Title: Not an Ordinary Week

Summary: Harry is invited to a private party thrown by all the magical courts and is told to invite one friend to go with him that is known amongst the courts. With Michael's wife Charity expecting her next child, and Michael out of the city with Sanya, Harry instead invites Thomas to accompany him since no one else could or in their right minds would. But, Harry has no idea what the party is being thrown for and could be putting his brother among others in danger.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to the Dresden files (wish I did though).

A/N: I've got a friend to check it over this time so my spelling, grammar and so on should be better than last times I am proud to say.

Chapter 1:

I woke up from a not so deep sleep by my rapidly growing in size dog jumping on me. I scratched my head with puzzlement from sleep still clogging my senses when I heard Thomas yell for me. "Harry! There are red, white and black court vampires at the door." On the words red, white and black court, my mind instantly cleared as I jumped from my bed. I had taken to leaving my blasting rod close by with my shield bracelet, and I couldn't remember the last time I took my mothers amulet off. Better safe than sorry with the current war between vampires and wizards still raging.

As I walked to the door, which I was glad to see still stood in the same place I had left it the night before, I walked past my brother who stood looking wide eyed and verging panic. Considering there were vampires at the door for whatever reason, I just had to ask my brother, "What did you do and when to piss off the vampires this time?"

His eyes narrowed at me before answering, "I'd like to stand on the Fifth Amendment for that one." Even with potentially being moments away from having my limbs removed from my torso, I couldn't help but laugh at him.

"This isn't a democracy." I joked, focusing my attention back on the door, raising my blasting rod and getting ready for a battle. I felt my bracelet and my blasting rod buzz with energy as I turned back to Thomas slightly. "Move if I were you." He nodded obediently and moved into the kitchen, if you could call my kitchen a kitchen, and stood well out of the way from any spells that may be cast. "Thomas, I would have said my lab would be a better place, and don't forget to arm yourself, I might need help." I rolled my eyes and took a physical sigh.

"Oh right." Came his voice and he reappeared from the kitchen, pulled the carpet back and lifted the floor door. He disappeared into the lab only to reappear a moment later when I was on the verge off opening the front door and threw a bottle at me. "Vanishing potion you made last week." He answered my query before I voiced it. "In case things get hairy." I nodded at him and smiled. He went back down into the lab and closed the door behind him. I put the bottle on the side across the room, covered the door with the carpet again and went back to answering the door.

I was quite nervous on opening the door. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't going to pretend I wasn't home; they would still be out there till I confronted them so the sooner I did it the better. I just hope the threshold would do enough damage to their powers to allow me a chance at winning, or at least getting even.

I opened the door to find myself in front of two red court vampires, two black court vampires and two white court vampires, of which none of them I recognised. Great, more enemies trying to kill me, or would try to do in the future. "What?" I asked them, "I'm not inviting you in if that's what your waiting for." The end of my blasting rod was white with energy waiting to be released and I was finding that I was increasingly in need of going to the toilet because of the anticipation. I should have gone to the toilet first really.

"Wizard Dresden," one of the two red court vampires addressed me, "you and a person of your choosing are invited to a private party for all the magical courts to attend. You are one of the many wizards invited to this party among other magical creatures." My eyebrows shot up, a party with all the courts present, wizards and vampires alike. What about the war or was I asleep when it ended? The vampire who was talking handed me a scroll already open proving no enchantments had been placed on it, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to check it over though. "It's in a few days time and you are expected to be present. All the information is on the scroll." The six vampires turned away but the red court vampire turned back to me, "oh, and its not fancy dress." The six vampires chuckled as they left. I closed the door behind them; it seemed the whole of the vampire world knew I did a bad impression of Bram Stokers Dracula at Bianca's party a few years back.

I turned and called to Thomas that they had gone. I pulled the carpet back and lifted the lab door and he reappeared looking relieved. "What did they want?"

"Well it obviously wasn't you, I would have handed you over." I commented. "There's a party," I said before he could send a wise arse comment back at me. He's as bad as me really where sarcasm is concerned. "All the courts are invited, wizards and vampires mainly." I carried on looking the scroll over, "oh, and pretty much every magical creature that can be invited to a party."

Thomas gave me a puzzled look. "Your not seriously going are you? Remember last time?"

"I sure do. I started a war supposedly because I can't help myself, remember I live to help and defend a woman in need. Well, women, it's plural, Justine was in need of help too wasn't she." I could see that I struck a raw nerve there because Thomas' face went from puzzlement to a saddened, distant expression. Damn me and my mouth, sometimes I wish I would just shut up. I placed my arm around his shoulders and tried to take his mind of Justine. "Let's go visit Michael. Take your mind of it." I was originally going to say lets go for pizza, but Thomas was banned from every restaurant in the city, which was quite an accomplishment I think. "I need someone to go with me to this party and I can't take a SWAT team, so Michael is the first in line to get asked. Maybe Sanya," I paused for a moment, "Sanya's second in line."

Thomas chuckled slightly with my comment. "Charity said she would have my manhood on a silver platter if I ever showed up at her door again." This I couldn't deny, she had said that, after molly went from trying to impress me to being all over Thomas. I was one thing, but I wasn't a good looking vampire at the end of the day who fed on powerful emotions like lust. I've seen Thomas turn men's heads before, so it wasn't just molly that Charity was worried about.

