the men agree

"Move out" he orders breaking the front door down.

Cordelia looks up startled when she hears the door crash open. "What the..." she jumps up grabbing the phone as she rushes towards Briena's room when she's grabbed from behind "Let me go" she yells

"Cordy" Briena cries coming out of her room holding her stuffed dog close

Cordelia turns around "Briena go to your room" she orders

Seeing the soldiers Briena stares at them terrified. Reaching up she fidgets absently with the cross. 'Daddy'

"Grab her and lets go" Forrest orders

Cordelia watches as a soldier grabs the terrified Briena "Let her go you bastard" she yells struggling in the soldier's arms.

Briena's fear is shoved aside anger takes over. "Let me go" she screams kicking. "I want Daddy" she shrieks kicking and hitting her captor.

"Move out" Forrest orders

Cordelia watches as Briena is carried out of the apartment kicking and screaming finally the soldier releases her. As the soldier rushes out Cordelia grabs the phone dialing Angel's cell phone. "Come on pick up" she mutters

"Yeah?" Doyle answers

"I need to talk to Angel" Cordelia says rushed

"Hang on" he says "Its 'delia"

Angel takes the phone "Yes?"

Cordelia looks around the empty apartment "Briena's gone"

"What do you mean gone?" Angel demands

"Some guys broke in and grabbed her Angel"


"Soldiers" she answers

Angel growls "We'll be right there" he hangs up "They took her"


Angel races to the car as Doyle follows. "They messed with my family for the last time" he growls putting the car in reverse

Doyle hangs on as the vampire peels out of the parking lot. "Slow down man"

"I swear if they hurt her I'll kill them" Angel hisses

At the apartment Cordelia paces waiting for Angel and Doyle to return. 'He's going to want to find her. She's in Sunnydale' she heads into Angel room grabbing his duffle bag she tosses in some clothes for him. Going into Briena's room she tosses some of the little girl's clothes into the bag.

"CORDELIA" Angel yells entering the apartment through the broken door.

Cordelia walks out of Briena's room with the duffle bag "Here" she says "I'll bum clothes off Willow and Buffy. Doyle Xander probably has some you can wear. Now lets go"

Angel takes the bag "How'd you know?"

Cordelia shrugs "I just did." she notices the door "What should we do about that?"

"I'll call and have someone come and fix it." Doyle answers as they rush out of the apartment.

"I should call Buffy" Angel sighs getting into the car

"Maybe you shouldn't. You know how she is. If you call her she'll go on a rampage herself. It'll just cause more trouble" Cordelia says

"She's right man" Doyle agrees

Angel nods "All right."

In the van Forrest looks out the window trying to block out the cries of the little girl in the back. "Someone shut her up" he yells

"I want my Daddy" Briena cries

"Sedate her or something" Forrest orders

The soldier closest to Briena grabs her as another takes out a syringe. "NO" Briena shrieks struggling as the needle moves closer to her. "No" she whimpers as the drug works its way through her system. She looks at the men her vision blurry. "Daddy. Mommy" she whimpers as she descends into darkness

Sunnydale: 2 hours later

Angel pulls the car into the parking lot of Giles's apartment. "God how am I supposed to tell her?" he wonders aloud

"Just tell her" Cordelia answers

"She's going to be really angry" Angel muses

"That she is" Cordelia agrees as they approach the apartment Angel knocks.

Giles opens the door. "Hello what are you doing here? I thought you went back to LA"

Angel nods "We did" he enters the apartment finding the Scooby Gang and Spike "Where's Buffy?"

"Patrolling" Giles answers removing his glasses "What's going on?"

Angel looks at Cordelia "You tell him. I'm going to go look for Buffy"

"Try Greek Row" Giles supplies "There have been reports of attacks"

Angel nods heading out the door in search of his wife.

Initiative HQ

Briena awakens to find herself in a white room. 'My dream' she looks around. Allowing her Slayer/vampire senses to roam she shudders at the feeling of both the soldiers and the demons around. 'Hurts' she whimpers.

"Your awake" a woman says entering the room

Briena looks up to see a tall blond woman wearing a white lab coat. "Where's my Mommy and Daddy?" she demands

"My name is Maggie. What's yours?"


"Nice to meet you Briena" Maggie sits down

"Why am I here?"

"We are concerned about you"

Briena frowns "No you aren't"

"Why do you say that?"

Briena looks at her thoughtfully "You are like them."


Briena just looks at her

"Who's them?" Professor Walsh asks

"I want my Mommy and Daddy" she whispers

Maggie stands leaving the room

Briena stares at the closed door 'I don't like it here'


"What did you do dress without any lights?" Buffy grunts flipping the vampire over her shoulder

Angel watches as Buffy insults the vampire and then stakes him. "Buffy" he greets softly as he steps out of the shadows.

Buffy turns around quickly at the sound of Angel's voice with a grin "What are you doing here?" she asks launching herself into his arms

Angel hugs her close kissing her hair then pulls away "We need to talk" he begins

Buffy looks up seeing the worried look "What's wrong?"

Angel pulls her over to the bench "Sit down Buffy"

Buffy does "Angel what is wrong?" she demands

Angel sits beside her "Briena is missing Buffy"

Buffy looks at him "What?" she demands paling "What do you mean missing?"

"A few hours ago Doyle and I went to take care of some business. When Cordelia called and said that some men broken in and grabbed Briena"

"Oh my god" she whispers "Who?" she looks at Angel her eyes filled with tears "Who took our baby Angel?"

"Its my fault" Angel groans running his hands over his face "I should have stayed home tonight"

Buffy wraps her arms around him "Its not Angel."

"If I had Briena wouldn't have been grabbed."

"Maybe maybe not"

"Cordelia said that Briena was terrified when she saw the soldiers."

"Soldiers?" Buffy demands sitting up she looks at Angel wide eyed "The Initiative took her?"

Angel nods "From what Cordelia described it was them." He watches as Buffy goes from concerned to angry.

Buffy stands up her eyes flashing her anger and fear "He lied to me"

"What do you mean?"

"Riley. He swore he wouldn't tell anyone about you or Briena." she looks at the ground "They'll hurt her Angel. I've seen what they've done."

Angel places his hands on her shoulders "We'll get her back Buffy"

"There's only one person who can find out where she is" she pulls away from Angel running

"Buffy" he calls taking off after her.

Buffy runs towards the sciences hall with Angel beside her. She stops staring at the closed door before her

"What are we doing here?" Angel asks

"This is where he grades papers." she answers opening the door she enters with Angel behind her. Buffy notices Riley sitting at the desk his attention on the papers "Hello Riley" she greets her voice cold

Riley looks up "Buffy" he says surprised "What are..." he chokes off as Angel grabs him by the neck.

"Where's Briena?" Buffy demands

"What are you talking about?" Riley coughs

"Where is she?" Angel demands his voice deadly

Buffy hears the deadly tone "Angel let him go" she orders putting her hand on his shoulder

"NO" Angel growls

"Angel this won't help us."

Angel reluctantly lets Riley go "Where's Briena?" he demands

Riley looks at the angry man before him rubbing his neck "I have no idea what your talking about."

Angel growls deep in his chest

'Oh no' Buffy places her hand on Angel's arm "Angel calm down" she soothes

"Buffy what is going on?" Riley asks

Buffy looks at her ex boyfriend "Soldiers grabbed Briena" she answers

"What!" Riley exclaims "That's not possible"

"Why not?" Angel demands

"I didn't tell them anything about Briena."

