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Chapter Eleven

"You're sure you don't need anything else?" Alphonse asked, having finished helping his brother with his tie. The latter was composedly nervous, but his fingers were shaking. So Al had stepped in to come to the rescue of the tie and his brother.

Edward smiled through his nerves, "just make sure he doesn't run off."

Al grinned and patted Ed's shoulder comfortingly. "Don't worry, Daphne's covering the only exit in case he decides to flee in a bout of panic."

"Good." Ed grinned at the sight in his mind that was conjured up by Al's words. He could see Daphne, with a sword and Roy's ignition cloth gloves in hand, guarding the exit. He'd snatched his partners gloves on the train, and Roy had given up trying to find them.

"Don't worry, I doubt he'll try running for it." Alphonse said as he stood back to examine the affect, deciding his opinion was worth more than a mirrors. "You've been engaged for almost seven months. He could have run long before now." He stepped forward to adjust the jacket lapel, and stepped back again, "besides, you two act like you're hitched already. This is just legalizing it."

"You've a point, I suppose." Ed smiled and waited for Al's nod of approval.

It finally came after several more adjustments.

"How do I look?" Ed grinned, spinning around just to make Al laugh.

Al did laugh, and swatted in his brother's direction. "You look terrible, I'm not sure why he'd want to marry you, I mean look at you!"

Ed stuck his tongue out in a most juvenile manner. "Just wait till you and Winry get hitched. I'm going to give you hell."

"You look great." Al pacified and stepped forward to hug his brother, hard. "I think I might have to take Winry up on that tissue offer. I think I just might cry… my brother getting married."

"You're such a drama queen." Edward grinned, and turned to examine himself in the mirror.

He had to admit, he thought that the tuxedo he'd chosen with Daphne and Al's approval, looked pretty damn good on him. He adjusted the cuffs a bit and then frowned at his hair. He supposed he could live with having it in a ponytail for this. It had been either that, or Winry had offered with a cruel smile to cut it. He'd wisely chosen the safest option.

"You look fine, brother." Al smiled and yanked him away from the mirror. "Seriously, Roy will be drooling at the sight of you, I'm sure. And in a few hours he'll be ripping it off of you anyway, so-"

Edward shoved his brother playfully. "Al!"

"It's the truth!" Alphonse protested through a laugh.

"I'd rather my brother of all people not make such comments." Edward shook his head with an amused smile.

Al merely rolled his eyes and walked towards the door of the room they were in. "I'm going to go get us something to drink. I still have twenty minutes, and you've about… half an hour."

"Like I could keep anything down." Ed grumbled as he began to pace the floor.

"Don't worry, I'll just get you some water." Al smiled, "but you need to have something to drink. You've not eaten or drank anything since the party last night. That's nearly twenty hours ago."

"Whatever, but if it comes back up, it's going all over you." Edward promised as he continued to pace.

Al shrugged, "I've quick reflexes. Good luck." He grinned and walked from the room.

Meanwhile in Roy's room, he was having similar sentiments as Edward.

"Are you sure you don't want even a cracker or something to eat?" Havoc asked Roy who had already started his pacing.

"No food!" Roy insisted for the fourth time that hour. How did they think he could eat at a time like this? He was about to get married in less than half an hour. His stomach was definitely not stable due to the nervous butterflies flitting around.

"Drink?" Havoc asked again, for the fifth time since he'd finished helping Roy get ready.

"Whiskey, lots of it." Roy joked.

Havoc rolled his eyes, "Ed won't be impressed if you start slurring your vow."

"Which is why you're not going to get it for me."

"You have to make sure to eat something though at the reception dinner tonight." Havoc said, taking a seat on a nearby chair. "Something besides that cake. Otherwise you'll make yourself sick. You haven't eaten since the bachelor party last night."

"Finger foods do not count as food." Roy grumbled as he stalked the floor.

"So, since yesterday afternoon's lunch."

"About right."

Havoc smiled. Who would have ever guessed that Roy Mustang would ever be getting married? Of all people. Seriously, the guy at first appearance did not seem the commitment type. Yet Edward had come along and somehow changed all of that. Ever since that first day, Havoc suspected Roy had been wrapped around Ed's fingers. "Are you excited?"

