Hi there, heh… well this is my first fanfic…I hope you enjoy it…

To get a few things straight;

I refer to Nameless Pharaoh as, ATEM
-Yugi Motou as, YUGI
-Yami Bakura as, BAKURA (First name is TOZOUKU-OU but prefers to be known as BAKURA)
-Ryo Bakura as, RYO (I stay loyal to the manga by spelling it R-y-o and not putting the u as I know a lot of people do)
-Marik Ishtar as, MARIK
-Yami Marik as, MALIK
-Ishizu Ishtar, Bandit Keith, Seto Kaiba, Maxamillian Pegasus and any other characters as they are known in the English anime
Other: - Marik, Ishizu and Odion are siblings
-Yugi and Atemu are brothers
-Ryo and Bakura are brothers
-Malik has no known family

Disclaimer: I do not own YuGiOh

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Chapter 1


"Humans? Why do you want to know about them? They're mean, cruel and will kill you as soon as they look at you! If they found our village they would burn it! They are full of hatred; they won't like you or want to be your friend…"

The words replayed themselves over and over again inside Marik's head. He pulled his knees up to his chest and pressed his back against the wall behind. He knew these words to be true; he knew his older brother had been right whenever he had told the younger boy about the dangers and cruelty of humans.

The young vampire sat there, hugging his knees, wishing that everything was a bad dream, tears threatening to flood his face. He knew it was only a matter of time before his house was burned down with the rest of his village. Bloodcurdling screams pierced the air, each one causing the blond to flinch and cuddle his knees tighter, tears now dribbling down his pale cheeks.

He could hear someone calling his name and cautiously crept towards the voice.

"Marik? Marik where are you?"

"I'm here… I'm scared Ishy… I-I want them to go away!" The young vampire's eyes released a waterfall of tears as he spoke. His sister came up to him and held him close.

"Don't scare me like that Marik; I thought they had got you." Her voice was soft and soothing, secretly urging the tiny vampire to stop crying. She pulled the five year old onto her back and made her way to the door with her ocean blue eyes sharp and alert.

"WAIT! Where is Odion?" The young vampire stared down at his sister's head waiting for an answer.

"Not now Marik, we need to leave." She gripped her brother tightly and ran out of the house. The streets were lit up with great flames that licked the sides of the now charcoal coloured houses. Vampires ran in all directions screaming and shouting.

Hunters lurked among them and hid in shadow engulfed areas, each carrying huge guns loaded with pointed stakes ready to slice into any unsuspecting victim's ribcage and plunge into their undead heart. Ishizu steered away from the blazing village, into a nearby forest, determined to keep her younger brother safe.

"Where are we going Ishy?"

"We're leaving, I don't want you to get hurt Marik."

"What about everybody else?"

"Don't worry Marik, I'm sure they will find a way out too, now be silent and tell me if you see anything okay." Marik complied to his sister's wishes as the teenager trudged on through the gloomy trees, constantly scanning the area.

The cries of the dying village were soon lost to the wind as the dark vampire made sure to hastily put distance between them. Wearily, Ishizu placed Marik onto the floor in front of a large tree trunk. He pressed his back against the mossy trunk behind him, staring up through the branches at the clouded sky. Ishizu sat down next to him trying to trace his line of vision.

She heard a faint rustling behind them. The ebony haired vampire rose slowly to her feet, her blue eyes narrowed and darting from side to side. Marik followed suit, his own lavender eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Ishy, what's wro…"


She darted off with Marik, at first, at her heels, but the five year old had smaller legs. He was falling behind… fast. He opened his mouth to call out to his sister, but failed to speak as he tripped over a large tree root, landing face first in a pile of twigs. Instead, a cry of pain passed the blonde's lips while twigs underneath him gave loud cracks as they broke in half.

"Ishy… C-come back!" Tears once again formed in the young one's eyes, "Ishy… c-come back… Ishy!" The vampire started to cry, calling out his sister's name, but to his dismay, no answer came. He hunched over on a mossy tree root cuddling his knees, tears flooding down his pale face. He whimpered softly, shivering and unaware of the fast approaching hunters, who had noticed him sitting there oblivious to their presence.


Ishizu turned sharply and stopped behind a tree gasping for breath, "Marik… are… you… okay?"

No answer.

"Marik?" She turned to face the path she had taken; cursing her little brother for lagging behind. The blond was no-where to be seen.

"MARIK!" She broke into a run, whipping through the moss covered trees; adrenaline pushing her forward, one thought locked in the seventeen year old's head, 'have they got him too?'


Marik felt a hand rest on his shoulder. He looked up, getting a glimpse of dark brown eyes; he pulled away sharply, squeaking as the grip on his shoulder didn't fall away but tightened.

"Let go!" he screamed, struggling under the strength of the man holding him.