Angel looks at him disbelieving "He's telling the truth" he says to Buffy

Riley looks at Buffy "I told you I wouldn't and I didn't"

"Someone found out about her and soldiers took her" Buffy replies

"Maybe your friend Spike mentioned it to someone" Riley suggests

Angel growls again angered at the mention of his childe betraying him "Spike would never betray me" he insists

"He's a hostile" Riley shoots back "he'll betray anyone"

'Oh no' Buffy thinks sensing Angel's change "Angel no"

Riley watches in surprise as Angel vamps. "What the hell" he moves away

"Riley he won't hurt you" Buffy promises her

Riley looks at his ex disbelieving "He's a hostile"

"No he isn't" Buffy insists "he's Angel. He's different"

"Different" Riley snorts in disgust "All demons are a like Buffy"

"No they aren't" Buffy insists "Angel isn't like other vampires... he has a soul" she looks at Angel touching his ridges "he maybe a vampire but he's still good Riley."

Angel allows his features to return to normal and he speaks to Riley "I know Spike wouldn't hurt Briena. He wouldn't betray me like that... or even Buffy"

"I can't believe this" Riley says angrily "not only did you not tell me that you had a child but you didn't tell me he was a hostile."

Buffy glares at Riley "That's why I didn't. You don't understand. Your still afraid Spike will hurt someone even with the chip. Angel won't hurt anyone. Briena is just a baby she can't hurt anyone" Buffy looks at Angel then at Riley "Riley I need to find her."

"Why should I help you?" Riley demands "You lied to me time and again Buffy."

"And you fucked Faith in my body. You guys kidnapped Oz. Then you neutred Spike."

"What?" Angel growls hearing Faith's name

"I didn't know it wasn't you" Riley protests

"I'm sorry for lying to you Riley. I did it because I knew you wouldn't understand about Angel and Briena." she looks at Riley her eyes sad "Riley help us out here. All we want is our daughter"

"Why should I help you Buffy? You betrayed me and everyone else"

Hearing that Buffy is angered "Why should you! Lets see how about I've saved your asses more times then you can count. How about for the little girl who is probably scared right now. If you think that wanting to protect my family is a betrayal then fine it is. But that is an unfair thing to say." she turns away from Riley "Think about it Riley if it hadn't been for my so called 'betrayals' the world would probably no longer exist" she looks at Angel "you know where to find us" she says as she and Angel walk out of the room leaving Riley staring at them openmouthed.

Angel and Buffy walk outside silently. Angel senses Buffy's distress "Buffy?" he asks stopping

Buffy wraps her arms around herself "What are we going to do?" she asks tearfully

"We'll get her back" Angel promises hugging Buffy "I promise"

"She must be so scared Angel" Buffy whispers

"I know"

"She's just a baby Angel. She's never been away from either of us for more than a few hours. And when she was with Jack he probably never let her out of his sight. I want my baby back"

Angel kisses her head "We'll get her back"

Initiative HQ

Forrest looks up to see Riley walk into the room "Hey Iowa" he greets

"I need to talk to you" Riley says shortly.

"Sure what?"

"Did you kidnap Buffy's daughter?" Riley demands

Forrest looks at Riley leaning back in his chair "I thought you'd be happy. Another hostile out of the way and revenge against Summers."

Riley stares at his friend seeing the glee in his eyes he shakes his head "Not by doing this Forrest. She's just a child"

"She's a hostile Agent Finn" Maggie Walsh says entering the room

Riley looks at his superior "So you just take her from her parents in the middle of the night." he glares at Forrest "I trusted you when I told you what she said, I can't believe you did this" he says angrily as he strides towards the door

"Agent Finn" Walsh calls "She's a hostile and Summers was harboring her. Your job is to bring in the hostiles. I hope you aren't going to tell Summers."

Riley stops not turning around he says "She already knows." He continues to walk away

"Shouldn't we put him on lockdown?" Forrest asks

Walsh shakes her head "No. If Summers shows she shows. Besides if she does we have a way to get her out of our lives for good"

"And Riley's" Forrest adds

Giles' apartment

"Buffy" Willow calls as Buffy and Angel enter the apartment holding hands. Willow hurries over to her friend hugging her

"I'm fine Will" Buffy answers

"So did Fishboy know where the kid is?" Spike inquires

"He knew nothing. He didn't even know that they took her" Angel replies

"I told you those soldiers were bad news" Anya states

"So then who was behind taking Brie?" Cordelia asks

"It wasn't Riley so who else is there?" Xander wonders

Buffy gasps looking at Angel wide eyed "Forrest."

"Why Forrest?" Willow asks

"He's hated me since we met." Buffy answers "This is the type of thing he'd do for revenge"

"Bloody wankers" Spike growls then groans clutching his head in pain

"So what do we do now?" Willow asks

"We need a plan to get in 'cause they won't just hand her back. Especially if they figure out about her powers"

"Powers?" Giles asks removing his glasses he polishes them

Buffy nods "She's got Slayer and vampire traits."

"Vampire!" exclaims Xander

"She's strong and fast. When she's mad she could possibly bite someone." Angel replies

"Bite someone!" Willow says looking at Buffy surprised "You never told me that"

"She bit Spike" Buffy shrugs

"So if she gets mad then she could unconciously bite someone." Giles muses

"She could. She also could change on them" Angel adds

"What?" Buffy demands "You never mentioned her being able to go game face!"

Angel looks at the floor sheepishly "Sorry it only happened once. She got mad and it lasted less then a second."

"Seems the kid inherited something from dear ol' Dad" Spike snickers

"Shut up Spike" Buffy and Angel yell

"We'll just have to hope that that doesn't occur" Giles states

"So what do we do now? She must be freaking out" Cordelia remarks

"Why don't we send someone in to keep an eye on her" Xander suggests

"Can't be me or Angel they know we're her parents. They wouldn't let us near her"

Angel frowns "And sending Doyle and Cordelia is too hard." he looks at Spike "But Spike getting captured"

Everyone turns to look the blond vampire "No bloody way am I going in there" he shakes his head

"Spike other than me and Buffy you are the only one who can get her to calm down. Not even Doyle and Cordelia can do that."

"No" Spike growls "They'll put another bleedin' chip in me you wanker"

Buffy grabs Spike by the collar and lifts him "Do it Spike or I stake you" she waves her stake in his face. "Or maybe I'll tie you to a tree and let you watch the sun come up"

"You wouldn't" Spike snarls

"Try me Spike. Either you go back or you will meet the mean Buffy. And she's an even bigger bitch than Cordelia was in highschool."

"And I was the Queen" Cordelia chimes in

"Certainly proud of it" Doyle chuckles

"Damn right. I worked hard for that reputation"

"Now would you like to change your mind" Buffy demands

Spike sees the pain in his sires eyes and reluctantly nods "All right"

"Thank you Spike" Buffy her voice showing her relief as she releases him. "Now how do we get him in?"

"The commandos would have to take him in. They just need to find him" Willow answers

"Oh we'll make that happen" Buffy smiles

"How?" Angel asks

"We just need to let them know where Hostile 117 is" Xander informs them catching onto Buffy's train of thought

Initiative HQ

"All right Briena now we want to do a few tests" Maggie tells the little girl.

