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"Do you three accept your mission?", Tsunade said in front of the three newest ANBU.

"Wait. Let me get this straight. So us three are supposed to go to this Hogwarts place and somehow enable a way for this Hari kid to get to this place so your lord Vorudefort.

"Voldemort" said a tall man with silvery hair. He sighed as he stared at the three shinobi.

Naruto jumped at this while Tsunade rubbed her temples at Naruto's childlike behavior.

"I promoted this kid to ANBU?", Tsunade thought.

"Ahh! Who're you?!", Naruto yelled while drawing a kunai and getting into a fighting stance.

"I must have been drunk", Tsunade thought in response to her last mental comment.

The man merely smirked at Naruto. "This is Lucius Malfoy, our new client." Tsunade said while drinking a shot of sake.

"I trust that Tsunade has stated all the details of the mission that I have relayed to her.", Malfoy Sr. said in perfect Japanese.

"Your Japanese is very good, Malfoy-san.", Sakura said while dragging herself from beating Naruto. "Hn." Sasuke said having no emotion whatsoever.

Malfoy smirked again while saying, "It's only magic."

"Magic?" Sasuke said. Malfoy then went into the explanation of what magic was and how it was similar to chakra and who Harry Potter and Voldemort was.

Oh. Look at the time. I didn't get your names."

"I'm Haruno Sakura". The pink haired girl said politely

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"And I'm Uzumaki Naruto!", Naruto yelled as he jumped up from his previous spot on the floor which made everyone else sigh.

"Nice to meet you three. Well we have to get going.", Lucius said as he pulled out a rusted kunai.

"What's that?" asked Naruto

"This is a portkey. It's going to take you three to my home in which then we shall have to shop for supplies, and get you ready to where Harry and other witches and wizards will be taking a train to Hogwarts."

"Just hold on to it and in about...30 seconds you'll be at my house.", Malfoy said. " I trust you all know how to speak English?"

"Hai.", the three shinobi said.

"Perfect" he gave the kunai to Sakura and the all four of the disappeared

Hermione felt as though she had been slammed into a wall with such force that it sent her flying backwards …


Opening her eyes, Sakura found herself not in a garden, but in front of an imposing metal gate surrounded by an intricate fence which, upon closer inspection, revealed to be comprised of various serpent designs.

She examined the gate again.

It was a superb work of wrought silver and behind it, she could get a glimpse of a majestic aisle of oak trees, illuminated by a row of lanterns.

A coat of arms was carved on the metallic gate: a dagger in the form of the fleur de lys, flanked by serpents on both sides so as to form the letter 'M', with a crown above it.

Sakura stared at her teammates who had already pulled out kanatas.

"This guy is crazy" she mouthed to them.

The blond and the raven put their kanatas back and stared up.

The gate had no handle, only a silver knocker shaped like a serpent's head.

Sasuke reached out and knocked three times. The sound, which seemed oddly chilling to Sakura's ears, echoed all around her, obviously magically amplified. She waited, forcing herself not to shake in nervousness and apprehension.

The gate opened after a brief delay. The form of a house-elf, clad in a white pillowcase, emerged in the frame of the entrance and bowed to the three shinobi.

The elf straightened up, its huge eyes examining her from head to toe with a very inquisitive look. "Are you the three Master Malfoy has sent?"