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.xCHAPTER 10x.


12 months later...

Yugi sat at his desk, completing the last of his homework. His brother was at work, despite everything that had happened a year ago. He was bent on killing every last one of the vampires and was becoming more and more obsessed every day.

Ryo had returned to England. His father had come back a week after Marik had been killed and had nearly had a heart attack. Both his sons were in hospital, his elder son almost dead and younger son who's arm was in shreds and was in such shock, he didn't recognize his own father. He took Ryo back to England to prevent this from happening again but was forced to leave Bakura behind in hospital.

He got better. Bakura was back at work for Pegasus three months after being admitted into the hospital and two and a half months after Ryo had left Japan. Again their father tried to take him home but Bakura had refused and argued until he finally was permitted to stay. He too was almost obsessed with killing all of the vampires but then again, he always had been.

They also had some new members. A few of them Yugi knew.

There was Tristen Taylor and Joey Wheeler who were both a year older than him, but he used to be good friends with them. Joey was blond, brown-eyed and sometimes a complete knucklehead. Tristen was his best friend and he was brown-eyed and his hair was brown too, fashioned into some sort of pointed quiff. They had joined because Joey's sister, Serenity had been attacked by a vampire and the blond didn't ever want to see it happen again. Tristen had also joined because he wanted to keep the young Wheeler safe, but this was mostly because he had a crush on her.

Mai Valentine and Vivian Wong were the only two female members and nobody knew why they had joined. The main thing that everyone knew was that they hated each other. Mai had long blonde hair and violet eyes and was always wearing a mini skirt, a strapless top and long leather boots. Vivian had black hair which she tied up in two buns and left some hanging in ponytails near her ears, she had brown eyes and was usually wearing a Chinese-style dress and sandals.

Yugi wrote down his final calculation and put down his pencil. He stood up and stretched.

Then his phone rang.

"Hello, Yugi Mutou speaking."

"Hey Yug', it's Joey. Is Atem home?"

"No he's still at work..."

"Well stay inside and make sure Gramps is ok, ya got dat?"

"Yeah... what's wrong?"

"Jus' a few vampires have shown up." Yugi nodded and made a small sound to show that he had heard, "will ya tell him if you see him?"

"Sure Joey. Bye." The teen put down his phone and sighed.

There really was no stopping them.