Here I was back in the Hereafter

Here I was back in the Hereafter. I must be insane but Christopher Carrion ( my soon to be husband) insisted I tell my parents BEFORE the wedding. He made that a rule after he found out I was planning on telling them AFTER. Back to the present. Well as I am about to join Christopher in ruling Gorgossium I just thought that I should start wearing black.

Today I walked into class for the first time in 5 months, time passes differently in the Abarat then here, in all black, wow am I just brilliant or what. I could tell it was a bad idea the minute I walked into the room and heard snickering, laughing and an assortment of other noises that suggested I had something other than a good time coming. And just my luck Ms. Shwartz HADN'T been swept away by the flood.

Wait it gets even better. Our current unit is religion and of course Ms. Shwartz being who she is (a homicidal maniac in other words) is having us confess sins in front of the class. Actually it was kind of interesting to see which class mates flushed the still alive fish down the toilet when they were four and other stupid things like that. Then my turn. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I'll shock them into respecting me, it might not be the best plan ever but who cares what happens.

I slowly walk to the front of the class. Here goes nothing. "Class let us have a moment of silence for Otto Houlihan also known as the Criss-Cross Man. I am ashamed to tell you that I, Candy Quackenbush, killed Houlihan less than 3 months ago. It was an accident I never meant to hurt him but he ended up dead all the same. Now that I have confessed any questions about him?"

A couple of hands raise. "Who was the Criss-Cross man?"

"The Criss-Cross man was a ,hmmmmm, let's call it bounty hunter or paid kidnapper who was hired to abduct me."


"Oh, I'm not quite sure but you can ask my soon-to-be-husband why, he's the one who hired him. I'll explain the rest later."

At that instant we heard it. An intruder in the building! Jeez, exciting stuff like this doesn't usually happen in Chickentown. I peek out the window and see