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A new fic is here.

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Lost hope.

The sun was shining brightly in Konoha, everything was peaceful the war against Orochimaru and the Akatsuki was over and the village hidden in the leaves was once again peaceful. All was well. The village was thriving, the produced ninja where some of the best in the five elemental countries and everyone was happy. Well everyone except Naruto, he was sitting on top of the forth Hokage's head thinking about the past events, it still came to a shock to him every time he looked to the left and saw the face of the sixth Hokage. He had accepted it over the past year, but still felt a little betrayed every time he saw it.

He was spending almost all of his time on missions to keep away from his questioning friends; they had all noticed the slight change in his attitude over the passed few years and had asked him on more than one occasion whether he was okay. Naruto knew they where only trying to help and so he put up his famous grin and played the role of the goofy Naruto that everyone knew from his childhood. Naruto had a lot of friends and didn't hate anyone really he just didn't feel the love he felt for the village when was younger, but the reason for this had nothing to do with the choice of the next Hokage in the place of him and he was actually a little glad about the choice.

He looked to his right and immediate left to see the two faces of the people he respected the most the third Hokage and the fifth Hokage, Tsunade. He saw her as a mother and even though she had stepped down as Hokage, Naruto would always be grateful to her for all she had done for him. He stilled visited her in her mountain cottage, she had started a medic facility and benign the legendary medic helped her facility grow to be a famous place of healing. The only person who matched her healing abilities was her apprentice Haruno Sakura.

Naruto still regarded Sakura as a friend, but honestly didn't care for her as much as he used too. Everyone knew how he felt about Sakura and felt pretty bad for him when it became obvious that she didn't feel the same. Naruto took the news of her engagement pretty well and seemed no different towards her except for the obvious loss of the suffix he used to use when he said her name. This did however bring Naruto closer to a few of his other friends. Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, Hinata, Lee, Neji and Ino where among his closest friends and the only people he really associated himself with.

Over the last year though he had started seeing less and less of them, due to different reasons, but mainly due to the fact that everyone was moving on with there lives and setting up families. The way some of the pairings where turned out still confused Naruto, some of them where obvious from the beginning and somewhere a total mystery to Naruto.

The first pair was Shikamaru and Temari, which Naruto knew from the first time he saw them together after returning from his training trip. The next pair caught him totally off guard, when he arrived home he received a letter announcing the marriage of one Neji Hyuuga and Hinata Hyuuga. This shocked Naruto a lot as he didn't even think they talked to each other and thought it was an arranged marriage, but soon found out that the two even against the wishes of Hinata's father where really in love. They where expecting there first child and Naruto was happy Hinata had moved on, he had finally realised the way she felt about him and was sad that he couldn't return it.

Naruto almost died on the spot when he found out even Lee had found love in the form of his weapon mistress of a partner, Tenten. There was a brief moment when Ino was going out with Chouji, but that was short lived as the two realised they where only friends and wouldn't ever be more. Kiba had said to Naruto one afternoon that he was still going to enjoy the life of a bachelor while he could, when the subject was brought up. Three weeks after that Kiba got married to a beautiful girl, she was a veterinarian that had helped Akamaru out after he had got really injured in a gruesome battle.

Naruto had only kept close relations with a few and was currently only really talking to Ino, but that was mainly because they where on he same jounin team. Naruto's head was lost in conflicted as he looked over to the face of the sixth Hokage and looked down over the village, there wasn't anything left for him here and he really didn't know what was still keeping him here. He fell onto his back; looking up at the sky he saw a black crow flying above his head. He had seen this crow many times in his life as it flew high above him taunting him.

"Baka…baka, baka, baka." The crow would always cry out as it flew above Naruto's head.

Naruto laughed inwardly as he listened to the crow cry out those words. He got up and stood stretching.

"Well, I guess I'm done with this place then," Naruto said giving one last look over Konoha before disappearing with a cloud of smoke.

Naruto appeared at the one place he would miss the most, Ichiraku's Ramen bar. As Naruto approached Ichiraku's he saw Ayame waving at him, he waved back and asked for the usual. Ayame handed the ramen to Naruto and he ate silently making small talk with Ayame as he ate all nine bowls of ramen. In all the years of his pain and suffering he could always come to Ichiraku's and forget, it wasn't the ramen that drew him to the place…okay mostly not the ramen, but the company and he would always be grateful to Teuchi and Ayame for that.

"Thanks Ayame-chan," Naruto said as he got up and patted his belly.