"Why?" Briena asks

"Um we're curious"

"I want to go home" Briena demands

"I'm sorry not yet" Maggie leads Briena out of the room down the hall

Briena looks around at the demons caged as her Slayer alert system kicks in "Ohhh" she groans clutching her middle. "Oww" she whimpers

"What's wrong?" Maggie demands

Briena whimpers "I wanna go home. I want my Daddy"

"Come on" Maggie insists

Briena follows Maggie into a white room 'the room' she looks around panicked. "No" she whispers "Let me go" she cries "I want out of here"

"Sorry kid that's not going to happen" Forrest says entering the room

Part 30

An hour later outside

"I can't believe I'm doing this" Spike mutters walking through the cemetary. "If they kill me I'm goin' to come back and haunt their sorry asses." he mutters

"Hostile 117" a soldier greets

Spike turns around to find a group of soldiers standing there "The names Spike"

"Lets go" the soldier orders

Spike looks around to see the men are all armed "Oh bloody hell. Why not I have nothing better to do" he mutters

Half an hour later

"Sit down" a soldier orders Spike shoving him in a chair

Spike growls then clutches his head "Bloody hell" he groans

"Hello Hostile 117" Walsh greets entering the room

"The names Spike" he retorts

"Sorry Spike. I see the chip is working" Professor Walsh observes

"This friggin' chip has turned me into a bleedin' wuss" Spike grumbles

"Intense pain when you try to hurt someone?"

Spike looks at her "No I get all happy" he says sarcastically

"Professor Walsh the kid's freakin'. She won't stop screaming" Forrest says opening the door.

Behind the soldier Spike sees Briena crouching in the corner crying "Brie" he mutters

Hearing the voice Briena looks up "Spike" she calls standing she races past Forrest throwing herself at Spike.

Walsh looks on amazed at the child's reaction "I take it you two know each other"

Spike ignores her as he picks up the sobbing child. "Shh cutie. What's wrong? What are you doing here?"

Briena looks at Spike her eyes teary "They took me. I want my Mommy and Daddy" she sniffles "I don't like it here"

"I know" he kisses her head glaring at the woman watching them "Why is she here?"

Professor Walsh watches in amazement as the vampire comforts the crying child "What do you care? You're a demon"

Spike snorts "I forgot you blokes don't think we have emotions"

"Who is she to you?"

"A friend" Spike answers

"Of who?"

"None of your bleedin' business" he growls

"Take the child back to her room" Walsh orders Forrest

Forrest moves to take Briena from Spike "Come on kid"

"NO" Briena shakes her head clinging to Spike

"Gimme the kid" Forrest orders

Spike glares at the mortal "She doesn't like you. Personally I don't either. I'm not goin' to give 'er over to you"

Briena sticks her thumb in her mouth

"Fine let her stay with him as long as she stays quiet" Walsh orders "Take them to one of the cells"

Forrest shoves Spike into the hall "Move it"

"Hey careful mate." Spike growls tightening his grip on Briena "You all right pet?" he asks softly

Briena nods tightening her arms around his neck "I don't like it here Spike." she whispers in his ear

"I know I don't like it either." Spike says softly so that only Briena can hear him.

"Where are Mommy and Daddy?" she asks softly in his ear

"I'll tell you later" he replies

"In here" Forrest orders

Spike enters glaring at the commando "Wanker" he says under his breath.

"Spike" Briena scolds

Forrest closes the door behind them "Enjoy" he smirks

Spike growls low

Briena laughs

Spike sits down with Briena on his lap. "How are you luv? Are you OK?"

Briena nods "Where are Daddy and Mommy?"

"Trying to find a way to get us out" Spike whispers

"Oh" she yawns

"Get some sleep cutie. Peaches would stake me if you didn't get any sleep"

"Night Spike" she yawns curling up against his chest

"Night luv" Spike whispers pulling his duster to cover Briena

The mansion

"It'll be light in a few hours" Buffy sighs snuggling closer to Angel "Do you think she's OK?"

"I'm sure she is." Angel assures running his hand down her arm "You know how Spike is. He'll take care of her"

Buffy lays there absently tracing patterns on his chest "He better"

"Get some sleep beloved" Angel whispers

"I don't think I can" she sighs "I'm too worried. What if something goes wrong tomorrow? What if we get there too late? What if they use her and Spike for an experiment?"

"Buffy try not to worry."

"Angel how can you remain so calm!" she demands looking at him

"If my heart was still beating it would be pounding in fear and worry. I am worried about her. I'm even worried about Spike."

The next afternoon

"You bloody pricks she's a kid. She needs to eat and go to the bathroom" Spike yells "Come on."

Briena tightens her grip on Spike's leg "Spike I'm hungry"

"I know sweets" Spike strokes her head "I'm tryin' to get these wankers to get you something to eat."

Forrest opens the door "Here" he hands Spike a tray with a sandwich, apple and some milk. Next to the plate there is a blood pack. "I even brought you some breakfast."

"No thanks. I've all ready had enough of your kind of blood." Spike takes the tray from the soldier "Prick" he mutters under his breath. He leads Briena over to the cot and hands her the plate. "Here cutie"

"Thank you Spike" she smiles taking the sandwich

"Your welcome" he smiles back

2 hours later the mansion

"Why are we here?" Xander demands "This place is creepy"

"Angel thought that this would be a better place to plan." Buffy answers "Few people know about this place."

"so what is the plan?" Doyle asks

"We're going to go in the way Spike told us he got out"

"What do you need us to do?" Willow asks

"Willow can you find a way around the security system?" Angel asks

"I think so."

"All right then this is what we'll do" Buffy proceeds to tell them the plans

Nightfall: the Mansion

"You ready?" Angel asks cupping Buffy's chin

Buffy nods "Lets go get our baby back"

Angel kisses her gently "And Spike"

"Do we have too?" Buffy whines

"Unless you want to explain to Briena why we didn't bring Spike with us. She likes him."

"And he is in a weird way family" Buffy groans

Angel chuckles "That he is baby"

"Lets go" she tugs in his hand

Initiative HQ

Forrest opens the door "Walsh wants to see her"

"NO" Briena cries shaking her head "I'm not going" she tightens her arms around Spike.

"Lets go" Forrest orders reaching for Briena

"No" Briena shrieks kicking at him

"She won't stop crying unless I go with her" Spike growls

"Fine just shut her up" Forrest yells

"Briena calm down" Spike requests

Briena rubs her eyes her lower lip trembling "OK"

Spike stands holding Briena's hand he follows Forrest down the hall to another room. "What do you want with her?" he asks seeing Walsh

"Just some tests." she replies

"What kind?" Spike demands

"Minor ones." Walsh waves off

"We're almost there" Angel announces hearing the familiar British voice arguing with someone and Briena crying. Hearing her cry he growls threateningly

"Angel?" Buffy asks

"I can hear them. Spike's pissed. Brie's crying" he replies

In the room Forrest takes Briena from Spike "No let me go" Briena shrieks kicking

"Let her go you..." Spike starts to rush Forrest then groans clutching his head he falls to the floor.

"Spike" Briena cries watching the vampire moan in pain

"Its just to draw some blood" Walsh assures

"NO" Briena growls angrily

Walsh watches as the little girl's dark brown eyes become a golden yellow. "What the..." she trails off "What are you?"

