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There were not many people in the cafeteria that day. Most leaguer's had the day off, there never were that many missions around the holidays. However there were a select few that had chosen to stay longer. Supergirl, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and the core seven were some and they were currently eating lunch in the cafeteria. Supergirl had taken the liberty of bringing a portable radio with her into the cafeteria (since Mr. Terrific wouldn't let her play music over the intercom) and was currently singing the chorus of the pop song into her water bottle.

"Uh oh,

Fell in love again,

What am I gonna tell my friends,"

No one really paid attention when the Question entered the room. He was carrying a case that held his laptop and other personal belongings that he would need over Christmas. Although, if Helena had her way, he wouldn't be using them much. He made his way unnoticed by the small cliques sitting together either eating, discussing, or singing towards a vending machine and proceeded to purchase four packages of M&M's and a bottle of Coca-Cola.

"It just happened,

You walked through my door,

And I don't want to be,

Alone no more,"

Supergirl stopped singing as a male voice joined her in song. She glanced over to where she knew her friend Flash was sitting with a questioning glance. However he shook his head and pointed to what everyone in the cafeteria had stopped to look at.

Question was singing (not badly either she noticed) and moving his head in time with the music. He seemed to be oblivious to the stares as he collected his sugary products and finished the song as he walked out of the room.

"Oops, I done it,

Told you how I feel,

I just hope this time,

That our love is real."

As the cafeteria doors shut and the last few notes of the song died there was silence in the room. Everyone was too caught up in their own thoughts until finally Flash broke the silence.

"And that's the guy who planned on assassinating Luthor?"

Meanwhile somewhere in Gotham

Huntress was tapping her fingers on the concrete ledge as she watched the henchmen unloading a shipment of who-knows-what. She didn't even realize she was humming to herself until the henchmen below her began looking around and spotted her. As the began to gather weapons for a fight she stood, drawing her crossbow as she went and yelling "Damn it Q! You've got the stupid pop song stuck in my head!"

As she charged the henchmen felt a chill sweep over them from the look on their assailant's face, many chose the smart move and dove into the water. And those that did not, well, they wished that they had.

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