Hey guy's this was orginally going to be a oneshot, but I found it was going to be too long so turned it into a two shot XD. One of my favourite couples... but I've never seen one of the pair in action!! Please can someone send me a link for any of the episodes with the pair in. LOL, anyway, on with the show:









A door slam echoed down the silent corridor, the sound refracting off the walls, disturbing residents in their rooms. Angrily the teen strode through his small room, and grabbed his ipod, sticking in the small-whitewashed plastic earphones he turned up the volume to full. Hoosiers pounded his head in, just what he needed. The angst-filled teenager stormed out to the balcony of his small room. Craning his head upwards he cast his eyes up towards the sky. Stars glinted like gems, even a shooting star swept across, leaving a trail of sliver in its wake. He wondered if the people down below on Earth would have been able to see it. The elder teen loved the stars, he was able to loose his thoughts in them, and not let anybody bother him. If someone asked him one more favour he was going to crack.

Minutes passed, nobody knocked, and nobody asked. A small smile slipped across his face, and he started to hum along to the tune he was listening to, thinking about his hectic day. Now all he needed was time peace and quiet. Still smiling he turned from the balcony and walked into the room, flopping down onto the tatty sofa in the middle of the room. The operative was to tired to even think about turning on the T.V the lad slowly slipped into sleep.


Numbah 86 was in a mood, again, and not for the first time that day. She stormed down the corridors to the room that the operative she needed was sleeping in, and banged on the door, there was no answer. Sighing the teenager typed in the code and pushed the door open, only to see an absence of Numbah 2. Wondering where the other teen would be she called out his name – or rather his numbah. Getting no reply she really started getting pissed off, maybe the boy was sleeping, or he was just to lazy to get off his fat arse.

"Probably both," Numbah 86 muttered under her breath, if she was going to scare the boy, then she was going to scare him good. Suddenly she heard soft soaring, intrigued she tiptoed quietly around to the sofa, only to see the form of Numbah 2 sprawled out asleep. His mouth was half open slightly, and one hand was thrown across his chest, whilst he lent on the other, his long legs were hanging over the edge of the sofa, and earphones were dangling from around his neck. His ginger hair flopped over his now closed – crystal blue eyes … Dammit stop daydreaming!! The girl thought, I was not just daydreaming about Gilligan!! To vanquish the thoughts flying around her head she yelled in the boys ear.


"HOAGIE P. GILLIGAN!! YOU'RE SUPPOST TO BE WORKING!! NOT JUST LAZING AROUND ON YOUR FAT ARSE!!" those were the first words that Hoagie (or rather professionally Numbah 2) heard. With a startled yell he leapt sky high off the sofa. Eyes wide, hair askew, and earphones hanging around his neck, he looked like a rabbit caught in headlights, or more like being caught steeling from Numbah 5's candy jar (not that the boy had tried).

"Waaa??" he asked confusedly, just being ripped from deep sleep, he suddenly recognised his surroundings, "What happened?" he suddenly took in the furious red headed girl glowering down at him. "FANNY?!" he yelled. "What are you doin' here?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Lookin' for ya!"

The teen pushed himself up from the floor, his eyes suddenly flashing with anger. "Please just go away 86," he murmured, the girl didn't see him frantically trying to rub off the oncoming headache.

"You realise how many things you still have to do? And that your shuttle leaves tomorrow?"

"Arrrgg!!" Hoagie threw his arms up in the air, "Shut up!" he dug his hands into his mop of red hair. "Please."

Suddenly realising that something was wrong Fanny approached him cautiously, like a vet going towards a wounded lion that might just snap at any minuet. "Numbah 2? Hoagie?"

Hoagie finally snapped. "Do you want to know what's wrong Fanny!" he spun around. "Everybody's been askin' me for favours, and I just can't take it any more. You think your works hard? I've been repairin', makin' and inventin' 2x4 tech. And stupid damn favours!"

"Hoagie calm," Fanny murmured, this time it wasn't the least bit sarcastic, she knew this guy was going to have a mental breakdown soon. He glowered at her. "Numbah 2 I've told you to calm, and that's a order," the operative suddenly had a good idea. "I'll be back in a min, and take ya shirt off to," she murmured, Hoagie's eyes widened, thinking he'd miss heard.

"Yes ma'am," he replied as she left the room, doing a sarcastic salute behind her back.

"Saw that," there was a 'eep' as she left the room, and she grinned.

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