"Pleasure Naruto-kun" Ayame said with a smile as she looked at Naruto she still couldn't believe he was the same boy that used to push his ramen bill onto Iruka and bail leaving him to pay, but now he was older and taller, he had grown his hair a little longer and without his orange jumpsuit he was quite attractive…okay maybe she thought of him more like a blonde god, but no one needed to know that.

"Hey Ayame-chan would you thank Teuchi for everything he has done for me and that I will always remember what you two have done for me…bye Ayame-chan." Naruto said giving her a sincere gentle smile, that was nothing like any of the other smiles he had ever used before, this smile was his true smile a beautiful smile one that revealed his soul and showed every emotion he felt at that moment.

"Wait, what do you mea-" her sentence was cut of as he disappeared and Ayame was staring at the hollow spot where was sitting.

"Oh Naruto will you ever figure out how I feel about you." Ayame said looking at his seat.

Naruto arrived at his apartment, it was still in the same state, but he had attempted to keep it cleaner now. He walked to his bed and picked up the picture of team seven and observed it critically for a while before putting it back down. He walked over to his closet and took out a coat and threw it on the bed. He walked over to his bathroom and started to undress; he climbed into the shower and put on the hot water. His head limped over and hung as the water ran down his body the heat was causing his skin to turn red, but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't force himself to stop shaking as the salty tears kept falling from his eyes.

Naruto had finished taking his shower and was currently sitting in front of his bed dressed in a long sleeved shirt with a long black pants and black boots. He looked over at the coat that was lying on his bed, he thought about everything that had happened in his life and was torn between two choices. He looked over at the picture on the table next to his bed and back at the coat; his mind was flooded with painful memories and thoughts as he racked his brain trying to figure out what to do. He stood up and walked over to the picture on the table and picked it up holding it firmly in his hand.

His thoughts travelled to his teammates as he held the picture in his hands, Sakura and Sasuke. He was looking at the picture as it began to shake in his hands he his mind was filled with images of that day, the day he felt most betrayed. In just one day he lost the two things he wanted most. His finger broke the glass on the frame leaving a crack on the picture; he looked at the crack before putting the picture back down on the table. He turned around and picked the coat up and placed it over his shoulders while slowly slipping his arm threw the left sleeve and then the right. He turned and looked into the mirror at the black coat with red clouds on before disappearing again.

Naruto reappeared on the outskirts of town where the least guards where situated. He looked around and saw no one in sight and couldn't feel any Chakra signatures. He turned and gave one final look over the whole of Konoha, and the face of the sixth Hokage.

"Good bye Sasuke," Naruto said before turning around and walking away from Konoha and into the complete darkness of the forest.

"Where are you going and why are you dressed like that, Naruto," A voice said from behind one of the trees before disappearing.

(At the Hokage's office)

(Knock, Knock, Knock)

"Come in," A feminine voice called from inside the room. The door opened and Ino walked in.

"Hey Sakura, no time to talk I have to speak with the Hokage," Ino said walking right past Sakura and to the Hokage's desk.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked as he looked up from his desk.

"Hokage-sama I have a report to make. I was patrolling the outskirts of town a few minutes ago when I saw a strange coat in the distance, I went to investigate and realised that it was the Akatsuki's coat." Ino said after bowing in front of her Hokage. After Sasuke had become the Hokage a lot of Naruto's friends didn't agree with the choice and distanced themselves from Sasuke and Sakura, Ino had personally hated the two, but was convince by Naruto that it was the council that had decided that Sasuke would become the next Hokage and that she shouldn't hate Sakura either. He had said that Sakura had just followed her heart and could not be blamed for it. After some time she had forgiven Sakura, but never regained the friendship they shared when they younger.

Sasuke shot out of his desk and quickly ordered Sakura to call the ANBU, but was stopped Ino.

"Hokage-sama I saw who was wearing the coat and it was…Naruto," Ino said as her head lowered.

"What!" Sasuke and Sakura said at the same time,

"Are you sure?" Sakura asked immediately as she grabbed Ino and shook her.

"Yes I'm sure," Ino said freeing herself from Sakura's grasp.

Sasuke sat down again and ordered Sakura to call a number of jounin and ANBU in to go after Naruto.

(Somewhere in a forest)

Naruto was walking he was still deciding where to go and what to do he hadn't really given that a lot of thought, all he knew was that he had to get away. One thing he knew he needed to do was tell Tsunade what he had done, he didn't want her to find out from someone else he loved her to much to do that to her. He also knew that if he spoke with her he could make her understand why he did it and hopefully he wouldn't hurt her too much.

