Edit Author's Note: This fanfic heroine will be a vampire slayer. However, as typical as it gets, she'll end up meeting a male vampire. It is a cliche but cliches are good once in a while. :D.

"You're a Real Bitch"

"Dylan and I broke up," I announced nonchalantly, picking at the loose thread on Rebecca's worn out quilt blanket. My mom had patched it together three years ago for Rebecca's birthday. She made a similar one for me. My mother was a quiet lady with talented hands.

Rebecca spun around to look at me. Her gorgeous blue eyes, which fit well with her heavy blonde hair, widen in surprise. But if I had not mistaken, I saw a hint of sadness and pity.

"How did that happen?" she asked her voice soft and quivery. I frowned as I sprawled myself out on her bed. My dark auburn hair wisped around me like a pool of diluted blood.

So I started from the beginning and told her our whole conversation.

(Dylan): I'm seeing someone else.

(Me): Oh. Really. Then, let's break up.


(Dylan):Don't act like this Eve. Don't make it anymore difficult.

(Me): (raising my eyebrows skeptically) How, exactly, am I making this difficult? I do believe this is the nicest way of ending a cheating relationship. Would you rather that I call you a lying bastard and then kick your ass?

More silence

(Dylan): (running a hand through his wavy brown hair in exasperation) You see? I don't understand you Eve. I want to love you but how can I if I don't even know what is going on with you or how you are thinking? You choose not to tell me anything.

(Me): (staring at him) Dylan. A relationship isn't meant to work out because we understand each other. We are suppose to accept that facts of others and live with it.

(Dylan):That isn't my motto Eve. I can't...do this...it isn't going to work out.

(Me): Then there is nothing more to be said. (turning but pausing for a moment) Who is it?

(Dylan):(looks away uncomfortably)

(Me): (shaking my head) Sharing goes both ways Dylan.

(Dylan): Eve...I really want this to end nicely. I still want...us to be friends.

(Me): (looking at him incredulously and laughing) By the way, Dylan, it is Evermore to you.

I laughed out loud though my voice somewhat muffled by the quilt. "It is quite a ridiculous incident isn't it?" Rebecca didn't answer and instead walked towards the window, her footsteps lightly and barely audible. Her fingers fought a small battle amongst their twins.

"He loves you know," she confessed after a long moment. I let my olive colored eyes dart over to her without moving the rest of my body. "You are well aware of that Eve. He is so genuine, so kind, and so gracious towards you. He never meant to hurt you."

"Wow, he has sure done a good job then," I replied with a nasty grunt.

"He just doesn't know how to approach you," Rebecca continued as if she didn't hear my remark or even if she did, she chose to ignore it. "You never tell him anything, you don't reveal your feelings to him- he doesn't know if he is the one that can fix you."

I didn't reply.

"After all you've been through, he doesn't know if he is the one that will be able to change you back to who you are. He is afraid that he isn't the one that can help you."

"No one is asking him to, I don't need his pity," I declared sitting up and climbing off the bed towards her dresser. I absentmindedly picked at the multiple sets of makeup set out before me.

"What he feels towards you isn't pity. He does love you," Rebecca persisted, her eyes boring intently onto the carpeted floor as if something about it fascinated her. "Don't blame him Eve, it isn't his fault."

I frowned, lifting the lid of the powder compact. Making a face I placed it back down and started to browse for other things that would keep me preoccupied. "Wow Rebecca, when did you start to understand Dylan so much, I would think that-

Suddenly, I stopped in my speech, everything was suddenly clear. Why Dylan didn't answer when I asked him who it was and how he looked uncomfortable as if he was too reluctant to even tell me that it was someone that I didn't know.

I turned, pulling my hand away from the dresser. "It is you."

Rebecca looked up, a perplexed gaze fixed on her face. "What?"

"It is you," I repeated this time louder and firmer as if everything was clear to me. She suddenly realized what I knew so she bit her lip and looked away.

I laughed abruptly, at my foolishness, at my stupidity for not realizing it sooner- their gestures, their eye contacts- how could I be so blind? I laughed harder and clutched onto my stomach. My hand gripped tightly on the wooden dresser so I wouldn't collapse onto the floor. I was laughing so hard, I could feel tears building up at the corner of my eyes.

Standing straighter as my laughing fit was over, I grinned. "And to think all this time, I've been pouring out my soul to you! Telling you my secrets, my feelings, hell, I even told you that he was good in bed! Wow, you must have used all the information to your advantage! So you can get cozy with Dylan. How nice."

Rebecca winced at my harsh and cruel tone. I didn't care.

"Eve, I never thought about that- I never thought about betraying you, just that-

"But that is too late isn't it? Because you already did."

Once again, my best friend looked pained. I could see her tears running down her face, maybe she was truly sorry but it was all too late. What's done is done.

"Eve, please, understand what I am trying to say. Dylan does love you and I believe he still does."

"If he does love me, why is he with you?" I retorted. Rebecca became silent, pressing her lips together. "Did you tell me that whole speech to make your conscience to feel better? So you won't feel so bad for stealing her best friend's boyfriend?"

"You know what Eve? You're a real bitch," she replied looking at me in the eye. She wanted to make her statement sound firm and controlling but she failed- I've known Rebecca for so long, she was comparable to an angel, she would never curse in her life. And to call me such a term was baffling. "What the other kids say about you are true, you are a cold, stone-hearted bitch."

"Kinda late to realize that now, Rebecca Stevens," I returned turning for the door. "And you know why you all won't understand me? Because if you haven't been in my shoes before, then you won't know shit."

Then I stalked out, banging the door shut in the process. It was the truth; they would never be able to understand. They knew what I was required to do but how can they emphasize when they gone through not even half of what I had to experience?

No one would be able to understand a slayer. No one.


Posted: June 26, 2008