Briena sinks her fangs into Forrests arm

"Shit." he yells releasing Briena "The brat bit me"

Briena stares up at the man before her eyes back to normal "Daddy says its not nice to call people names." she kicks his shin

"And Daddy's right." a voice says from the doorway

Briena looks over to see Angel standing there "Daddy" she shrieks

Angel enters the room Buffy right behind him "Briena. Spike you OK?"

"Fine" Spike groans sitting up he slowly stands "Took you long enough Peaches."

"Summers. Why am I not surprised to see you here" Forrest shakes his head. "Your brat bit me"

"I'm not a brat" Briena says angrily

"Spike take Briena outside with the others" Angel orders

Briena starts to move towards Spike when Forrest grabs her "Sorry man. We can't let a hostile lose. She's a danger"

"Let me go" Briena demands struggling

"She's just a baby Forrest." Buffy says angrily

"I'd let her go mate. Peaches here has a nasty temper" Spike chuckles

"What is she?" Walsh asks "She isn't human" she walks closer to Forrest holding a syringe

"Am too you mean lady" Briena argues glaring at the woman

"She'd make an interesting specimen" Walsh states

Forrest takes the syringe from Walsh "Or an autopsy" he sticks the needle into Briena's neck

"No" Angel and Buffy yell as they watch the substance being injected in her. Angel growls angrily vamping he rushes Forrest and Walsh as Buffy grabs the unconcious child. Angel grabs Forrest by his neck slamming him into the wall.

/Briena looks around the room seeing the Oracles standing before her she frowns "What am I doing here?"

"We have a message for those who hurt you. You are the vessel for that message" the male answers

"What is it?" Briena asks

"You know it. Its in your heart." the female answers

"You are the child of the first and the last. You are part of your father's rebirth."


"He is now both like you. His heart will beat as a human. As a vampire it will be absent. Unlike you he will need blood" the female answers

"So my Daddy can be with my Mommy?" Briena asks hopefully

"The clause is no more." the female answers

"Will he still one day become human?" Briena asks

"One day."

Briena nods

The female Oracle looks up like she hears someone talking to her "There are some people here to see you"

"Who?" Briena asks

"Briena" a woman with an Irish accent says in greeting

Briena turns to find a tall dark haired woman "Grandmother" she smiles

"You look so much like Liam doesn't she Thomas"

"Aye she does" the man states "she has so much of both of them."

"Grandfather" she says

"Hello child" he smiles

"Why are you here?" Briena asks

Her grandparents look at each other silently then back at her "Briena one day my son will come into possession of something important. When he does I want you to tell him... tell him we are sorry for keeping the truth from him"

Briena nods puzzled "All right"

"Tell Liam that we do not blame him for what happened."

"I will Grandmother"

"Tell my boy that I am sorry for our last words... both times"

"Daddy misses you." Briena tells her grandfather "and you, grandmother. He misses Kathy too"

"We know."

"Briena child you will need to return to your body soon." the female Oracle announces

Briena nods "I will tell him for you"

"Tell him that we are proud of him and that we love him."

"All right Grandmother. I guess I'll talk to you later" Briena finishes as she feels herself awake/

Briena sits up inhaling deeply she finds Buffy trying to reason with Angel. She feels a presence enter her body "I am the child of the first and the last. I am the messenger for those who balance our worlds. You have begun to destroy the balance with your hate and fear. I am the beginning of the new balance."

Buffy and Angel are startled when their daughter begins to chant in Latin. Suddenly the room is bathed in a bright light then it returns to normal. "Briena" Buffy calls seeing the little girl slumped over

Angel releases Forrest and joins Buffy and Briena. "Brie?"

Briena opens her eyes smiling tiredly at them she reaches out touching Angel's face. As his human face returns Briena takes Buffy's hand and presses it against his chest.

Feeling the heart beat under her hand Buffy looks at Angel shocked "Angel? Your heart... its beating"

"What!" Angel exclaims

"You are like me now Daddy. I was the beginning of your rebirth. So is this." Briena rests her palm against his chest "You are both human and vampire. When human you are human. When vampire you are vampire"

"I don't understand" Angel stammers "how do you know?"

"The Oracles told me. They also said that you will one day be fully human. But for now you are both human and vampire." she looks at Buffy "And your soul is secure"

"What!" Buffy exclaims

"Uh Peaches I think we need to get out of here" Spike suggests "They won't be too happy when they wake up"

Briena smiles at Spike "They won't remember us being here" she yawns rubbing her eyes "Daddy can we go home now?"

Angel smiles picking Briena up "Sure sweet one" he looks at Buffy "Ready baby?"

Buffy smiles "Lets get her home and to bed"


Half an hour later

Angel enters the mansion carrying Briena into his room. "I'm going to put her in the bedroom."

"I put her pajamas in the duffle bag." Cordelia calls


Buffy follows Angel into the bedroom "Why don't I call my mom and get some sleeping bags and stuff" She sits on the edge of the bed holding Briena up as Angel slips the shirt over the little girl's head.

Angel nods "Have Doyle go to your house and pick them up."

Buffy kisses Briena's cheek "I'll go call her"

"The phone's in my bag" Angel tilts his head in the direction of the duffle bag. He listens as Buffy talks to her mother

"I'll go tell Doyle" Buffy says softly "I'll be right back"

Angel nods his attention on Briena his mind running over what she said. 'Human and vampire. Rebirth. What does that mean?'

Buffy enters the room "Cordelia said there is no way she's staying here so Doyle's going to drop her off at the dorm. She's going to crash there. Spike and Doyle are going to go hang out at Willie's after they bring the sheets and stuff"

"All right"

"Are you thinking about what Brie said?" Buffy asks sitting beside Angel she leans her head against his arm

"I don't understand what she meant. I wish the Oracles were here to explain what she said. What am I now?"

A bright light fills the room. Angel and Buffy shade their eyes "What the..." Buffy mutters seeing the two strange people before them

"The Oracles" Angel informs her

"Hello lower beings" the female greets

"Good to see the child is safe" the male states

"We were close to losing her... weren't we?" Angel asks

"No closer than what you shall face in the future" the female answers

"She has many battles ahead of her as do the two of you." the male tells them

Buffy looks at the Oracles "Why are you here? From what Angel told me you rarely leave your realm"

"That is true Slayer. We are here to congratulate you on the beginning of your rebirth lower being" the male says

"What do you mean 'rebirth'?" Angel asks

"Like the child said slowly you will regain your mortality. You are like her." the female answers

"You have a heart that beats when you are in human form. When you are in demon form it will be still so that you won't be as easy to hunt." the male says

"Does this mean he will be able to go outside during the day?" Buffy asks

"In human form yes. In demon no." the female responds "You will need to control your demons appearance outside."

"If I was to change outside..." Angel trails off

"You'd die as a vampire." the male finishes

"What did Briena mean about his soul?" Buffy questions

"It is now anchored to him. He is no longer in danger of losing it. You two can be together now Warriors. She will need you to be together it is how she will learn and grow." the female smiles at the sleeping child "We have waited centuries for the first and the last to join. The two realms need her she is important to the balance."

"What do you mean by the first and the last?" Buffy asks

The male looks at Angel "He is the first vampire with a soul"

The female looks at Buffy "And you are the last of your line"

"I'm the last Slayer!" Buffy exclaims "But I thought Briena is to be the Last. And what of the ones called after me?"

