"Why Don't I Give You A Little...Preview"

The autumn wind blew harshly against the nearly bare tree branches. It was only fall, yet the temperature had already dropped to the low 30's. It was hard to predict the weather, one minute it can be scorching hot and the next bitter frost. Clouds of hot breath were released from time to time as we continued our staring contest. I knew I was the one gaping and he had that stupid amused smirk on his face.

"How come every time we meet, you are always roaming mindlessly at night?" Christian finally questioned, breaking the silence. I glared.

"Oh, don't you worry, this will be the last time we'll be meeting," I declared drawing out the stake. He glanced down at it and raised his eyebrow. "Cause tonight's gonna be the last moonlight you'll ever see."

"Do you really believe that you'll succeed Evermore?" he questioned, again saying my name in such a tone that my stomach did a flip. I hated how he drew out the syllables, making my name sound longer than it was.

"Honestly, no, but at least I'll be able to rip off a muscle or two of yours." I shifted my position, making sure he didn't just pounce suddenly. But he only stood there casually, as if he wasn't planning on engaging in a battle. But like I was going to take any chances.

"You are amusing, Evermore Snow. Did anyone ever tell you that?"

"Oh, I'm honored that you feel that way," I replied sarcastically. "I live my life thinking of ways to amuse you."

Christian took a step forward and I instantly jerked into a more alert position, thrusting the stake out in front of me. He was a strong vampire, possibly an Elder, so I doubt my stake would even be able to penetrate him before I get thrown 100 feet away. But I needed to look strong and not defenseless.

"You stay back, I'm not going to go through anymore of your trance shit," I snapped waving my stake in a circular motion, in gesture for them to lose the close proximity.

"I do believe that you should know that a trance only works both ways. I may be strong but it will have no effect if you weren't willing to cooperate," he replied smugly. My mouth snapped shut. He was right. Trances only worked if both sides had some sort of willing level and I couldn't deny that I wanted him. And damn, he knew that too. "So drop the stupid thing, Evermore, we both know you won't hurt me."

"You know what? You don't know anything about me, Christian." I lunged for him, fist clenched, and slung him in the face.

Or rather, tried to sling him in the face. But he sighed exasperatedly, grabbed my wrist and shoved me to the side. I crashed onto the edge of the sidewalk, my palm scraping against the rock hard pavement. I scowled at my weakness. He had only light pushed me, that wasn't even an ounce of his actually strength.

"I'm going to stop beating around the bush so you can stop throwing your futile attacks at me," he declared. My eyes narrowed as I slowly stood up.

"What do you want?"

"It is simple. Don't be a slayer, join us," Christian answered in tone as if I should be honored that those bloodsuckers wanted me on their team.

"Bite me." My remark just came out like that, seriously speaking; I did not expect it to be that ironic.

"Tempting offer. But I warn you, I have little self control, so-"

I rushed at him again, using all of my force to tackle him onto the floor. It wasn't easy attacking someone who didn't seem like they wanted to fight back. There were just so many moves that you can actually do. He grunted as he stumbled and fell onto the floor from my weigh. I took classes, I had muscles, and maybe that was why my weight was like that. I raised the stake and thrust it at his chest but Christian quickly responded and clenched onto my wrist. I could feel my face bloating up and reddened as I tried to drive it further down but his grip was solid steel.

"Now, this is a promising position," he commented on the fact that I was straddling his waist, his voice not strained one bit. He looked like he wasn't even putting effort in holding me off; instead, he seemed to be enjoying it. I glared but I couldn't say anything, all my energy was focused on piercing him.

Then he suddenly, pushed harder and shoved me off of him. Christian stood up and brushed the imaginary dust off his worn jeans. I ended up crashing against a mailbox, head banging onto the metal. My stake flew out of my hands and across the street, how the hell did he do that?

"Fun and games are over Evermore, I want your decision now," Christian demanded, his eyes turning frosty. I shivered, as much as he was tempting and mouth-watering, he had his terrifying side.

"My answer remains a no," I hissed, clutching onto the side of my head as it throbbed painfully.

