Thank you for all the reviews. This is the final chapter of this story and I will be quite curious to find out how close (in spirit, since Gordon will not be making an appearance in the show) my version was to what will really happen in S5!

Now I've heard there was a secret chord

"Gordon!" Cuddy caught up with Gordon in the corridor outside House's office. It was about a week after House had finally accepted his fate and was talking with Gordon. "How is it going?"

"Fine," Gordon nodded. "Going is slow with Gregory but I think these conversations I have had with him have been fruitful."

"Is he still being difficult?" Cuddy asked.

"Are you on a fishing expedition?" Gordon countered. "I already told you once that the talks are confidential."

"I… I was just wondering if you need more help in managing him," Cuddy insisted.

"No, thank you," Gordon responded. "Everything is under control."

"Does that mean that you can help them?" Cuddy couldn't quite hide her anxiety.

"You really are worried about them," Gordon observed. "And not just as doctors in your hospital."

"They are my friends too," Cuddy stated. "And they have been best friends for a very long time. No matter what they say I don't think either one of them knows what to do, how to go on without the other."

"Change is inevitable in life," Gordon pointed out. "People do adjust. Maybe not happily, but they do adjust."

"Are you preparing me for the possibility that I will lose them?" Cuddy wanted to know.

"If they fail to repair their friendship, surely that does not mean they won't be friends with you," Gordon suggested. "Does it?"

"I don't know," Cuddy sighed. "Stacy has stayed in touch with both me and Wilson, but just barely. I want more."

"We always do," Gordon agreed. "That is human nature. But we will make do. However, I can tell you that I am very hopeful."

"You can fix them?" Cuddy asked eagerly.

"You know," Gordon laughed. "That almost sounded like you were talking to a vet about two mongrels."

"Aren't I?" Cuddy gave a deep sigh.

"Maybe," Gordon conceded. "And I believe I can help them fix their friendship."

"Wonderful," Cuddy smiled. "That really is good news."

"Are you sure you don't want to have a few sessions with me yourself?" Gordon ventured. "Your life really does revolve too much around this hospital and if those two doctors are your closest friends…"

"Don't you rather have your hands full with them?" Cuddy wondered. "They're not the easiest people I know."

"Oh you underestimate my powers," Gordon claimed modestly (!). "Besides, they are not quite as difficult as they would like to be."

"That was a strange thing to say," Cuddy frowned.

"Neither one of them likes to be easy to read," Gordon clarified. "But to a keen eye and an intelligent mind they are not that different from anyone else. Besides, they are both rather vulnerable right now so their guards are down. And that is actually what makes me think that they can save their friendship. Also it means that I do not have my hands full with them."

"Well, I do," Cuddy sighed. "House may be behaving with you, but with his patients he is still the same Denise the Menace as before."

"All the more reason for you to find ways of coping," Gordon pointed out.

"Maybe," Cuddy admitted. "I'll think about it."

Before Gordon could try to persuade her more, Chase approached them. He lifted his hand and showed a memory stick to Gordon.

"Got it," Chase told Gordon.

"Excellent," Gordon approved. "Is it complete?"

"Yes," Chase nodded. "I'm pretty sure it's the finished version. Just transfer it to an MP3 player and hit play."

"Good," Gordon smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Chase responded. "Serves him right too."

"Serves who right?" Cuddy was full of suspicions. "What is going on here?"

"Oh I think this is one of those times when the less you know the better," Gordon explained. "Just trust me; this is for the good of my clients."

"Now where have I heard those words before," Cuddy glared.

"They do occasionally resemble each other," Chase agreed. "It's really not hard to believe they've known each other as teenagers. But he's right, you're better off not knowing."

"You promise me it has nothing to do with my hospital?" Cuddy wanted to be sure.

"I promise," Chase stated. "I was just helping Gordon with House and Wilson as you asked."

"Ok, then," Cuddy accepted. "You'll tell me if it helped, won't you Gordon?"

"Yes," Gordon said simply. "Now we better disperse before Gregory comes out of his office and starts asking questions." With that he made his way to the lifts.

Cased in amber Cased in amber

The next day Gordon had a meeting with Wilson. They had covered a lot of ground and found reasons why need was so attractive to him. They had made progress but there was still one stumbling block in the way. Wilson didn't believe that House really understood what Amber had meant to him.

"I know he is sorry," Wilson stated. "But it's because he doesn't want to lose our friendship. It's not really over Amber."

"Why are you so sure of that?" Gordon asked. "You know he did everything he could to try and save her. Why would he not be affected by her death? Just because he doesn't show it? He never shows his feelings. That does not mean he doesn't have them."

