"I still don't know what I'm doing here." Henry grumbled, irritably crossing his arms across his chest. "You said you were going to release him."

"I am." Dr. Hellerman assured the ticked-off ex-cop. "But I can't just release a patient, even one who was in here undercover, without first being able to say that their therapy is progressing adequately."

"He doesn't need therapy!" Henry snapped, glaring at the doctor. "And if he did, he sure as hell wouldn't get it from a doctor who let him pull a dumb-ass stunt like letting a mob hitman try to kill him! What the hell were you thinking?"

"It wasn't his idea, Dad." Shawn rolled his eyes from his own chair. "It was my idea. It was my dumb-ass stunt. Dr. Hellerman was just being supportive…you should try it sometime."

"Is that your big complaint, Kid?" Henry snorted, turning his glare onto his son now. "That I never supported you trying to get yourself killed? Is that what makes me a lousy father?"

"Who the hell said you're a lousy father?" Shawn shot back. "I'm just saying you should try supporting my ideas once in a while! But you never do! It's always your way or the highway. I have ideas, too, Dad! And they're just as good as yours!"

"Okay…" Dr. Hellerman spoke up. "This is good."

Shawn and Henry both glared at him.

"It is." He laughed, taking in their skeptical expressions. "You're talking. Talking is good."

"We're not talking." Henry informed him. "We're fighting."

"But you're not fighting about the bike this time." Dr. Hellerman pointed out. "You're fighting about actual issues. That's a step in the right direction."

Whether intentionally or not, that was the absolute perfect thing to say to ensure both father and son clamped their mouths shut and crossed their arms stubbornly, refusing to say another word.

After a minute of stony silence, Dr. Hellerman cleared his throat.

"Let's talk about the divorce." He suggested cautiously.

Henry stiffened.

"Is that my damn fault, too, Kid?" He growled under his breath.

"I never said it was your fault." Shawn returned bitterly.

"Divorces are painful for everyone." Dr. Hellerman offered. "But they're not always someone's fault. Sometimes, they just happen."

"Sometimes, people just decide to leave." Henry snapped, watching Shawn out of the corner of his eye.

Shawn flinched, his fingers digging into the soft fabric of the chair.

"I didn't want to leave." He said quietly.

Both Dr. Hellerman and Henry turned to him.

"What?" Henry asked.

Shawn blinked slowly.

"I mean…I did want to leave. I had to leave. Just like Mom. My whole life, everyone told me I was just like Mom…and I am, Dad. That's why I left. I had to. I couldn't stick around Santa Barbara forever, not see the world…not be me. But that doesn't mean I wanted to be like Mom. That doesn't mean I wanted to leave, to desert my family and friends. To not give a damn who the hell I hurt..."

At first, Henry didn't know what to say.

"Then what the hell did you want, Shawn?"

Shawn shrugged.

"I wanted to stick around. Like you. I wanted to be like you…but I'm not. I'm not you. I can't be you…so I just stopped trying."

Henry looked down at his shoes, refusing to meet his son's eyes.

Shawn cleared his throat, looking for some way to change the subject.

"You were lying about the whole acting thing, right?" He asked finally.

Henry glanced back up.


"You never actually did any acting…right? I mean, not in public?
Henry grinned and arched a single eye-brow.

"You didn't get everything from your mom, Kid."

"You're leaving, huh?" Clark asked quietly, watching from the doorway of Shawn's room as Shawn threw his few changes of clothes into a bag.

"Yeah…" Shawn admitted, turning around so he was facing Clark.


"I caught the people who killed David. My job's done."

"What are they going to do to Nurse Sue?" Clark asked, coming in and perching on the edge of the bed.

"She'll plead out. The DA wants her to testify against Lou, so they'll cut her a good deal. She didn't want to do it, you know. She didn't have a choice."

"I know."

"It wasn't your fault, Clark."

"I know." Clark nodded, not sounding completely convinced himself. "But I still wish I could have done something."

"You did." Shawn told him. "You caught the bad guys."

"Yeah…" Clark smiled. "I did, didn't I?"

Shawn laughed as he dumped his last remaining shirt into the bag.

"You were never really one of us crazies, were you?" Clark asked quietly.

"Hey…" Shawn grinned. "Remember? We all go a little crazy sometimes."

"I still think that's from Psycho…"

"Dude." Shawn snorted. "I totally made it up all by myself, okay?"

Clark grinned and nodded in agreement.


Shawn zipped up his bag and walked to the door. He paused just before exiting.

"I didn't lie about my dad." He said, not turning around.

"He really did arrest me."


Shawn smiled palely to himself, finally turning his head so he was looking in Clark's eyes.

"But I think I'm over it now."