Chapter 12: And this is where all the complications begin.

It is sweet. It feels warm.

I feel like my heart's gonna rip apart.

This is how I feel.

But whatever we do, it is still wrong.


They stayed in that awkward position for like, 20 seconds already when Mikan closed her eyes. Natsume did the same thing. The two kissed passionately without knowing why they did so. Though they know it is forbidden, though they know it is against the law, It really felt good. The electric sensation was intense between the two of them. The rusty ceiling fan rolled down the floor as Natsume elevated himself a little to ease him from his position. The two still kissed lovingly as time goes by, but the rustling of the wind from the broken glass smacked them back to reality. That's the time when they both turned red and hurriedly dashed to the opposite corners.

"H-Hentai no, nii-san!" She screamed with her eyes wide. The boy on her opposite direction has also his eyes wide. He felt fury linger him as he mentioned "How many times do I have to tell you that I am not your freaking brother." Afterwards, he stood up to get the rusty fan to dispose it, leaving the shocked girl in her room. She rushed to the nearest bathroom and reached for her toothbrush. She brushed her teeth in an odd manner that may cause her teeth to scrap of to pieces. After gargling, she swooshed her face with water as she stared at her reflection. Happiness, Shock, Regret, Ecstasy and Confusion hit her all at once.

"N-Natsume nii...Me...EEEWWWW!!" she screeched out loud enough for Natsume to hear making him miss the trash can where he's supposed to put the fan.


It's terrible. It's freaking terrible. I hate that earsplitting voice of hers. I hate that flashy smile of hers.

I hate her.

And then again, I'm just lying all over and over again.

It's stupid to even think that you'd be in love with your own half sister, and worse is that your half sister only thinks of you as her brother. I feel like my pride is ruined. But whatever I do, I know that it would be futile. This is wrong against the law.

But much as I hate to say this, even to myself...

...I think I'm falling.


The following day, the two mutually decided to forget about what happened yesterday. Mikan went down from the stairs and sat on the humongous dining table. A little while soon, Natsume came with a bowl of oatmeal for them to consume. Though decided and dedicated to her word, Mikan just can't help but blush unknowingly. Natsume noticed this and just sat on his seat. The two ate silently.

"Na.." Mikan attempted but Natsume cut her off. "I'll be nice to you, from now on." He said, softly. With his eyes, turning gentle as it stared to her hazelnut orbs. Mikan couldn't believe what she was hearing from him. "On one condition." He continued. "..What?" she asked.

"Don't call me --nii-san-- anymore, deal?" he said. Mikan jawdropped. She was expecting something that was almost impossible for her to accomplish, but this...

"That's all?" she asked, hesitant whether to look at him. His warm vampire-like red orbs was melting her on the spot. Natsume smirked. "Why, do you want more, Mikan?" The way he said her name casted her shivers down to her spine. She hurriedly shook her head meaning no. She smiled her trademark smile as she said. "Natsume-kun, then. Please keep that promise, okay? I'll be looking forward to that." She said and Natsume gave her a soft smile. It made her blush once again, bur now it has a smile on her face.

In Natsume's part, he's doing this in order to atleast express his feelings for the girl, even only in a brotherly way.

"I feel like going to the mall again today. I still remember I had something to pay from the restaurant me and Hotaru last ate at." Mikan uttered as she stretched out her arms. "Don't worry about that, it's already paid." The boy said, looking at her. "Oh. When and How did you know?" Mikan asked, curious. Natsume laughed a bit and it caught Mikan off guard. "Your curious expression while stretching was sort of cute." He said with a smile. "Anyway, when you were lost, I asked the cashier where you ate from for some information. Then she said nothing about what I was looking for; Instead, she asked me for the remaining payment for the food you bought. " He briefly explained.

"Ahh, I see."


After a week

"Kararu nii!" Mikan screeched when she saw a familiar figure by the gate. "Mikan-chan! Natsume-kun! We're back!" Kararu greeted from the gates. Both Mikan and Natsume went to the gate to welcome them back. "Was everything alright here?" Anica asked. "Yeah, Anica-chan. How about your vacation? Was it a thrill?" Mikan asked. Anica smiled at her as a yes.

"Good afternoon, Natsume-kun." Anica greeted the young man. Natsume just replied with a "Hn."

Mikan rode on Kararu's back as she ruffled his hair. "I missed you so much!" She exclaimed while still playfully ruffled his hair. Natsume stared at them, or more like glared. Perhaps it was out of jealousy..? Most likely.

"Tell me about your trip, Kararu nii!" Mikan demanded. Kararu laughed and told her what she wanted to hear.


After a little while later, a limousine stopped by in front of the huge mansion. Assuming it was Yuka and Shino, Anica hurriedly opened the gates to let the limousine enter. When the two expected people went out, Mikan, Kararu and Natsume went to the door to see them. Mikan waved a big hello.

"Okaa-san! Shino-san!" Mikan greeted. The two waved hello back. As they entered their humble abode, they sat on the prestigious sofa. Yuka was about to proclaim an announcement.

"Mikan-chan, while we were in America, we thought about adding a new member for the Hyuuga Clan." Yuka said as Shino rubbed her hand. Natsume widened her eyes meanwhile Mikan asked "What do you mean?"

"It means, Mikan-chan, You would no longer be a Sakura anymore. You would be one of us, Hyuugas." Yuka explained further. Mikan froze on her spot. She felt happiness linger her heart, but then in the other side of the sofa, Natsume is emitting a dark aura. "Y-you can't do that, Okaa-san.."Natsume uttered.

"Oh, come on, Natsume. Be a dear and please, agree on us with this. Don't you like to let Mikan be a part of our family?" Shino asked as everyone stared at him. Including Kararu that was just beside Mikan and Anica who was by the door.

"I'd like to..but not this kind of way." He said, his eyes covered by his bangs.

"Then what kind of way would you like it to be?" Mikan asked, this time.

"N-nothing. Of all things, being her brother is one thing I won't approve of ever in my life." He declared.

Mikan looked at him with dismay. And she thought that he would finally accept her as his sister. Guess she thought wrong."Why..Why can't you accept me..Natsume kun?! Why?!" She screamed. She can't help but blurt it all out right now.

"It's because I... I..." Natsume stammered while saying the words.

"You what?"


"Don't tell it anymore. I get it." Mikan said, looking at the floor. "You really get it?" Natsume asked. "Yes. Before the sun rises tomorrow, I'll be forever gone in your universe." Mikan said as she ran upstairs to her room.

'Baka no youjo! Aishiteru no..BAKA!'


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