He continued walking in the direction of Tsunade's cottage when he felt familiar chakra signatures approaching him very fast. He didn't think they would realise he left so soon, but decided to wait for them rather than trying to run he wasn't in the mood to get chased threw the forest at this late hour anyway. He saw a rock and sat on it facing the way of the approaching ninja. While he was waiting he looked up in the sky and saw a shooting star fly by, he looked down and then up again before making his wish.

"I wish that I don't have to kill any of my close friends…" Naruto said before eight shinobi landed in front of him.

He looked up at them with his left cheek resting in his hand before finishing his wish, "…yet," He said finishing his wish. He looked in front of him at the eight shinobi naming each one in his head. Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Shino, Neji, Tenten, Lee and Kiba. All these shinobi where skilled and very talented.

"Hey guys," Naruto said calmly looking dead ahead of himself at them. They all looked at Naruto in complete shock all except Ino who had seen him already in that state of dress. The thing that worried them the most was the fact that he had been sitting there waiting for them the whole time, surely he didn't think he could take them all on by himself.

"Naruto we have been ordered to bring you back to Konoha." Neji said breaking the silence. They all looked at Naruto and waited for his reply.

"Can't really do that I've got things to do places to go. You know that kind of thing." Naruto said still looking at them without a care in the world. Everyone's mind was racing as they listened to him, he had been considered a missing nin and they where sent to bring him back or kill him if necessary.

"What the fuck man! Why the hell you leave like that?" Kiba shouted at Naruto clearly pissed.

Naruto knew this would be hard on his friends and didn't want to hurt them so he decided that he would make them hate him, that way they would fight with everything they had and wouldn't go easy on him.

"Why the hell not, I can do whatever I like. Besides I don't want to hurt you guys so why don't you just let me go." Naruto said waving his hand carelessly as if nothing bothered him.

"Naruto, please come back with us!" Ino shouted looking at Naruto with teary eyes. Naruto knew she would suffer the most if he left, as she was the only one that still really associated with.

"YES, NARUTO COME BACK WITH US." Lee half said half shouted like always did with an overdramatic tone in his voice/

"Look I not going back, but feel free to join me anytime," Naruto said getting up and stretching in preparation for what was about to happen.

They all looked at Naruto for a few moments before Shikamaru spoke up, "Look Naruto we know things haven't gone exactly like you would want, but that's no reason to leave the village."

"Can I go or must I kill all of you first," Naruto said shocking everyone with his tone of voice. The killer intent that Naruto let out was enormous, all of them got into a fighting stance preparing to fight. Naruto stood firm with his arms crossed over his chest as eight shadow clones appeared from behind him, 'If I must make them hate me then so be it.' Naruto thought to himself.

The shadow clones charged at each of the eight Konoha ninja forcing them to part from each other and into one on one fights with each of the clones.

Each clone was in a heated battle with each of the Konoha ninja and even the strongest where struggling. They had drifted far apart from one another during the battle without even knowing and none of them where even with the original Naruto anymore. Naruto pulled out a scroll and a bowl of boiling hot ramen appeared, Naruto sat back down and started eating hi instant ramen slowly.

(With Naruto no. 1 and Chouji)

Chouji charged Naruto and hit the ground cracking it with pure muscle alone, Naruto jump up and charged a Rasengan, which he attempted to hit Chouji with, but Chouji jumped out of the in time allowing Naruto to leave an even larger crated in the ground. Chouji quickly extended his arms and hit Naruto sending him flying backwards. Chouji's arms extended again hitting Naruto Straight threw a tree and into the ground. The shadow clone of Naruto stood up and started making hand seals and then shouted out, "Doton: Yomi Numa" (Earth release: Swamp of the underworld) the ground opened up under Chouji and swallowed him whole. Chouji was sinking into when Naruto picked him up and ran a Rasengan straight into his chest sending him spiralling backwards. The shadow clone walked over to Chouji and looked at him before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

(With Naruto no. 2 and Tenten)

Tenten was exhausted and running low on weapons she had been fighting this fake Naruto for some time now and was beginning to worry about the others, there had been multiple explosions coming from the forest. She couldn't understand how she could be struggling on a shadow clone, it only had one ninth of his chakra and could still keep making shadow weapons to block all of hers. She knew she had to finish him soon so she pulled out a summoning scroll and opened it. Naruto watched on as nothing happened and was slightly confused by what was going on so he just decided to go for it and attack. He threw a couple of shurikens at Tenten, but she jump out of the way and knocked them away with a kunai. Naruto attacked again, but as soon as he moved a dozen short ninja swords impaled him. He looked down at the swords in his chest, abdomen and legs. He made a hand seal and whispered something that Tenten couldn't hear. Tenten stared as the shadow clone never disappeared and approached it slowly, she was right in front of it when it looked up and grinned before exploding. Tenten guarded her face and flew backwards as the strike sent her flying back. She looked up into the sky before passing out.