"Don't ask stupid questions you know the answer to." Roy snapped at him irritably.

Havoc smirked, "so that's a yes?"

"Yes!" Roy said, still pacing, "of course I'm excited! And bloody nervous too."

"Just don't get cold feet and try running for it."

"The thought never crossed my mind. Though I doubt you and my beloved mother would believe that with the way she's standing outside the door with a two-by-four and shackles."

"I thought it was one of Winry's wrenches…"

"That too."

Havoc smiled and walked over to halt his superior officer amid his pacing. "Calm down, try to, at least." He added at Roy's raised eyebrow. "You'll be fine, trust me."

"I'll bet Hughes is laughing in his grave." Roy groaned, making to put a hand to his hair, but was slapped away by Havoc.

"I spent nearly an hour getting your damn hair to cooperate. Don't touch it!" Havoc told him firmly. "Just focus on what comes after the wedding. You can have some dinner, dance, drink, and then take Ed away to wherever it is you two are secretly going for your honeymoon. Once you get there, you do whatever it is you two do, and never ever tell me the details."

"I'll write you a blow by blow letter to thank you for your amazing kindness today." Roy taunted with a smirk.

"Great. I'll burn it as soon as it arrives." Havoc rolled his eyes and patted the man on his shoulder. "Deep breaths. Now I have to go check on some things, you stay in here."

"I have to, else my mom will conk me over the head with something." Roy laughed weakly.

"That's right." Havoc said, and exited the room.

"How is he?" Daphne asked from where she stood leaning up against the wall.

The Rockbell's had given the two men the use of the rooms in the house to get ready. Edward was in the usual room he occupied when he visited. And Roy was only a few doors down in Winry's room.

"He's not fainted yet." Havoc smiled at her. "I'm going to go find Miss Rockbell, I promised to keep her updated as well."

Daphne nodded, "I'll make sure he doesn't go anywhere."

"Nice dress by the way, ma'am." Havoc grinned as he walked off.

Daphne smiled as well and glanced down at her pale blue dress. She'd wanted to match the décor.

Thanks to Edward, nearly everyone now seemed to know that Roy liked blues and silvers. Thus the entire ceremony and reception afterwards were decked out with some shade of either at one point or another.

It seemed all too soon to Edward that Al had come back and was then leaving again to take his seat for the ceremony.

Nervously Edward resumed his pacing again. In not even ten minutes he'd be seeing Roy again, and then they'd be marrying. He'd wanted to talk to the man earlier, because he knew they were both probably feeling the same amount of nerves. But he'd been kept occupied by Al and Winry. He was fairly certain that Roy had been kept busy as well, else he would have stopped by.

When the knock finally came on his door, he walked over and opened it. "Hey." He said as Daphne appeared there.

"How you feeling?" She asked with a kind smile.

"Nervous." Edward admitted, "but I'm happy. You look beautiful, by the way."

"Thanks Ed dear." She smiled and the two exchanged hugs, before Daphne gave him a kiss on his cheek. "You look very handsome yourself."

Edward did his best not to fidget. "Al is nearly as fussy as a mother hen."

"Let's go get that fiancé of yours. I only left him alone for a few minutes to come get you. But I doubt he'd have tried to make an escape. I hear he's been pacing holes into the carpet being nervous." She smiled and the two began walking together. "Besides, I want to see his jaw drop when he sees you."

"So that's why you didn't bring him with you." Ed grinned.

Daphne smiled at him, "I try not to play favorites. But for today, you're winning."

Ed might have laughed, were he not so anxious. But a smile managed to creep through.

They stopped at the door that led to the room in which Roy had been getting ready in. Daphne knocked on the door.

"Roy, time to go get hitched!" Daphne called through the wood.

Roy looked over at the door, and smiled as best as he was able. About time, then he could get rid of these nerves. Walking over he looked back towards the mirror to check his reflection once, deciding he would do, he opened the door.

Daphne smirked in a pleased way as she watched the two alchemists stare at each other with what was clearly a desire to lock themselves both up in the room Roy had been in and put the ceremony on hold for a while. "Ahem!" She finally barked, succeeding in managing to stop the two from undressing each other visually.

