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Chapter 1: Meeting the alie-err, girl.

Mikan was walking around the dark street. Currently it was in the middle of the night. She can't sleep. She was dead hungry!She searched for something to eat at TRASH CANS.

She was cold. Her self-made sack dress wasn't helping since a sack isn't that thick.Her messy brunette hair was mixed with blonde highlights because of too much exposure to sunlight.

Alas! No trash cans with clean food was available. Then a shining plastic suddenly caught Mikan's eye. It was behind the trash can and inside was clean bread! Yay her!


"Master, It's already in the middle of the night. We're still lost" the driver named Kararu said.

"Park here. I'll look for somebody to ask directions." Natsume suggested as the driver stopped the car and let Natsume get out of the Starex.

Natsume searched for some people. He saw a girl with messy brunette hair in his left and on the other was a Investigator looking man. He chose to ask the Investigator but a bus stopped infront of the investigator and he got in. Natsume had no choice but to ask the hungry eating Mikan.

Mikan was looking at Natsume while munching the bread hungrily. Natsume got closer and asked something.

"Um, Are you a girl or an alien or what?" Natsume asked.

"Don't make a fool out of me, Pretty Boy" Mikan said as Natsume smirked. He haven't met any other girl who knows a good conversation. He always hears "Natsume be my love or Natsume marry me or Natsume, I know you don't know me but, I can be a good mother for your children" it really pisses him off.

"Okay, Sorry. Just asking for directions here!" Natsume grunted as Mikan raised an eyebrow.

"You're not from here?" Mikan asked.

"Yeah. My mother lives here. I live in Korea for 2 years and somehow forget the way to my mother's house but now I have returned here in Japan." Natsume said.

"Where do you live?" Mikan asked.

"The Hyuuga Mansion" Natsume said.

Mikan choked her bread and said "You're Natsume Hyuuga?! The Yuka Hyuuga's only son?!" Mikan almost screamed.

"Yes. Now information please? Where is it?" Natsume asked.

"You passed it. 4 blocks over there then turn left then when you see the Neptune drug store, turn right and you'll see the Hyuuga mansion immediately" Mikan said. Natsume's face lightened.

"Hn. Thanks, I guess. What's you're name anyways?" Natsume asked.

"My name is not important Mr. Hyuuga" Mikan said while biting another bread.

"Just tell me" Natsume insisted. Mikan sighed and replied "Mikan Sakura" Mikan answered. Natsume smiled a little. Just a little. "Sakura, I think you need help. You've been living in the streets for your whole life I guess. Where's your parents? Companions?" Natsume asked.

"I have no family. They abandoned me. I have no friends. People here refers me to "the alien"" Mikan said sadly. "Well, I suppose I owe you a debt" Natsume said. Mikan was shocked.

"Debt? No debt sir! It's just directions!" Mikan said quickly. "Don't refuse and that's an order" Natsume said. Mikan couldn't complain. After all, He IS the Natsume Hyuuga.

"Okay, But what will you do?" Mikan asked curious.

"Just wait and see" Natsume said as he smirked. Mikan felt shivers down to her spines. Mikan sensed that somehow Natsume's eyes were looking ALL AROUND her body. "AAH! PERVERT!" Mikan screamed. Natsume rolled her eyes.

"Don't accuse me of being a pervert. I'm just looking at your clothes or specifically, sack. I really need to do that" Natsume said. Mikan felt more shivers down to her spine.

"What "that?"" Mikan asked suspicious. "Where do you live?" Natsume asked changing the subject.

"Do you see that abandoned house? I live at the space beside it. There's only a rag there. It's my bed and nothing else." Mikan said.

"Okay. Well, I gotta go. See ya soon" Natsume said as he winked at Mikan. The truth is, Natsume was a little disgusted at Mikan but he think she has some looks even she's messy.

'see ya soon'was echoing repeatedly in Mikan's mind. "What? I'm going to see him soon?again?" Mikan mumbled to herself. Food was written all over Mikan's face. She think being friends with the Prettiest boy alive will make her eat much more food like a bowl of rice with a fish! Yes. That's a big meal for her.


"Any luck sir?" Kararu asked while Natsume replied "Go back, 4 block, then turn left, See the Neptune drug store, turn right"

"Oh yeah I forgot" Kararu said as he scratched her head as Natsume's face become chibi then sweatdropped.


"Natsume! Finally you're home!!" Yuka Hyuuga shouted as she rushed to hug her son.

"Any luck finding your lost sister?" Yuka asked. Natsume shook his head. "Gomenasai okaa sama. I can't find any Mila Satuka" Natsume said.

"Am I right that her name was Mila Satuka? I forgot!! But I know it's something like that" Yuka said while Natsume rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah! How did you find the mansion?" Yuka asked.

"I asked a girl" Natsume said,

"I'd like to meet her" Yuka said


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