Popcorn and Coke

Popcorn and Coke

"Come on Jack, it's your turn!" called Martha.

Jack was in the kitchen, grabbing the 2 litre bottles of coke Donna had brought in. Now that they were all together, the Doctor and his companions had decided they deserved a bit of rest and relaxation after all that chasing, being chased, dying (in some cases) and alien attacks. So what better way to pass the time than to have a movie and games night?

They were all together in the TARDIS, and they had brought friends. Gwen and Ianto had come over, Sarah-Jane had picked up Luke and even a friend of Daisy's, a girl called Bonnie, had joined in. To anyone looking at their location from the outside, they would be wondering how on earth eleven people were squeezed in to a tiny blue box. But it was bigger on the inside.

The control panel had been rearranged slightly. In one corner there were chairs and cushions around a television. In the corner opposite that, everyone was gathered around a Twister board. Sarah-Jane had opted to turn the spinner, claiming she was 'too old to be that flexible' and Ianto had declined to take part, preferring to watch instead.

So far, Daisy had right hand on green and left foot on blue, Rose was underneath her with the opposite, and Donna was precariously balanced on one foot and two hands. Martha was face to face with her on two feet and one hand, everyone was so close together they looked like a human knot, and it was hilarious for the people watching. Bonnie was practically doing a press up on the only spare spots, with two people over her.

"We're ok, really…" protested Gwen with a grin; she was right on the edge, practically falling over.

There really was no space at all for Jack but he came in, bearing coke, which he sat by Ianto, anyway. He swiftly entwined himself between Rose and Martha, where he had been before, and Daisy hid a grin, ever the flirt when he was in the right mood.

"Hurry up Sarah-Jane!" pleaded Rose, "I have a face full of derriere!"

This made Daisy start to shake with giggling, which was a really bad thing because it was infectious and if they all started laughing they had no chance. Gwen tried to shush her but it came out as a strangled giggle. The Doctor wandered in munching popcorn and turned to Sarah-Jane with disbelief.

"Humans really like this game?" he queried between mouthfuls. "You really are a strange species."

Sarah-Jane smiled, "You always say that."

"I bet you wouldn't last five minutes!" challenged Donna, upside-down, it was just easier that way.

"Please, don't encourage him," Bonnie requested. "I'm loosing the feeling in my arm!"

"All the blood is rushing to my head at an alarming rate," added Luke, who looked rather like a human crab.

"Want to bet?" the Doctor gave a cheeky smile, "I'm in after Jack Sarah-Jane."

"Oh, god." Daisy winced.

Sarah-Jane shook her head in an amused parent kind of way, "Ok. Left hand green Jack."

"Easy." Jack swiftly changed his position and Daisy had to pull her head back so they didn't collide; now they were face to face. She hadn't an inch of room to herself.

"Thanks so much Sarah-Jane!" she wailed.

"Sorry Daisy." Sarah-Jane laughed, Ianto stepped forward, and he was sharing the duty. "Doctor. Right foot red."

The Doctor wiped his hands down his suit as he finished his popcorn and ducked in to the middle, so he was right next to Donna. It was easy for him, he only had one turn to worry about, three of his limbs were still in tact. The rest of them shot him dirty looks, he was looking so smug.

"Bonnie, left foot yellow." announced Sarah-Jane.

Bonnie's eyes widened. The nearest yellow spot meant she had to do all but the splits. "Oh, please tell me you're joking."

"Of all the possible panels. Bad luck." sympathised Luke.

The girl sighed and reached for the spot, wishing she had taken her socks off, then she would have more grip. She just about made it, but her shifting position meant Daisy had to duck around Rose's hip.

"Rose, remind me to get you a belt." she muttered.

"Sorry Daze." Rose grinned.

They went around again and every spot was near enough filled, the Doctor was leaning over Jack who was leaning over Martha, who was shoulder to shoulder with Donna, who was face to face with Daisy, who was practically holding Luke on her back, who was nose to nose with Gwen, who was head to toe with Bonnie who had Rose's elbow in her ribs. It was a painful game to be playing but a barrel of laughs for those watching.

"Martha, right hand blue," Ianto looked up.

"What I wouldn't give to be a couple of inches taller." grumbled Martha.

The spare spot was right the other side of the board to her other hand. With a lot of ducking and weaving, with Daisy trying to help as she balanced on one hand, she just managed to get it. But as the Doctor shifted position, he slipped, wobbled, lost his balance, and landed on Jack. The whole pretzel exhibition landed flat on the floor with a lot of groans and winces.

"Oof! Get off me!" cried more than one person.

Gradually they untwined themselves, stretching aching limbs and arching backs. It was Luke who asked perfectly innocently, who had won. Then was hit by cushions from Daisy and Bonnie.

"Ok, I can see why you find this fun," agreed the Doctor, "Until I remember being rather closer to Jack than I would like."

"Oh come on, you know you loved it," teased Jack.

The mass of people assembled themselves around a television screen, using each other as cushions and leaning posts, even tables, to get comfortable. As the DVD started up with everyone around their own bowls of popcorn and glasses of coke in little groups, Donna turned to the Doctor.

"What did you get?" she asked.

"The Time Machine." beamed the Doctor. He was greeted by blank stares. "What?! It's a classic!" he protested.

His reply was being pelted by popcorn from all sides.