"The child is not like the normal Slayers before her. She will be stronger. Faster. She will be the most powerful of all Slayers yet she can't be one..."

"Why?" Buffy demands

"To some extent her blood is tainted" the male finishes

"Because of what I am" Angel whispers

The female tilts her head in acknowledgement "Unfortunately that is true. The Slayers that follow will not be as strong as you and so you will be the Last of the Full Slayers." she looks at Buffy "You and your family will be our strongest Warriors all because of the love and loyalty you have for each other."

"You say we can be together..." Buffy slips her hand into Angel's "but what of his duties and mine? We are unable to be together if we are apart."

The female looks at her partner then at Buffy and Angel "Vampire what is it you wish?"

Angel looks at them startled "I have a choice?"

"You do" she nods

Angel looks at Briena and then Buffy "What of my duties?"

"You are no longer the same vampire or even human as you were before. You have done a lot these years. You will do a lot more in the future." she tells him "What does your heart say?"

Angel smiles at Buffy bringing his hand up to her face he says "My heart belongs here with my wife and child. Where it has always been"

The female smiles at her partner "We have our answer"

"So he can stay?" Buffy demands

"Yes we will find someone to take his place. We will call on you from time to time" the male nods

Angel smiles "Thank you"

"You are welcome" the female smiles back seconds later a bright light fills the room.

Buffy and Angel cover their eyes "Man I hate that" Angel groans rubbing his eyes

"Momma? Daddy? What's going on?" Briena yawns

"Nothing babygirl. We just had some visitors." Buffy answers looking down at the sleepy child "Go back to sleep"

"Daddy Grandmother and Grandfather wanted me to tell you something" Briena whispers

"What's that?" Angel questions softly

"Grandmother said that one day you will learn something important. She said she's sorry for not telling you the truth"

"Did she say what and why?" Angel asks

"Nu uh. And Grandfather said he's sorry for what he said both times"

Angel winces at the memory of his last words with his father. "Anything else?"

"Said they don't blame you and that they love you and are proud of you" she yawns

"Thanks now go back to sleep" he orders softly

Briena smiles sleepily "Love you Momma. Love you Daddy"

"Love you too baby" Buffy kisses the little girl "See you in the morning"

Angel stands silently leaving the room he sits down on the couch. He stares into the fireplace thinking about what he had learned that night and what it meant to the future. 'Doyle must have returned' he muses noticing the blankets on the nearby chair

Buffy follows him into the livingroom sitting on the couch she watches him thoughtfully "You OK?"

Angel nods "We learned alot tonight. I guess my mind is still reeling."

"Mine too." she admits. The two are silent when Buffy asks tentatively "What did Brie mean?"

"About what?"

Buffy shifts to face him "What she said about your father being sorry about what he said." she sees the pained look in his eyes "Sorry. You don't have to tell me"

Angel looks at her "I want to." he says firmly "I just haven't thought of it in a while."

"What happened?"

Angel looks at the fireplace as he talks softly "My father and I hadn't gotten along for a long time. When Kathy was born it went downhill. The night before I met Darla I had been drinking... a lot. I got home early the next morning and he and I had a fight." he pauses remembering the hateful things his father had said "We said a lot of things that day. He wanted me to be the perfect son... to take over when he died. I didn't want that. I wanted something more... I didn't know what that was until I saw you." he briefly smiles at her then continues "Since I didn't know what I was looking for I was doing what I wanted, no matter what. That day he was more than mad he was furious. He said that I was worthless at all I did. I got even madder because no matter how I tried I was never what he wanted. So I said goodbye to Kathy and my mother and left"

"And you met up with Darla that night?" Buffy asks

Angel nods looking at his hands "Over a week or so I terrorized my friends and family. After a while I returned home." he looks at Buffy "Kathy let me in. She thought that I had returned for her like I said I would. After I killed her, my mother, and a servant I found my father. He said all he wanted was for me to do my best and that he was looking out for me. I told him he was a worthless father I killed him." he finishes his voice sad

"Angel" Buffy whispers tearfully moving onto his lap she wraps her arms around his neck. "It wasn't your fault"

"I hated him Buffy... yet I loved him." Angel says hoarsely

"He loved you too Angel. He was just looking out for you." she looks at him "He thought he was doing what was for the best" she says tears falling

Angel wipes away her tears "Why are you crying?"

She shrugs touching his face "Your father did one good thing"


"You" she replies kissing him

Angel breaks the kiss breathing heavily he looks at Buffy lovingly "I love you Buffy" he whispers. "So much" he kisses her passionately


Angel sighs running his fingers through Buffy's hair listening to her ragged breathing. He strokes her bare back reveling in the feeling of the warm body across his cooler one. "Buff"

"Huh?" she looks at him with a faint smile

"We should move" he suggests meeting her eyes "Spike and Doyle could be back anytime"

"Do we have too?" she whines "I like it right here"

"I like it here too I have no problem staying here. I don't like the idea of those two seeing my wife naked" he finishes with a low growl

Buffy laughs lightly "I like that"


She grins "You all possesive" she kisses his chin "you get that cute look when you do"

Angel smiles back kissing her "Come on. We should get some sleep."

"Oh all right" she groans sitting up she pulls on his disgarded dress shirt. Gathering their clothes and some blankets they head into the room next to Briena's. She watches as Angel makes the bed "You know I don't get something."


Buffy wraps her arms around his chest "If your like Brie then why haven't you warmed up?"

"I don't know" he shrugs looking at her "Does it bother you?"

"Nope. I like you like this." she frowns "Then again I like you either way. I guess I'm just used to this"

Angel turns around kissing her lightly "Maybe it'll take a while." he suggests "Lets get some sleep"

Buffy crawls into bed she makes room for Angel snuggling close. "What do you want to do tomorrow?" she asks looking at him

Angel smiles tucking a strand of hair behind her ear "I don't know. There are a lot of things I want to do. But I think it would be wise to take this slow."

"Yeah considering you haven't been in the sun for over 200 years we don't want you to look like a lobster on your first day out"

Angel chuckles "Good point. How about we take the baby to see your mother" he suggests with a mischeavious grin

"Angel" Buffy laughs "that's mean. Are you hoping to give my mother a heart attack" she hits him lightly

"No" he denies

Buffy lays her head on the pillow looking at Angel thoughtfully "Angel are you sure you want to return to Sunnydale?"

"Of course I do. Why would you ask that?"

Buffy shrugs "You have work and a life there"

"I can do my job anywhere. Buffy I want my life here with you and Briena."

"What about Cordelia and Doyle?"

Angel sighs "If they still want to work for me they can move here. Otherwise I'll help them anyway I can to find other jobs."

"So you like working with Cordelia?" Buffy asks

Angel chuckles "She's changed a lot since I first met her. She does a great job taking care of us. Cordy makes sure Brie's dressed and fed in the morning when I get in late. Briena adores them."

"So when are you going to move back?" Buffy asks

Angel sighs "Thats just it. The mansion needs to be worked on first before we can move in. I don't know how long that will take. I need to take care of some business first."

"So a couple weeks?" Buffy asks hopefully

"Maybe" he shrugs "But it won't be totally liveable for a few months"

"Oh your going to stay in LA until then?" Buffy sighs

"I guess. I haven't thought about it. The rent for the apartment is paid up for the next two three months. We might as well stay there until the main floor is liveable."