(With Shino and Naruto no. 3)

Shino was standing still waiting for Naruto his bugs at work trying to find the female he had placed on the Naruto clone in the beginning of the battle, but for some reason his bug's where confused from where the sent was coming from and couldn't find Naruto. Shino watched carefully as his bugs moved around silently keeping an eye out for Naruto, he knew Naruto knew of his clan and there techniques, but didn't think he could find away to confuse them. Rasengan was all Shino heard before he moved out of the way narrowly dodging the attack watching how the branch he was standing on wither to nothing. Shino said in is monotone voice, "Kikaichu no jutsu" (Destruction bug host technique). Naruto watched on as the bugs came towards him to engulf him. Naruto quickly made a few hand seals before shouting out, "Katon: Hosenka no jutsu" (Fire release: Mythical fire phoenix technique). Naruto shot the fireballs at the bugs frying them in mid flight killing them as well as unarming Shino. Shino watched as his bugs burnt under the intense heat and managed to call some of them back in time. Shino didn't even notice that Naruto had moved before he got kicked into the air and had a Naruto renden delivered to him. The clones disappeared in a poof of smoke.

(With the real Naruto)

"Three down five to go…make that four." Naruto said as the experience of another clone came back to him, this one being the battle against Rock Lee. The battle had stretched on for a while with no one tacking the lead in their pure Taijutsu fight. Naruto's clone almost lost, but luckily it had made a shadow clones as Lee did his famous primary Lotus technique. The clone had dispersed and the original ran a Rasengan into the side of Lee ending the fight. For Naruto it was like watching a show of his life as he fought on against his friends.

"If they made a show out of this I would name it Naruto after myself," Naruto said with a slight giggle.

(With Naruto no. 5 and Kiba)

"Gatsuga!" (Double piercing fang) Kiba shouted out as he attacked Naruto once again. Naruto narrowly dodge the attack and kicked Kiba in the back sending him into the ground very hard.

"Shit!" Kiba said before getting up, "Jinju Konbi Henge Sotoro!" (Man beast combination transformation Double-Head Wolf) Kiba shouted tuning into a giant sized two-headed white wolf. He attacked Naruto relentlessly swiping and clawing away at him. Naruto was barely dodging the attacks and heard a half howl half scream, "Garaga!" (Double Wolf Fang) before getting struck by a white spinning vortex. Naruto fell to the ground holding and covering the gap where his arm used to be. The giant Wolf collapsed and split back into an unconscious Akamaru and Kiba.

(With Naruto no. 6 and Neji)

Neji was running low on chakra and he knew it. This wasn't the first time he had fought Naruto and this time he wasn't going to lose again. Naruto charged at Neji with a Rasengan charged in his one hand and a kunai in the other. Neji quickly charge up and used his Hakkeshi Kaiten (Eight trigram palm Heavenly Spin) to deflect the Rasengan, but as soon as he stopped spinning he felt the kunai penetrate his left arm and leaving it limp. Neji tried to raise his arm, but found it wouldn't budge even a little. Naruto quickly delivered an upper cut to Neji's jaw sending him flying back before he felt two kunai hit him in each leg paralyzing him instantly. Neji tried his best to move, but found it useless as his legs and arm wouldn't respond to anything he tried. The Naruto clone walked over to Neji and look at him before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

(With Naruto no. 7 and Shikamaru)

The battle had been going for about twenty minutes and neither Naruto nor Shikamaru had even delivered a blow to the other, Naruto was silently waiting for the right time to strike while dodging all of Shikamaru's shadows. Shikamaru watched as Naruto jumped from branch to branch dodging his shadow and knew he was waiting for him to run out of chakra, but this was all art of his plan, Naruto quickly jumped out of the way in time to get away from the ten new spiky shadows that where following him. He landed on a branch and saw that Shikamaru's shadows couldn't follow anymore and readied a plan. He charged Shikamaru from behind with a charged, but stopped in his tracks, he looked down and saw Shikamaru's shadow had him. The Rasengan dissolved and Shikamaru turned and saw the Naruto clone smiling at him, before he could figure out what was going on the clone disappeared. Another Naruto appeared and pulled a wire causing Shikamaru to be caught and wrapped from head to toe in wire. The clone pulled again and the wire tightened. Shikamaru's whole body was tightly wrapped and couldn't move in the slightest.

"To be caught in a bind like this…how troublesome." Shikamaru said as he watched the Naruto clone disappear.