"You took her seriously?" Thomas raised his eyebrows at me in speculation. "Yeah she scares the shit out of me too. But…" I like to draw this kind of thing out, "she's out of the city, so you're safe. And if it makes you feel any better I'll act bodyguard if molly's around."

"What you going to do, attract her away from me with your sex appeal? Please."

"Okay, Mr Wise Arse, have it your way, I'm sure Charity would love to know that an over sexed vampire had a direct line to her daughter."

"Okay, okay, you've made your point! I'm not paying you though." He smirked as I started running in slow motion mouthing 'no' as slow and drawn out as I possibly could. "With that skill you're definitely hired." He laughed. "Right, if I'm going out I want to look respectable. I think tight jeans, tight white t-shirt and a open leather jacket." He looked himself in a mirror and started to play with his hair. "Wind swept and interesting or the classical brush it and see what it feels like doing?" I started to chuckle again. "What's so funny? It's because I take pride in my appearance isn't it?"

"Yeah, I just can't take you seriously in sweat pants." My fast mouth earned me a black eye. Brotherly love, you can't beat it.

My brother acts like a woman when it comes to the bathroom. I can never get him out no matter how hard I try. He has vanity issues.

I stood waiting in the little space I like to call the living room pondering what the party was all about. It was a trap, definitely sure of that, that's why I want Michael there with me. It's not like I can't turn up, I'm already held responsible for one war, I don't need another being pinned on me. As I stood thinking, my brother started singing loudly. He broke my concentration so I walked up to what would be considered the bathroom door (as you can guess my apartment is small) and started banging on the door yelling. "Come on, I'm getting old out here!"

Thomas stopped singing, and opened the door and stood glaring at me. We're nearly the same height so he couldn't exactly look down his nose at me, but he would have though if it was possible. "It's an art, looking this good."

"Wow, I take it when you die your leaving your body to the Louvre then."

"You already have one black eye from insulting me, don't make it two. Besides I'm finished." I was going to say finally, but I already had to explain one black eye and I didn't want to make it two, so I smartly kept my mouth shut.

We walked out of the apartment (and I locked it – I'm not Homer Simpson you know) and we climbed into the blue beetle. I knew for a fact that Thomas didn't think much of it, but until he got his own car he couldn't say much against it. It was at the end of the day a set of wheels that worked and got us places that we needed to be.

The drive over to Michael's was uneventful. No flying monkey demons throwing flaming poo (yes, the poo was on fire) at us or being chased by a car full of angry people for whatever reason. I was admittedly getting a bit bored of it all but it kept me on my toes, and who ever else was with me too.

I stood and knocked at the door with Thomas stood behind me. I thought being polite would be a change for me. The door opened and much to my horror stood Charity heavily pregnant and looking murderous, hormones at a guess.

"Harry I thought I said … YOU!" She growled looking directly at Thomas. I heard him gulp behind me; this was one woman he couldn't affect with his charm. "I said I never wanted to see you here again! You're a dead man vampire!"

I wasn't sure if I was glad to be in-between them. If I wasn't, Thomas was about to get taught the meaning of pain, but by being there I was stood nose to nose with a pregnant psychotic women who hated me. "Charity, remember, stress isn't good for the baby." She looked at me for a moment and then punched me in the same eyes as Thomas had done.

"God Charity let up, you know he's an idiot, and I'm much too handsome to become a punch bag."

"It's not too late for me to move you know Thomas." I said.

"Get off my property, before you know what pain I can inflict!" She spat in my face. "Both of you!"

"Charity, say it don't spray it for heavens sake." I must have had some guts stored somewhere to say that to her while she was lining me up for another punch. "Charity, murder means prison so you can't kill us. Okay, so take it easy. We're here to see Michael." I turned and looked at my brother. "You, shut it. She hates us enough without you fuelling the fire." I turned back to charity who stood with her arms folded in the door way. "May we please see Michael?" I plastered the cheesiest grin on my face possible and she snorted at it, which really hurt my feelings.

"You know that's not very lady like." Commented Thomas. Charity's eyes latched straight onto him.

"Thomas, what did I say about shutting up?" I didn't need to turn around; I just elbowed him in the stomach. The grunt behind me was enough evidence that it worked.

"You can't, Michael and Sanya are in Canada helping out an old friend. They won't be back for a few more days." Charity said.

"Harry? I think there's a problem developing." Came Thomas' voice from behind me.

"Yeah tell me about it." I replied deep in thought.

"No, molly's coming down the street. That's the problem. I think we better leave." Molly, oh god, if she lunges at Thomas again Charity will see to it that he will never have children.

"Right, time to leave, thanks Charity for … whatever you did for us. Tell Michael we said hi." Both Thomas and I went running back down the driveway with Charity still stood in the doorway watching us like a hawk.

As we reached the car at a full run, Molly was close enough to see it was us. "Hi Harry," she sang at me, "Why, hello Thomas, long time no see." She said in a sultry voice. Thomas never stopped to wave back, but instead jumped in the passenger's window which he left open on our way here while I started the car. We both yelled 'hi' back as I put the car in gear and began to drive away. That was a close run thing and I didn't care to do often, if not at all. We escaped from that one with our lives as well as our limbs. Give me a giant flying monkey demon to fight any day of the week; I'd have a greater chance of winning.

Morgan was stood waiting for me in the car park as I pulled up outside my apartment. My heart missed a beat as his eyes focused not on me, but on Thomas. This wasn't going to be good.