Buffy sighs

"What's wrong?"

"I'm glad your coming back. I just wish it was it was sooner"

"We'll visit on the weekends. We'll talk all the time"

"I know"

"How much longer do you have until summer vacation?"

"Two months" she groans "Two long months"

"How about we plan on everything being settled then so we have all summer and you can study"

"And pass... I hope"

"You'll pass." he assures pulling her into his arms "Lets get to sleep" he kisses her gently

"Love you Angel"

"Love you too"


Next Morning

Briena opens her eyes looking around tiredly. She sits up throwing off the blankets she gets out of the bed. She heads into the livingroom where she finds Spike sprawled on the couch reading. "Spike where's Mommy and Daddy?"

"Hey pet. Their sleeping" he answers

"Mornin' Monkey" Doyle greets cheerfully walking down the stairs

"Hi Doyle"

"They still sleeping?" Doyle asks tilting his head towards the closed door

"Yep" Spike nods

Briena goes over to Doyle tugging on his pant leg "I'm hungry" she whines

Doyle crouches before her "Go get dressed and we'll go get some breakfast" as Briena nods and races out of the room Doyle looks at Spike "Tell 'em I took Brie for some food and took the car"

"Yeah sure" Spike nods

Briena returns grabbing Doyle's hand she pulls him towards the front door. "Lets go" she demands

"We'll be back as soon as possible" Doyle follows Briena out the door.

Ten minutes later Buffy yawns stretching her arms above her head she smiles as she feels cool arms wrap around her waist. "Hmmm"

"Morning baby" Angel greets kissing her shoulder "How'd you sleep?"

"Better than I have in a while" she sighs leaning back into his arms she kisses his cheek

Angel runs his hands over her warm skin smiling at the feeling. "Me too" he admits

"We should get up" she groans

"Yeah. Brie should be up soon" he sits up "Come on" he pulls her to her feet

"Oh all right" she sighs kissing him quickly

Going into the livingroom they find Spike reading "Spike is Brie up?" Angel asks

"Yeah. Doyle took her to get some breakfast."

"Oh really" Buffy grins at Angel

"Oh bloody hell" Spike groans "Go shag all ready" he snaps

"You know for the first time I agree with him" Buffy laughs tugging on Angel's hand

Half an hour later

"Daddy. Mommy" Briena yells entering the mansion

"We bring food" Doyle calls

"Food" Buffy says happily joining them in the livingroom. "Hey babygirl" she greets picking Briena up she kisses her cheek "How did you sleep?" she asks

"Good Momma" Briena grins

"Any bad dreams?" Angel asks kissing Briena's head.

"No Daddy" Briena answers.

"So what did you bring?" Buffy asks

"Donuts" Briena laughs

"DOYLE" Angel groans

"Relax boss. I took her to a restuarant for breakfast. I brought these back for Buffy and whoever else."

"I get one" Briena reminds

"I know" Doyle smiles "I'll put one aside so you can have it later"

"Can I go play outside?" Briena asks

"Sure babygirl." she grins at Angel "Why don't we see if Daddy wants to come too"

"Daddy you have to come play outside with me and Mommy" Briena insists

"All right but Mommy and I need to get dressed first." Angel tells her

"Go" Briena points to the door "I want to go play"

"Peaches can go outside now?" Spike demands

Angel grins "Yes."

"As long as he doesn't get mad he's human" Buffy smiles happily

"Since when?" Doyle asks

"Last night" Angel replies "We'll explain later." he heads into the room getting dressed quickly he returns to the livingroom to find Briena waiting impatiently "Hey you" he picks up Briena tossing her in the air

"Daddy" she laughs holding onto his neck

"Buffy you ready?" Angel calls

"Yep" Buffy says joining them in the livingroom

"We'll be in the courtyard" Angel tells Spike and Doyle putting Briena down

"Yeah sure" Spike grunts his attention on his reading

Briena takes her parents hands yanking on their hands "Come on"

Angel and Buffy laugh following Briena out to the courtyard. Briena lets go of their hands racing over to the dried up fountain. "How does it feel honey?" Buffy asks looking up at Angel with a big smile

"Great" he laughs picking her up he kisses her then smiles at the sight of the laughing little girl "Come on baby lets go see what she's up to" he puts Buffy back down.

Buffy watches as Angel goes over to Briena. 'He's outside with our child' she grins

"Briena what are you looking at?" Angel asks crouching beside the little girl

"Lookit Daddy" she points to a flower

Angel smiles "Its pretty isn't it"

Briena nods

"What are you looking at?" Buffy asks joining them

"A flower" Briena grins

Buffy smiles at the sight of the beautiful flower amongst the weeds "Beautiful"

Briena stands "Got to find me" she calls racing away

"Stay in the courtyard" Buffy calls. She looks up at Angel and smiles "She got over that quickly"

Angel stands pulling her to her feet "Lets go find her"

Walking hand in hand Buffy and Angel walk around the side of the mansion "Now where is she" Buffy muses looking around

From her hiding place Briena giggles lightly.

"I don't see her" Angel replies

Briena watches as they move away from her hiding spot then seconds later she jumps up from her hiding spot racing towards them throwing her arms around their legs "Hi Mommy. Hi Daddy"

Angel smiles at Buffy "Well look who we found"

Buffy smiles back then crouches before Briena "Hey you."

Briena throws her arms around Buffy's neck causing the Slayer to fall off balance landing on her back. Briena laughs

"What's so funny?" Buffy demands tickling the little girl's ribs "Huh?" she demands with a laugh

"Momma" Briena shrieks in laughter

Angel watches them amused

Buffy looks up to see Angel's face "Hey Brie lets get Daddy"

Angel looks at them warily

Briena laughs launching herself at Angel as Buffy tugs him down to the ground. "Gotcha" Buffy laughs tickling Angel

"Buff I'm not ticklish" Angel remarks

Buffy looks at him "Oh yeah" she pouts then laughs "Brie Daddy's not ticklish"

"Oh" Briena pouts

"Come on you lets play" Buffy laughs grabbing the little girl in her arms

Few Days Later

Buffy picks up Briena "Be good for Daddy. OK?"

Briena nods "Yes Momma."

"I'll see you this weekend" Buffy kisses her daughter's cheek

Briena grins " 'kay Mommy"

Buffy puts Briena down watching as she races towards the car.

Angel wraps his arms around her waist "I'll call you when we get home"

Buffy turns around and smiles at the sight of her 'husband' standing in the sunlight. She reaches up touching his face "I miss you all ready" she sighs resting her head against his chest.

"Its only a few days" Angel reminds kissing her head

"I know." Buffy sighs "I'll call my Dad and see what he thinks of coming over for dinner"

"I'll talk to Cordelia and see if she can take Briena for the night."

Doyle honks the horn "Lets go." he calls

Angel groans kissing Buffy softly "I love you"

"Love you too" Buffy watches as Angel walks towards the car. 'Four days' she thinks waving as the car pulls out of the driveway

In the car Briena taps Angel's shoulder "Daddy?"


"How long 'til Mommy comes to visit?"

"Four days baby"

"OK" Briena sits back


Friday evening

"Daddy when's Momma gonna be here?" Briena demands

"Soon baby" Angel replies his attention on his paperwork.

"How soon Daddy?"