"Don't be difficult… we are only going to burn you!" The men surrounding Marik's brown-eyed captor laughed crudely. Marik struggled on, flailing his arms and kicking with all his might. He was lifted right off the floor, and screamed as he was thrown through the air and into the arms of a blond haired male on a horse's back.

"My big sister will come and bite you all!" He tried his best to sound big and impressive, but this only caused the hunters to start squealing in mock fear, some rolling on the floor clutching their stomachs in hysterics. The man holding Marik slapped him across the face telling him to grow up and that his sister was dead and he would soon be going the same way. Tears started leaking from the young vampire's lavender eyes.

"Stop your crying you creature!" The blonde's hand collided with Marik's cheek once more. A cry of anger sounded from behind the group. The men turned to see Ishizu stood between two trees; her midnight black hair rippling in the breeze.

"How dare you!" she sneered, "NOBODY, treats my brother like that and lives!" She ran forward and lunged towards the man holding Marik, baring her sword-like fangs. The male dropped the younger (who landed roughly on the ground) and started to retreat to try to escape from the advancing vampire. He screamed as she pounced and gripped his neck tightly, her talon-like nails digging into his colour-drained skin.

"Any last words?" She glared at him her ocean blue eyes burning with hate.

"M-m-mercy?" he whimpered. Ishizu cocked her head still glaring at him.

"Mercy? Is that what you showed my village?" The blond shook his head, still peering fearfully into Ishizu's hate-filled blue eyes.

"I didn't think so." She gripped his neck with both hands and forcefully twisted. The man screamed as with one sharp crack his head came clean off, crimson blood spurted out and spilled onto the startled grey horse the male was sat on. Ishizu drove the severed head into a nearby tree squashing it, with a squelch that turned each of the hunters green. A sickening crunch sounded when the skull shattered against the trunk. The vampire shoved the male's headless body off the horse and gripped the reins.

"Anyone else want to hurt my brother?" She glared down, her gaze daring them to step forward. One male hesitantly inched forward towards the younger vampire, his amethyst eyes slightly wide with the recent shock. He inched forward, often glancing up at Ishizu, who glared back at him.

He reached Marik and picked him up cautiously wincing slightly as a sharp snake-like hiss erupted from the elder vampire's fanged mouth. He lifted the squirming vampire higher passing him to Ishizu. She placed him on the grey horse's shoulder blades.

"You're either wise or stupid.. tell me, what is your name?"

"Atem Mutou," He glared up at the ebony haired vampire, almost instantly kicking himself for telling her.

"Watch your back, Atem. When you mess with my brothers, don't expect to see your own alive and well for very much longer." Atem clenched his fists, his eyes narrowed with growing fury,

"How dare you threaten my brother! You should watch your twisted tongue or…"

"How dare I threaten? I should kill him considering what you did to my older brother!" Ishizu now had her pale hands over Marik's ears. Atem's eyes widened slightly,

"What did we do to him? I recall only two of you running to the forest."

"That is because he is one of the first you killed." She removed her hands from her brother's ears and clicked her tongue. The horse lurched forward, galloping almost immediately, and the two vampires disappeared into the gloom of the trees.

"YOU IDIOT!" Atem received a punch in the face.

"What was that for?" He rubbed viciously at the forming bruise.

"You let them escape! And you gave her brother back… alive! She wouldn't have left without him!"

"Hey, she threatened my brother! And she would have killed anyone who caused harm to come to hers! It's not like she gave us much of a choice!"

"WE. HAVE. GUNS! You could have stepped away from the horse and we could have shot them both, it's not like we can just shoot whenever, because no offence 'Tem you don't exactly have the easiest hairdo to shoot past!" Atem stared down at the leaf dominated ground.

"I guess I was just like her then… scared of loosing my brother,"

"She wouldn't have known you had a brother if you hadn't reacted when she mentioned it, I would have acted as if I had no family at all," he stared at his spiky haired friend with a look of hopelessness in his brown eyes, "look, just forget it, we'd better get back to headquarters and tell Pegasus the news." Atem gazed up at his friend, a playful smirk hiding his previous thoughts,

"What? You mean the 'Keith's dead and two vampires got away' news?"

"We could just leave out the 'vampires got away' bit…"

"Oh, so when they start terrorizing our homes you two will just stare at Pegasus and say 'we didn't know they'd do that!'?" The two hunters span around grinning at their approaching friend.

"How did you guess Malik? It's almost as if you can read our minds!" He batted his eyelashes in mock admiration.

"Shut it Bakura." He bashed the albino on the head with his gun, "Now come on we need to get back." The three hunters made their way to their horses, but Atem wasn't all there. His thoughts ruled his head, they wouldn't leave him. He couldn't help but let the vampire's words tease him, causing him to fear the worst, 'would she really kill Yugi if she came across him? What has he done to deserve this? Nothing, that's what, it's my entire fault. How would she kill him? Would she do what she did to Keith? Or would it be worse…'