"So…" Dr. Kelvin leaned back in his plush chair and made a note on clipboard. "Why are you asking to be voluntarily committed?"

The patient leaned forward, nervously rubbing his hands together like he was trying to keep them warm.

"I don't know, Doc." He said, then paused. "Can I call you Doc? It kinda makes me feel like Bugs Bunny…I just need a carrot or something, you know?"

"I prefer Dr. Kelvin, to be honest." The doctor returned gently.

"Dr. Kelvin." The patient agreed, his knee starting to bounce as he tapped his foot. "I don't know…it's just kind of a lot to deal with, you know?"

"What's a lot to deal with?"

"The whole…psychic thing."

Dr. Kelvin raised his eyebrows, making another note.

"You believe you're psychic?" He asked in a cool, professional voice than in no way implied this revelation meant he believed the patient was completely insane.

"Yeah." The patient nodded.

"I see."

"I work for the police department." The patient continued, clearing his throat hesitantly. "Normally, it's okay…you know? The voices, I mean…"

"Voices?" Dr. Kelvin asked, maintaining his professional demeanor. "Do you hear voices, then, Mr. Spencer?"

"Yeah." Shawn nodded, his knee still bouncing like mad. "You know, the Spirits. I hear them all the time…they help me solve cases."

"I see. And what, specifically, do these voices tell you?"

"You know…who did it. Where the evidence is. That kind of stuff."

"Do they ever tell you to…do things?"

"You mean, like, jump?"

"Just as an example, yes."

"No." Shawn laughed. "They don't tell me to jump. Or kill people."

"Well, that's good."

"But I just can't get them to shut up, Doc! They won't shut up!"

Shawn gripped both ears in his hands and dropped his head between his legs, moaning piteously.

Dr. Kelvin didn't move.

"How long have you been hearing these voices?" He asked. "When did they start?"

Shawn sat back up, dropping his hands by his side.

"When I was teenager…after my parents got divorced."

"I see."

"Am I crazy, Doc?"

Dr. Kelvin laughed gently, putting his clipboard aside.

"We don't really use that word around here, Mr. Spencer."


"But, no. You're not crazy. But you do sound like you could use a little help."

He leaned forward, removing his octagon glasses and placing them on the arm of his plush chair.

"I do need to explain something to you, however." He intoned seriously. "You're entering voluntarily, and I'll have you sign a document to that effect. However, that doesn't mean you'll be able to leave voluntarily. Once you're here, you'll undergo medication therapy, group therapy and individual therapy until your doctors and nurses agree you're ready to be released. Do you understand that?"

"Yeah." Shawn nodded. "I understand."

"Good." Dr. Kelvin smiled, standing up and crossing to his desk. "Then I'll just have you sign this form saying you understand you won't be released until we agree you're not an immediate danger to yourself or others, and we'll begin the admissions process."

Shawn stood up and crossed to the desk. Without a moment of hesitation, he signed the form.

Dr. Kelvin smiled and put the form in Shawn's file.

"Welcome to Green Pines, Mr. Spencer."