The door opens "Anyone around?" Buffy calls entering the apartment

"Mommy" Briena shrieks racing into the kitchen she throws herself at Buffy "Hi Momma"

"Hey babygirl" Buffy laughs picking Briena up "I missed you"

"Missed you too Momma"

"Where's Daddy?" Buffy asks

"He's doing some paperwork" Briena pouts pointing towards the livingroom

Buffy smiles "Uh oh Daddy's turning into a workaholic" she laughs carrying Briena into the livingroom she puts the little girl down "Why don't you go play in your room for a while" Buffy suggests

" 'kay" Briena sighs heading into her bedroom

Buffy goes over to Angel wrapping her arms around his neck she rests her chin on his head "Hi honey"

Angel puts down his pen pulling Buffy onto his lap he kisses her deeply "Hey baby" he greets with a chuckle

"So I see you've missed me" Buffy muses laying her head on his shoulder her hand resting on his heart. "I've missed that" she sighs

"Of course I missed you" Angel replies

"Mommy" Briena yells

"She yells" Buffy groans "how 'bout we finish this when she goes to bed"

Angel nods kissing Buffy again "Sure lover"

Buffy gets off his lap "Coming Brie"

Later that night

"Mmmm" Buffy sighs happily running her hand down Angel's neck and back smiling at the rumbling purr coming from him.

Angel nuzzles Buffy's neck licking at the small holes. After a few seconds he starts to lift his weight off Buffy.

"No" she says wrapping her arms and legs around him "stay here" she requests

Angel groans at the feeling of her tightening her arms and legs around him. "Buff I'm too heavy"

"No you aren't." she denies kissing his head.

"DADDY" Briena calls

Angel groans "I better go see what she wants" moving off Buffy

"I'll do it" Buffy volunteers sitting up she reaches for Angel's discarded shirt she buttons it. She kisses Angel quickly "Be right back"

"DADDY. MOMMY" Briena calls

"Just a sec baby" Buffy calls walking out of the bedroom. Opening Briena's bedroom door she finds the little girl sitting up "What are you doing up baby?" Buffy asks sitting on the edge of the bed

"I can't find Mr Doggie" Briena yawns

"Isn't he in bed with you?" Buffy asks

"No" Briena yawns shaking her head

"All right. I'll go see if I can find him" Buffy sighs standing she goes into Angel's room "Angel do you know where Mr Doggie is?"

"Um" he frowns "I thought I put Briena to bed with him."

Buffy shakes her head "Nope. I checked, wasn't there"

Angel grins "I think I know where it is" he rolls onto his stomach reaching down under the bed. "Just as I thought... she must have left him here when she was hiding" he holds up the stuffed dog

"Thanks baby." Buffy smiles taking the stuffed dog "Be back in a sec" she returns to Briena's room.

"Momma did you find him?" Briena demands sleepily

"Daddy found him under the bed" Buffy answers handing the stuffed dog to the sleepy child. "Now can you go back to sleep?"

Briena nods cuddling her stuffed dog. "Thank you Momma"

"Your welcome." Buffy smiles watching the little girl drift off to sleep. After a few minutes she stands returning to Angel's bedroom "She's asleep"

"Great" Angel grins

Buffy yawns sliding under the covers beside Angel. "Don't forget my father will be here at 6. I hope he'll behave."

"Cordelia said she'd be here at 6:15, 6:30 at the latest."

"All right" Buffy yawns

"Lets get some sleep" Angel suggests pulling Buffy close

"I love you" Buffy yawns

Angel chuckles "I love you"

Quarter to 6

"Briena" Buffy calls from the kitchen

"Yes Momma?" Briena responds

"Come and clean up your mess" Buffy requests

"But Mommy" Briena whines "I was going to work on it when I got home"

"I know but we're having someone special over for dinner"

"Aren't I going to Cordy's?" Briena asks

"Yes you are" Buffy answers

"Then who's coming over?" Briena asks

"No my father" Buffy answers looking up from setting the table

"Oh" Briena replies picking up her art supplies

"Brie don't forget to wash your hands and brush your teeth" Angel reminds entering the kitchen buttoning his shirt. "Need any help?" he asks Buffy

Buffy turns around "I'm almost done. This is going to be interesting."

"It sure will." he agrees

"What am I going to tell Dad when he sees Briena?" Bufy asks nervously

"We could just tell him the truth" Angel shrugs

"And give him a heart attack? I don't think so" Buffy retorts

"Honey I doubt he'll have a heart attack" Angel grins hugging her

"You think?"

Angel nuzzles her neck "Hmm" he purrs

"Angel" she groaningly protests "we don't have time for this. He'll be here soon" she turns around kissing him gently "Now go see if she's cleaned up" she pushes Angel gently

"Briena" Angel calls leaving the kitchen

Buffy shakes her head "What am I going to do with you" she mutters. Just then she hears a knock at the door. Grinning she opens the door to find a tall sandyhaired man in his mid40s. "Dad" she shrieks launching herself into the newcomers arms

"Hi honey" Hank Summers laughs hugging his daughter tightly. "You look good honey"

Buffy pulls away grinning "So do you" she moves aside so her father can enter.

Hank enters looking around the darkened apartment. "How have you been sweetheart?"

"Good" Buffy laughs "So much has happened since I last saw you."

"Oh really? I'd love to hear all about it" Hank chuckles

"Oh you will" she promises "but first there are some people I want you to meet. Come on" she leads her father into the livingroom

"Briena how many times have I told you don't play with the weapons" Angel scolds carrying the pouting child out of his room while holding a sword in his other

"But..." she protests

"Don't argue." Angel interrupts.

"Sorry" Briena apologizes

"Good." Angel notices the man standing beside Buffy

"Dad this is Angel. Angel this is my father Hank Summers"

"I'd shake your hand but..." Angel says sheepishly with a shrug

Hank nods "Nice to meet you Angel." he sees the little girl watching him curiously "And who is that adorable little girl?"

"I'm Briena"

"Nice to meet you Briena" Hank smiles charmed by the little girl's shy smile. "So uh Angel what's with the sword?" Hank nods

Angel looks at Buffy and then at Hank "I collect them" he half-lies.

"I'll put it back" Buffy volunteers taking the sword from Angel

"So Angel what do you do for a living?" Hank asks looking around at the artwork and other priceless items

"I work as a private investigator." Angel answers

"You must be doing well" Hank states

Angel shrugs "Most of this stuff I uh inherited" he lies

"Angel" Cordelia calls entering the apartment

"Excuse me" Angel says heading into the kitchen "Hey Cordy"

"Hey Briena, you ready to go?" Cordelia asks

Angel puts Briena down "I'll pick her up later." he tells Cordelia

"Why don't I just keep her for the night" Cordelia suggests

"Are you sure?" Angel asks

"We can have a movie night" Cordelia says

Briena looks up at Angel "Can I? Please?"

Angel smiles at the familiar look "Sure. Lets go pack you a bag and grab Mr Doggie."

