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Sarah watched through sleepy eyes as her husband went to the window of their room, the tiny bundle in his arms quiet and contented, clearly knowing who in the world meant protection and love in its fullest capacity to him. Jareth stood in the darkness, the moonlight illuminating his sharp elegant features and slim hand as he traced the tiny pink face clearly turned up to him, wondrous blue eyes learning all there was about the world before him.

Frederick Oscar Alba, their son, Prince of the Labyrinth. Sarah smiled happily at the sight of father and son together, the bond only a few hours old on the physical plane but she knew that it had existed long before she had given birth, days after his conception. She smiled as she remembered how she had learned the news. Jareth had been following one of his favoured pathways in the bedroom when he had paused over her abdomen, his lips being replaced by his hand as his had caressed the smooth flatness of her skin.

"Sarah," he had said softly, "Darling when did you last bleed?"

Sarah had propped herself up on her elbows looking down at him, "Why?"

The smile he had given her told her the secret she carried within her even before he spoke.

"I can feel him," he had said caressing her stomach, "So small but there's a consciousness, magicks already forming."


Jareth had smiled up at her, "Maybe," he said, "It's too soon to tell. You're such a miracle. Give me your hand."

He had taken her hand and laid it beneath his, helping her guide her magic, still not fully formed despite eight years as his immortal wife and queen, until she could feel the slight tremor of magic removed from her own yet within her. She knew the child could at best be a few days on in its development yet she could feel the beginnings of consciousness, of the reality of the tiny life within her. Her heart sailed as tears came to her eyes, clutching Jareth's hand closer to her with her free one.

Her pregnancy had been easy, the unborn child mindful of his mother as he grew within her. She had been the envy of Court, radiant even in her final months as every woman she knew would lay a hand over her and wish for a son for the Labyrinth.

Sarah smiled, blinking away the memory. It had been a son, this time. She looked down at the sleeping form beside her, all of three years old with wild blonde curls spread out obscuring her pretty face. Her first born, her daughter. Jareth had refused to reveal the sex of their first despite knowing of her conception and development on a much higher level than she had. He had seemed so happy though that Sarah knew he was pleased with the child she carried for him. On Avalon the words had been the same, a son for the Labyrinth, a prince to stand as heir to the throne. She had worried, worried if she produced a daughter would she not be as acceptable as a son to her husband. She had never spoken of her fears and Jareth had grown worried as she ailed in her final months.

She had struggled in the birth but Jareth had remained by her side throughout despite Nanny's shock at Sarah begging for him to do so. Finally she had heard the desperate cries of her new born, Jareth the first to touch the tiny child. He had laid her to her mother's breast, joining her on the bed as the child quieted at Sarah's heart beat.

"A girl," he said, barely above a whisper as tiny fingers wrapped around his smallest, "Our daughter."

Sarah had wept, wept for the beauty of the child in her arms but also in relief at the sound of his voice as he brushed at the white blonde tufts of hair on her head.

"She's so perfect Sarah," he said before he kissed her, "Look what you did precious, look at our girl."

Sarah had done, pressing a kiss to the tiny crinkled forehead before her as the child fussed at the strangeness of her new wide world, "My girl. Little princess," she said, "She needs a name, we never agreed."

"Choose," said Jareth, "After all you've done choose precious, I can't think of a thing that suits how perfect she is."

"Well," said Sarah, "There is one name that I have thought of for her if you like it."

Jareth could barely take his eyes of the child to look at her, "Tell me."

"I want to name her for your mother," said Sarah, "I want her to be called Lilijana."

She doubted she would ever truly see again the smile he had given her at the choice, the name immediately agreed on as perfection by them both. It had been later that night, the first night they were a complete family that all of Sarah's fears had been assuaged. She had watched him silently, not letting Jareth know she had awakened to see him stood at the window, looking out over the Labyrinth, the tiny Lilijana Karee in his arms wrapped in her little pink blanket Anna had plucked from the pile of baby things she had embroidered during Sarah's pregnancy. He had sung softly to the child, his voice clearly going to be the one to soothe there daughter whenever she needed him in the future. His words spoken after though had filled her heart.

"Just look little angel," he had said, "All of this is yours. You're too young now to understand, too young to care and quite right too but I am writing to Avalon tomorrow and placing your name on the Scrolls. You'll have all of this one day, the Goblin Queen and whatever else I can get for you because I'm going to fight so much harder for you now."

Sarah was pulled back to reality at the sound of her husband's voice.

"Hey dreamer," he said, sitting back on the bed, Frederick fussing in his arms, "Wherever you were you looked very happy."

"Just remembering when Lilly was born," said Sarah as Jareth freed a hand to stroke his daughter's hair, "Doesn't seem two minutes."

"I know," said Jareth, "She's growing so fast, she has a little brother to take care of now."

Almost on cue Frederick began to fuss all the louder, little hands reaching out from the warm embrace of his father's arms.

Jareth smiled down at him, "You've got your father's gob young man," he said fondly before passing him to Sarah, "I think someone might be hungry."

"He's had a busy day," said Sarah, settling the babe to her breast as Jareth leaned down to kiss her, "You look tired."

"Well I did do all the work today while you were lying down," he said with a cheeky grin and knowing full well the playful slap he would have received were it not for his son in his wife's arms, "When he's finished making me jealous we can turn in."

"Pervert," muttered Sarah quietly as Lilly stirred beside her.

"I'll take her to her room," said Jareth hushing the sleeping girl.

Sarah shook her head, "Let her stay," she said, "Freddie will be in his crib soon enough and I don't want her jealous that he gets to stay in the room."

Jareth didn't take much persuasion as he settled the covers all the better over his daughter, pressing a kiss to the tangle of blonde on the pillow, "You're not going to get jealous are you little lady," he said, "You've got too much of your father's temper."

Sarah snorted in amusement, "You're quite mad Mr Alba, do you know that?"

"Quite certifiable my love," said Jareth, "What fool would marry the love of his life before seeing her bring the two most perfect children ever born into the world? I shall have to rename the kingdom Bedlam."

Sarah smiled, "A fitting description," she said, "By the way, I've arranged a little walk for us next week so Freddie can do a little meet and greet."

Jareth took the babe from her as he finally relinquished his hold, settling him with a practiced ease before finally setting him in his crib beside the bed, "I wonder what'll you'll make of Egypt and all its wonders," he said, turning back to see Sarah already asleep, her arms around Lilly. Jareth looked down into the cradle and picked up his son once more. He took him to the window and looked out.

"There you go then Mama, one of each," he said to the stars above him, "Watch over them both for us."

The stars glittered silent and steady above but Jareth was sure, through a magic far beyond his own, she heard and would watch. The silent sentinel, his guardian angel.

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