(With Naruto no. 8 and Ino)

"Fight me dammit!" Ino shouted as she attacked the Naruto clone again. Once again it just dodged, not a word had been spoken from the Naruto clone as it continually dodged all of Ino's attacks. Ino was getting pissed of now she knew she wasn't even close to Naruto in terms of strength, but she hated the fact that he wasn't even attacking back. She charged again and stabbed two kunai into his chest, her eyes went wide as she realised that he didn't even attempt to dodge. The clone looked at her for a few moments before it spoke for the first time.

"Come to me Ino." Was all the clone said before it disappeared.

Ino looked at the kunai in her hands before she got up and started walking in the direction of Naruto.

(With the real Naruto)

Naruto was sitting on the bench eating another bowl of ramen when he saw a figure approaching him. 'Ino' was the only thought that ran threw his mind as he watched the figure slowly approach. Ino walked closer to Naruto and saw he was eating ramen. She walked right up to him and without a word slapped him in the face. She knew he could have blocked the blow if he wanted, but the fact that he didn't only pissed her of more.

"Why Naruto, why me you fight all the others and leave me." Ino said in rage as she grabbed him by the collar of his jacket.

"I love you Ino." Naruto said taking her cheek in his hand and rubbing it with his index finger. Ino eyes slid half shut as she looked away moving her cheek in his hand slightly.

"Don't play games with me Naruto you know how I feel about you and now you want to use it against me," Ino said softly her eyes focused on his lips the lips she craved so much.

"Then come with me Ino," Naruto said raising her head higher and even closer to his mouth. Ino pushed against his shirt lightly while grasping the cloth as if to get away and closer at the same time.

"I can't leave all my friends and family behind, it will kill them to know that I betrayed them all for my own selfish needs." Ino said while breathing in his scent.

"Who cares about them, come with me and we'll start or own family, our own village and rule our own lives." Naruto said pressing her firmly against himself. She could feel his breathe on her lips they where so close all she had to do was move slightly and she would have them.

"I-I c-can't" Ino said as a tear escaped her eyes she was fighting with all her might to not give into temptation, but she needed to be strong her love for Naruto wasn't more than the love for her friends, family and village. Naruto placed a finger under her chin pulling her up into a kiss. Ino jumped slightly, she wanted this so bad for a long time now she had wanted to kiss Naruto she would always find herself staring at him and knew he knew how she felt, but she knew he wasn't emotionally ready for any form of love yet, the wound he had received from Sakura and Sasuke was to deep and she'd have to wait.

Ino moaned lightly into the kiss, she knew she shouldn't be doing this not now not while her friends lay injured or possibly dead around her, she felt guilty and thanked god that she couldn't she them as that would only make things worse. Ino's arms found there way around Naruto's neck as they deepened the kiss, Naruto's tongue dancing around Ino's each loving the warmth of the other. Ino knew she had to stop, but she couldn't pull away he was like a drug that once you touched it you craved it, longed for it and did anything you had to too get more of it, but Ino wasn't going to allow herself to get hooked on him, he was the enemy and she needed to control herself around him and not let him control her.

Ino hesitantly pulled away using every ounce of her will to keep her from kissing him again. Ino looked into his eyes; those beautiful blue eyes while unconsciously running her fingers threw his thick blonde locks. He was perfection in her eyes and wished she could give into him, but knew she needed to stay firm against him.

"Ino I love you and you love me, so why won't you come with me?" Naruto asked her holding her firmly against him.

"I-I do Naruto I love you so much, please come back with me come back if only for me," Ino said as tears started to form in her eyes.

"Ino I'm leaving no matter what. Come with please." Naruto said rubbing his nose gently against hers. Ino couldn't hold back anymore and her head fell against his chest as she wept silently into him. Naruto pushed her back and let go of her she fell to her knees and continued to cry. Naruto looked at her and knelt down in front of her, he lifted her head and put the necklace Tsunade had given him around her neck. Ino looked up and held the necklace in her hand as Naruto leaned in and kissed her again. The kiss was short, but filled with love and trust.

"You're the only person I trust and above all love, so if you ever change your mind come look for me that crystal will lead you to me." Naruto said before he turned and walked away, Ino watched as he left and the tears continued to fall from her face.

"I LOVE YOU NARUTO!" Ino shouted before she fell to the ground shaking violently as she cried for the loss of her soul mate.

(Back in Konoha)

Sakura stood in Naruto's room holding the picture frame of when they where still genin and still team seven. Tears where falling from her face as she looked at the picture of her, Sasuke, Kakashi and Naruto. A tear hit the picture following the crack that separated Naruto from the rest of them.

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