"And movies" Briena adds pulling on Angel's hand

"Hey Cordelia" Buffy greets seeing the darkhaired woman "Dad this is Cordelia. She and I went to highschool together. Cordelia this is my Dad"

"Hello Mr Summers" Cordelia smiles

"Nice to meet you Cordelia" Hank smiles back

"What's Angel doing?" Buffy asks

"Briena's going to stay over at Cordelia's tonight" Angel answers exiting the bedroom carrying Briena's overnight bag "Brie go get your toothbrush"

" 'kay" Briena nods rushing into the father

"Are you Cordy?" Angel asks "She can be even more of a handful when she's like this"

"Its cool. Besides Dennis can help entertain her"

Angel shakes his head "Tell Dennis to keep from scaring her. She finally sleeps through the night without nightmares"

"I'll tell him" Cordelia nods

"Ready" Briena announces happily waving her toothbrush

"All right. Do you have everything?" Angel asks

"Movies" Briena remembers going over to the TV cabinet. Opening the doors she grabs a couple movies "Done"

"What did you get?" Cordelia asks

"Milo and Otis. Frankenstein. Um Invisible Man." Briena says looking at the box titles

"Frankenstein?" Hank asks "If Buffy saw that at Briena's age she would have had nightmares."

Angel shrugs "Its the black and white version. She likes it and hasn't had nightmares about it"

"Ready Brie?" Cordelia asks

Briena nods grinning at the others "Bye" she waves following Cordelia out the apartment

Angel joins them in the livingroom sitting on the recliner "Sorry about that."

Buffy stands "Why don't we eat" she suggests

"Sounds good to me" Hank smiles standing he follows his daughter into the kitchen "How's school Buffy?"

"Uh good. Its been hard but Willow has been helping me out." Buffy answers

"That's great. How's your mother?"

"The same. She's working a lot." Buffy shrugs

"So the gallery is doing well?" Hank asks sitting down

Buffy sets a plate infront of her father and Angel "I guess. I haven't been able to spend much time with her. We're both so busy." she starts to serve up her own plate

Angel stands "I'll get the drinks. Hank what would you like?"

"I'll have water please"

"Sure" Angel nods going over to the cupboard taking out some colored glasses "Buff?" he asks

"Any juice left?" she asks

Angel opens the fridge "Apple juice" he answers

"I'll have that" Buffy replies

Angel nods pouring Hank's water and Buffy's juice he takes them to the table. "Here you go"

"Thank you Angel" Hank says

"Thanks" Buffy nods

Angel opens the fridge again carefully opening a container of blood he pours some into his glass. He returns to the table sitting down.

"So Angel how old is Briena?" Hank asks curiously

"She turned four in September" Angel answers taking a sip of blood

Hank nods "How long has Briena lived with you?"

"A little over a month." Angel replies looking at Buffy

"Must be tiring taking care of a four year old by yourself." Hank states "I know it was tiring taking care of Buffy at that age even with Joyce."

"Its not that tiring. I'm enjoying it." Angel smiles

"He's good at it too" Buffy agrees

Half an hour later

Buffy sits beside Angel on the arm of the recliner "Daddy there's something we need to talk about"

Hank looks at the couple "What about?" he asks concerned

Buffy looks Angel

"I'm here" he smiles squeezing her hand

Buffy looks at her father "Dad do you believe in demons and evil?"

Hank looks at his daughter quizzically "I guess. I never really thought about it"

Buffy nods "Dad demons and such exist."

"What's this about?" Hank demands

"Dad what I have to say is important and its hard to explain."

"Well I'm listening" Hank offers

"Dad I'm a Slayer"

Hank looks at his daughter quizzically "What's a Slayer?"

Ten minutes later

Hank looks at his daughter stunned "So your saying you were born to fight demons and such."

Buffy nods "I've been doing it since I was 15."

"Does your mother know?" Hank asks

"Yes" Buffy admits "I had to tell her a couple years ago."

"And how did she take it?" Hank questions

"That was the summer I ran away. She kicked me out."

"What!" he exclaims "Why did she do that?"

"She was mad. She didn't like that I was different." Buffy winces "she thought I had killed Kendra"

"Kendra? Who's Kendra?"

"Kendra was the Slayer after me"

"But you said..."

"I died Dad." she sighs "Angel and Xander brought me back."

"OK you are a Slayer and you died. I can handle that" Hank mutters "Anything else?"

"A lot Dad"

Hank nods "That's what I thought." he rubs his forehead

Buffy looks at Angel "Do you want to tell him? Or do you want me to?"

"I think he'll take it better from you" Angel replies kissing her hand

Buffy nods then looks at her father. "Dad you need to know that not all demons or vampires are bad. Some like Angel are good"

Hank frowns "Like Angel? What's that mean?"

"Dad Angel is kind of a vampire."

"Kind of? What does that mean?"

Angel sighs "I used to be a vampire known as Angelus"

"What! How!"

"Dad Angel's over 240 years old" Buffy remarks

"And your good" Hank states

"For over 100 years" Angel answers

"Daddy he's had a soul for 100 years."

"So you have a soul now?" Hank asks

"Yes" Angel nods

"So your a soulled vampire in love with a Slayer" Hank says rubbing his temples "Buffy seems to be happy so I guess I can't dislike you"

"I am happy Dad." Buffy grins

"As long as you keep her happy I have no objections" Hank tells Angel

"I love Buffy. I want her to be happy too Hank" Angel says sincerely

"Dad there is something else we need to tell you"

Hank looks at her warily "What else could you have to tell me?"

Buffy swallows nervously "Dad..." she pauses "I'm Briena's mother"

"What" he says stunned "How?"

"That we don't know" Buffy replies. "She just is"

"You were pregnant?" Hank demands

"No" Buffy shakes her head "I was never pregnant. Trust me on that"

"Then how is Briena your daughter?" Hank asks

"Its hard to explain" Buffy hedges

Hank looks at Angel "Can you explain?"

Angel sighs "A gift."

"What?" inquires the puzzled Hank

"When I went to see the Oracles the female said that Briena is not just a destined birth but a gift for all that we've been through together and apart" he looks at Buffy with a faint smile.

"This is incredible" Hank states running his fingers through his hair

"We know" Buffy chuckles

"How did your mother take the news?"

"Pretty well. She didn't have a big tantrum. Unlike Riley"


"My ex. Long story"

"This is a lot to learn" Hank remarks

Buffy stands going over to her father she wraps her arms around him "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. Things have been a little hectic for everyone."

"Its OK honey" Hank hugs her back

"So you're OK with all of this?"

"As long as you're happy then I'm OK"

"I'm happy."

"Then I'm OK"

Buffy grins "I love you Dad"

"I love you too Buffy" Hank says hugging her


"We have the rest of the night to ourselves" Buffy smiles at Angel

"What do you want to do?" Angel asks

Buffy stands on her tiptoes putting her arms around his neck "Hmmm" she kisses him "We have a lot of lost time to make up for"

"Yeah we do" Angel agrees picking her up he carries her into his room.


Next Morning

Buffy wakes up to find Angel watching her "Morning" she smiles sleepily

"Morning" Angel grins "How do you feel?"

"Mmm" she sighs "Great" she lays her head on his chest "I love that" she smiles

"I love you" Angel says kissing her head

"I love you too" Buffy looks up at him "Angel?"


"Do you think everything will turn out OK?"

Angel smiles "I think so. As long as we're together everything will work out."


"Forever" he promises kissing her

"A family" Buffy smiles

"I love that word" Angel grins "Family"

"We are one"

"Yes baby we are"


TBC... in the Sequel: Truth Revealed

OK I finally added the final chapter on this one so I can remove the old version. So if you do read this glad you did. Its one of my first stories so I hope you liked it.