"Why must you be so stubborn? The ones around you hate you, why are you still protecting humanity? Why must your faith still remain with it?" he questioned angrily, running his hand through his dark brown hair with frustration. I managed to croak a laugh.

"Psh. Why would I be protecting humanity when I obviously loathe it?" I fibbed weakly.

He hissed. His fangs had slipped down, gleaming against the moonlight. Christian might have looked scary if it wasn't for his flawless complexion. I must have hit my head too hard because even now, I thought he was good-looking.

"That is the thing Evermore, you are skilled in creating facades. You appear to have antipathy for humankind but the truth is...you just don't want to be attached to anyone or else you'll be endangering their lives."

"Oh, so you think you got me all figured out huh?" I looked away. How dare he see right through me.

"You are as easy to read as an open book Evermore Snow," replied Christian softly. My eyes darted back to him, he wasn't looking at me but his countenance had softened and his blue eyes did not look as intense as they were before.

"You don't have to ask me for my decision, actually," I stated, getting up and dropping my hand from my head. The throbbing had subsided. "You have the aptitude to change me into a bloodsucker without my consent."

"That is very true. I don't need your permission. But the thing is," Christian took a step forward and somehow, the distance between us quickly disappeared. It was either he walked pretty fast or I was still giddy. "I want it to be your choice."

My eyes locked onto his as I once again felt weak to my knees. God, no, I thought, struggling with the intense attraction between us. Not this again!

He carefully slipped his hand around my neck and brought it close to his lips. I didn't resist him, I merely just gazed, still stupefied. Don't let him get to you Evermore! Fight back! Don't lose your self-control! A voice screamed out somewhere in my mind but it was useless. My mind was set on letting him do this to me, partly because...I wanted him to.

"I know that there is a part of you, Evermore, that seeks adventure," Christian murmured, his lips grazing my neck, his thumb stroking the base of my neck. I could hear his labored breathing; the smell of my blood was getting to him. "And trust me; I'm going to pull that part out."

"Besides...it won't hurt a bit." I could just see the smirk on his face even though his head was buried against my neck. The teasing and mocking tone in his voice never seemed to fade.

"Why don't I give you a little...preview?" Without a warning, he nicked his fang against my neck so a gash formed. I gasped at the suddenly sting but the pain cooled slightly as his tongue reached out and licked the cut gingerly. His grip on my neck tightened and his body trembled. He quickly pressed his lips on my neck and drank from me greedily, I didn't stop him. Instead I pulled his body closer to me until we were completely pressed against each other and tilted my neck so he could get a better angle at it. I moaned loudly against his ear as I fist my hand into his hair. No...this...can't be happening. But I couldn't stop myself, the intensity of this pleasure soaring through my body could not be explained- I just didn't want it to stop.

It was like stealing your father's red wine that had been locked away in a cabinet and taking a sip. The slosh of the liquor inside you, burning your throat as you swallow but leaving you feeling satisfy as the liquid hits your stomach. You knew you should not continue to drink but somehow, the urge inside you begs you to just continue and drink and drink and drink. Until you've completely drained the entire bottle.

Like he had cut me previously without a warning, he pulled away so abruptly that my head jerked forward. His breathing was heavy as I spotted the line of red blood, my blood, still on his lips. I was still staring at him, my body yearning for more. Christian smirked but even I could see the unmistakable look of lust lingering in his blue orbs.

Christian leaned close again and I thought he was going to drink from me once more but he whispered something into my ear before turning around quickly and disappearing around the corner.

I was in too much of a daze to comprehend his words but as I started to stumble home (which was after a long while), I slowly realized his meaning.

"You're already losing, Evermore."


Posted: September 1, 2008

Author's Note: Acks, was this a little bit too intense for you guys? XD. Well, this little interaction between Christian and Evermore will play a role later on. Hopefully this wasn't too bad of a chapter. This wouldn't be rated more than a T, not even perhaps. But then again, maybe the way I described was a bit over the top. I guess everyone has their own personal view. But if you find anything disturbing or such, feel free to contact me. I wouldn't mind constructive criticism! The next few chapters, I will digress from Christian a bit. xD.

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