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I stared at Jacob in disbelief for a few moments, before his hand came up to close my jaw. His fingers lingered on my skin for a few moments, but then he dropped his hand and looked into my eyes, trying to figure out what I was thinking. A few minutes passed before he squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his temples.

'Bella, say something...Please!' He begged.

My dream from last night played through my head, and then I heard Edward's voice in my mind...It was so much like my delusions when he left me the first time, that I found myself clutching at my chest, although there wasn't any pain. I love you Bella, please...Just be happy, if his what it takes, be with him.

I found myself gasping for breath when Jacob's hand tugged at my arm, and I felt a few tears slide down my cheeks. He pulled me into a hug immediately.

'I'm sorry Bella, I shouldn't have asked...I'm sorry...' Jacob apologized.

I shook my head against his chest, 'No...I, OK, this is going to sound crazy. But I had a dream last night, and it was of Edward, well it was Edward, you and I. He told me he wanted me to be with you, because you were here to protect me, and to love me...It sort of felt like he was giving me permission to love someone again...and I know I'll never truly get over him, but if you can look past that and understand that I love you too, then I want to be with you...I can't imagine a life without you, and it hurts to even try.'

Jacob smiled my smile, and said, 'Bella, if it means I can be with you, I'd look past anything.'

3 years later

'Bella, would you stop it!' Alice ordered, slapping my hand out of the way as I went to try and fix my dress again.

I sighed and tried to keep still. Alice made a few more adjustments before she stood back to admire her work, she smiled brightly and then took my hand.

'This is what Edward would have wanted.' Alice assured me.

'Edward and Jacob hated each other.' I pointed out.

'Only because they were going after the same girl, but if there were no chance for you and Edward, he would want you to be with someone who would make you happy...and we all, and that includes Edward, appreciate the way Jacob has helped you out both times, we're glad to call him family...'

I smiled a little at this, and then there was a knock at my door. It opened a crack and Charlie popped his head in.

'Bella it's time.' he announced, 'Everyones already seated.'

I linked my arm with Charlie's and Alice danced ahead to go take her seat. We walked slowly to the back door, Jacob and I had decided to have our wedding outside, it felt right somehow...and Alice had said it would be a sunny day. When the doors opened, Wagner's march filled the air and I looked around at our small gathering of family and friends. Renee, Phil, Billy, as well as all the Cullen's and Quileutes in the pack were here. Thankfully enough they all seemed to accept Jacob and I getting married. Lastly my eyes fell on Jacob, he smiled my smile and I couldn't help smiling back...

After the ceremony Jacob took me to the middle of the dance floor, to do the traditional bride and groom dance. I placed my head on his chest as we swayed to the music, half way through the song I lifted my head to look into his eyes.

He lent down and whispered in my ear, 'Bella, you own my heart.'

Automatically I wanted to tell him he had my heart too, I wanted to make him happy and if it were true, he would have been. But even as I thought of saying the words I felt the part of my heart reserved only for Edward give a tug of pain and I knew I could never speak a lie like that.

'I love you too Jacob.' I answered.

He smiled down at me, and his eyes were filled with understanding, as if he knew exactly what I was thinking, but didn't really care. He knew we were begining ourlives together and nothing else really mattered...