A/N: I know it's been forever. And I have some pretty good excuses I just don't think you'd listen. If I were you I wouldn't. And yes it is very, very OOC. With quite a bit of Finnegan bashing but hey, that's what I like.

Poke. Poke a, poke a, poke, poke, pokey. Humph. No more Mr. Nice Batman. Jab!

"Ouch what was that for? Candy are you alright?"

"No Christopher I am not all right and that was for getting your attention. I absolutely, positively, surely, determinedly, definitely, know I am going to need to find out why and when I started maniacal laughter."

"Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!" The Prince of Darkness started jumping up and down. The poor nightmares were being bounced up against their glass container.

"Christopher, I choose you! Wait how come you're not in your poke ball?"

"I know when you started maniacal laughter!"

"When I absolutely, positively, surely, determinedly…"

My mom burst in with "Candy don't say all that again!"

Then Poopegan joins the conversation with "Definitely know I am going to need to find out why and when I started maniacal laughter!"

"Ummm. How'd you know that?" I asked.

"I write down everything you say down." That's when I burst into tears.

"Christopher, Poopegan is scaring me a lot." Then I got up laughed and skipped over to Christopher.

"Unless I am seriously mistaken we have our own home video of it, darling."

"Really? What did you call it?"

"Well it was one of the following, nervous breakdown, mental breakdown, nervous mental breakdown, Candy's problem with green olives, Candy's problem with llama spit or Candy's problem with green olives and llama spit."

Then Mom asked, "What's wrong with green olives?"

"Mom, it's like this. I went to the kitchens looking for olives, cause olives are tasty beyond all reason. And there were all sorts of olives. Red ones and black ones, all types. I open a jar of em and start shoving them in. About halfway through the jar I freak out and I'm totally convinced that I ate moldy olives so I went and threw up all over the kitchen floor (and no I did not bother to clean it up, I figured hey, it matches the walls) then I decided that I should get a llama to spit in Christopher's face and see what happened, then I cackled evilly (my first time ever may I add.)