"In fact, I don't know why I don't believe it," Wilson confessed. "Maybe I can't because it would mean that I should forgive him and I'm not ready yet."

"Just because you accept that he is saddened by Amber's death," Gordon said. "Does not mean you have to forgive him now. You know you will eventually forgive him; you have to if you want to go on with your own life. And your also know that forgiving him does not automatically mean you can go on being his friend. So there really is no reason why you couldn't accept that he has feelings."

"But if he has feelings," Wilson mused. "Then I'm hurting him right now."

"Wasn't that what you wanted?" Gordon enquired.

"Part of me did – does, yes," Wilson admitted. "But mostly it just makes me feel guilty."

"Yes, hurting him knowingly and on purpose does rather mess up your self-image as a nice guy," Gordon agreed sagely.

"You don't think I am nice, do you?" Wilson suspected.

"No," Gordon stated. "But then I don't know anyone who really is. We all have our nice moments and people we try to be nice to, but nobody is just nice. It's just not in the human nature."

"So you expect me to just forgive House now?" Wilson sighed.

"Not necessarily right now," Gordon said. "As I said, eventually you will, but only when you're ready. Right now I just expect you to accept that he does have feelings. And I may have something to help you with that."

Gordon took an MP3 player out of his pocket and attached it to the sound system Wilson had. "Little mood music," he explained as he set it to play. Wilson was puzzled at the haunting sound of a violin playing something sad and poignant he had never heard before.

"Who is that?" Wilson asked. "And what is the piece?"

"It's Dr Chase," Gordon revealed. "I found out, almost by accident, that he is quite an accomplished violinist."

"It's beautiful," Wilson agreed. "But what is he playing?"

"A little composition he stole, on my instigation, from Gregory," Gordon answered nonchalantly. "It's called Lacrima Heliandum."

"Tears of Helios?" Wilson translated quietly – he didn't want to miss a note of the beautiful piece.

"Hmm," Gordon murmured. "Or if you want an accurate translation it means Amber."

Wilson's eyes went wide and he stared at Gordon almost in shock.

Cased in amber Cased in amber

Forty days had passed since Amber's funeral and it was the closest Sunday. House couldn't believe that he was really going to attend the memorial mass or whatever it was the Greek Orthodox called the service. But here he was, standing at the back of the church and listening to the service. He had been in two minds about it to the very last minute but he owed it to Amber, so he had made it to the church – the very last minute – and here he was. He could see that many other people were there too, Cuddy and Kutner he had rather expected to see, Chase and Cameron were there, Taub and Hadley seemed to be missing and there really was no reason why they should have been there anyway. And naturally Wilson was there. Gordon had said that he wanted to start the couples counselling the following week, so House assumed that Wilson was more or less ok now, but that did not necessarily mean that they could heal their friendship. Observing other people's boundaries hadn't been House's strong suit for a very long time.

The service wasn't very long, thankfully since his leg was starting to act up a little again. He quickly took a Vicodin and waited for it to kick in. Time to limp to the bike; no point in standing around any longer than necessary. He made his way outside and to the parking lot slowly but without any deliberate delay. Even so he had only just got on his bike when he heard Wilson's voice from behind him.

"I didn't think you'd attend," Wilson said quietly. "I didn't even know you knew of this service."

"I asked the priest to keep me informed," House replied as he turned to look at Wilson. "You look a bit better now."

"I feel a bit better now," Wilson agreed. "But still not that good."

"Give it time," House advised.

"Yeah," Wilson nodded. He stood there for a long moment in silence. House wasn't sure if he was supposed to just leave but decided to wait for Wilson's move.

"I bought a plant," Wilson suddenly stated.

"Good," House responded still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"I also asked Cuddy to redecorate my office," Wilson went on. "I still need another month and I'm not sure I will be good for anything but administration and teaching for some time, but I have come to the realisation that leaving New Jersey, running away, is not going to solve anything."

"I'm glad," House said sincerely. "Is there…. Do you know what you need from me?"

"Not yet," Wilson sighed. "But I expect Gordon will help with that."

"Do you think he can?" House wanted to know. "Do you think we will be ok?"

"Yes, I think he can," Wilson seemed to make up his mind right there and then. "And I think we will be ok. Just not quite the same as before. We need some serious boundaries you know."

"I suppose," House agreed. He put his helmet on and started his bike. "Boundaries… Does that mean we need to respect each others' space and privacy and all that?"

"Yes it does," Wilson had to raise his voice to be heard over the sound of House's bike.

"Ok then," House yelled as he started to drive off. "I'll call off the PI and we'll have a meeting with Gordon next week."

"Good!" Wilson yelled back. And then the penny dropped: "WHAT PI!! HOUSE……."

The End.