Roy and Edward both looked away from each other looking just a bit flushed, but as Daphne waved them along to follow her, their eyes found each other again.

Daphne glanced back a few times, marveling at how the two had so far managed not to trip and fall, staring at each other like that. Even the stairs proved to be no problem for either of them. Shaking her head with a soft smile, Daphne led them outside and to the flower draped archway that stood before the aisle.

Turning to them now she kissed both of their cheeks and gave them quick hugs. "Congratulations you two."

"Thanks mom." Roy said with a nervous smile.

"Thanks." Ed said, and as she departed looked to Roy. "Ready?"

"I've been ready since I proposed." Roy smiled at him, a bit more successfully this time.

The two of them took a deep breath and linked arms together to start down the grass aisle between the chairs that had been erected to seat the small gathering of guests as they made their way up to the alter. Despite Edward being an atheist, he'd bowed to the will of Roy and the way things were run still and had allowed a local priest to marry them.

The lights that had been strung around the trees surrounding the ceremony glittered magically in the fading light of dusk. As compensation for actually being married by a priest, Roy had allowed Edward to choose the time of day. Edward had laughed at him, and just to be cheeky, chose to have the wedding just after sunset. When Roy had asked why, Ed had merely smiled at him and said, "because our first meeting was at night, even if I was undergoing surgery." And so Roy had gone along with the idea.

Daphne was sitting at the front with Alphonse and Winry, with Pinako on the end. Hawkeye, Havoc, Breda, Fuery, and Falman were sitting in the opposite front row. All members of the remaining seats were close family or friends from both sides. Akilah and Black Hayate were laying calmly in the grass underneath one of the trees.

As they reached the alter, Ed and Roy turned to each other, rather stupid looking smiles on their faces. But they didn't care. Instead they just got lost again in each others eyes, half listening to the words the priest said. Only speaking when the familiar and long awaited questions began.

"Roy Mustang, do you take Edward Elric to be your husband?"

Roy winked at Ed, causing the blonde to roll his eyes. "I do." He said with a smile that he thought might never be erased from his face. One of the true smiles that only Ed could bring out in him.

Edward was too happy to pay much attention to the fact that Roy'd been asked first. He'd taunt the other man about it later.

"Edward Elric, do you take Roy Mustang to be your husband?"

Ed smiled as he appeared to consider the man before him, still holding his hands. "I do." He said after a few seconds of playing around, something he knew Mustang would get him for later.

"Do you have the rings?"

They let go of one another's hands at this point, a bit regretfully, but commenced with slipping on the rings. After all, the best part was about to come.

"You may now kis-"

Neither of them heard anything after that, Edward had decided that he was done being obedient and a tolerant atheist, and grabbed Roy firmly to pull him in. Their first kiss being married, and it was nothing short of passionate.

Daphne clapped along with everyone else, although just a bit more loudly. When the appreciate whistles started, and the priest practically fled from the stage, the two finally broke apart with identical grins.

"You did that on purpose to make the poor guy run." Roy accused, though he wasn't complaining that Edward had turned up the heat.

"So what if I did." Ed smirked back.

"Enough talking, let's celebrate!" Havoc called out, to agreeable cheers.

"Come on, darling," Roy said, linking their arms, "time to go play hosts for a while."

Ed pretended to pout. "You mean we can't start the honeymoon early."

"No." Was the firm reply, though Roy would love to do just that.

"Fine, you beast." Edward gave in, and pulled him in for another lingering kiss. When they broke away Ed smiled at him, nothing but pure happiness in his eyes. "I love you, Roy."

"Stay with me forever?" Roy asked with a smile.

"Yes, of course." Edward agreed.

"I love you too, Edward." Roy said, and pulled Edward in this time for a quick kiss which was broken up when they were pulled to the reception tent by a laughing Alphonse and Daphne.

As Edward allowed himself to be ushered along, he looked over to meet Roy's eyes. Now more than ever he was glad that he'd agreed to that stupid deal. The payoff was something he'd not trade for anything. As stressful as it had been sometimes, he'd discovered a beautiful life to share with Roy. It was only just beginning.