Stuck Together, Torn Apart.

This is everyone's Christmas present. I've come back from the dead.

The begging and guilt worked to light a fire under my lazy ass.

Ahh, Christmas. Winter. I love it. Not for eh religious aspect, but for the commercialism. Truly lovely.

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"Come on, it's not that bad."

"…" Glare.

"It was our only choice."

A quite, nearly inexistent sigh. "I'm going to sleep."

You see, there was a dilemma- one more on the long, ever lasting, ever growing list for tonight- that faced the shinobi. Yet again.


You see, these two widely known and extremely feared shin obi could either sleep entirely in their normal mission attire- Capri, fishnet, armor and coats- which were filthy sweat and dirt and enemy blood, or the next option. Cut themselves out of all their sleeves. And being the anal pretentious perfectionist that Itachi is, sleeping in filth is simply not an option. So, those only choices are why now, both Kisame and Itachi are now facing their next task, shirtless, with the pile of useless clothes in the corner never to be spoken of nor cleaned again.

And why is Kisame following in the insanity, you may ask? Never would Itachi sleep next to filth. It's as absurd as if he himself would. Le gasp. It was either sleep shirtless next to a homicidal weasel, or have his arm amputated in the next for freedom by said insanely homicidal weasel. At least Itachi was nice enough to give him options.

Pfft, nice. Right. And I'm a fuzzy fucking bunny.

After some in debating Itachi turned towards his partner. "I'm not sleeping next to you."

"It' not like we're naked" 'Prude.'

"It's not like we're decent, either." Itachi retorted swiftly.

"Well I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Do what you want." And with that, Kisame walked over to the bed, resulting in Itachi being nearly dragged behind after a slight stumble, and reluctantly following. Itachi and Kisame both knew that he had no other real choice anyway.

Kisame crawled on to the bed, Itachi following knowing how to maneuver without any necessary words between the two. Kisame laid on his back on the right side of the head bored and Itachi, the left, his right hand stuck to Kisame's left. After a bit of time trying to sleep laying in an uncomfortable, stiff as a bored position, the more blue of the two rolled over to face his partner in order to find some semblance of comfort. Itachi eventually giving in and doing the same, both now facing each other. Finally one decided to break the tension in hopes it'll make the atmosphere more comfortable for sleep by speaking.

In a gruff voice, dowsed with the promise of near sleep, Kisame rested a parting to his partner before slumber.

"Go'night, Itachi." Only after several minutes and Kisame's quite, whistling snores alerting Itachi to his partners' state of sleep did the Uchiha finally relax and close his eyes.

"Good night. Kisame."


I know it's short. I need to get back into the writing scheme again for longer chapters.

And I'm trying to keep them in character, and I think for Itachi it's alright, but Kisame is a bit of a pessimist it seems. I know he respects the little weasel, but it seems I keep making him seem a little pissy at Itachi and not as polite as normal (and he IS polite. For a blood thirsty serial killer). Iunno. Maybe he's tired.

PREVIEW for the future.

"Your hand is sweaty."

"And your smile is cold."