Davros: In Deep Darkness

A Doctor Who short fiction

by Stuart Ryo


Davros lay, in the broken pod, and shuddered. He looked around him. This pod had taken him from certain death, but now it was just as certainly going to kill him.

The devastated remains of Dalek armour and machinery lay all around him. He had taken apart his own transport to create a life support system, but his ship was failing, near obliterated by the ravages of time and space.

All his Daleks were dead now, all his plans ruined. He knew of the Time War, he knew about the destruction and the two great giants burning: Skaro and Gallifrey, ravaged and forgotten...

"All this time..." he croaked propping himself up with his elbows, " all this work, all this toil, and for what? I am nearly dead...no-one can save me now..."

Suddenly, a great white light illuminated the surroundings. Davros stared with complete and utter shock as a Dalek appeared in front of him...but it was impossible...

"No," he said, finally. "It... can't be...this is a sure trick, a figment of my imagination!"

The Dalek swivelled around to stare at him. He got the impression it was as suprised as he was.

"DAVROS?" it rasped, gliding across the floor.

He nodded.

He listened as it told its travels, the survival of the Doctor and the death of the Dalek Emperor...the extermination of the Cult of Skaro at the Doctor's hands, and now it needed him to save the race...


Back on the Earth, all the friends of the Doctor amassed to their systems, to listen as the message came...

The heard it, the message that they were doomed coming from the stars, the message of extermination...

A captain hugged onto his only remaining team members, terrified for the future...

A lady in London hugged onto her son, in tears, the terror of the Daleks reignited in her heart...

In UNIT, a terrible silence came as a medic, so renowned in space and time, remembered...remembered the horrible experiments and the terrible metal creatures...

In no place in particular, Rose Tyler heard, and knew what was coming. There were no tears, just horrified acceptance.

And all across the galaxy, the battle cry rang out..the message of the Daleks and their Empire.



When the Daleks come, no-one will survive.


The End...for now