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A resounding slap echoed across the room, and Hoagie P. Gilligan stumbled back clutching his cheek. Fanny advanced on him angrily, fire in her eyes as well as in her hair, the red head pulled down her top as she did so, and fists clenched at her sides.

"How dare you ask me that Hoagie P. Gilligan," Hoagie jumped up immediately to his defence.

"Once again you've got it wrong Numbah 86," they circled each other, like a two lions fighting each other for territory, it was then Hoagie realised that he was covering the door, and she was near the bed. Oh this was going to be interesting. "Fanny listen to me,"

"No way," she snarled, like an angered lioness.

"You've jumped the gun again, that's not what I meant."

"Oh yeah?" she quizzed. "Then what did you mean?" she realised that she was getting to close to the bed.

Hoagie stepped up towards her. "Stay with me for the night. I'm sorry if what I said was a little bit out of the question," to his surprise Fanny flopped onto the bed, and put her head into her hands.

"I'm such a failure," she whispered hoarsely.

Hoagie was angered, and dropped down to his knees so that he was level with her, taking her hands in his. "Fanny, listen to me," he instructed slowly. "I don't want you to change, just be yourself. You're going through a real difficult time at the moment – I understand what you're going through."

She looked up, her green eyes in slits, "You have no idea,"

Hoagie cupped her cheeks softly, and got as close as he dared. "Listen to me. I went through a really bad time after my uncle died, he was my idol, don't think that I don't know what pain and grief feels like. I nearly had to watch you get decommissioned, and that was one of the worst moments of my life."

Fanny's eyes widened, "Oh," she whispered. "Why?"

"Nobody asked," Hoagie swallowed, "I don't talk 'bout it much anyways." He looked up at her suddenly, and blue eyes met green. It was then the young couple realised how much they had in common with each other. Hoagie got up and then pushed her down onto the bed, so he was straddling her, the action was so fast and so unpredicted Fanny had no time to react, or to work out what was going on. Fanny's eyes went wide, as he dipped his head, nose gently brushing hers.

It was then Hoagie lost all of his cocky confidence, and realised what position he had pulled – or rather pushed – Fanny into. His mind set into panic, and he pulled back, realising what he'd just done. He wanted to run out of the room and bang his head on the wall, but a gentle hand on his arm stopped him. Turning he saw Fanny lying there, a pleading look in her eyes.

"Hoagie it's okay," she whispered, pulling him back down on top of her. A gentle, still slightly oiled hand rested on his cheek. Hoagie gently copied the action, so he was bending over her, right hand placed on her right cheek, and hers on his left. "Hoagie," she whispered, in a steadier voice than her thumping heart. "So who's gonna kiss who?" Hoagie was slightly shocked, but hell he wanted to do it.

"Lady's first…" his voice was laced with his usual bad humour, and a trace of nervousness. Slowly and tentively Fanny moved her lips so they covered Hoagies.


Shockwaves coursed through both of their bodies, and Hoagie groaned, the sexual tension between them finally releasing. Hoagies hands moved from the side of her face, and into her thick red hair. Fanny's arms looped around his neck, and she pressed herself into him. The teen had never felt so protected in all of her life, and it seemed odd that it was in the arms of the guy that she had despised for most of it. Her hands played with the short hairs at the back of the boy's neck. In the need for air Fanny broke away, her eyes opening.

"Wow," she breathed. She watched Hoagie for conformation of the kiss. He looked at her with a hooded expression, and a goofy look on his face, chest heaving slightly.

"I thought you hated guys…" he grinned, trying to ease the tension.

Fanny paused, "Well, most," she grinned up cheekily at him. "But some are different,"

Hoagie grinned, running a hand through her ruby red locks, "I would ask how so, but I think I already answered that question,"

"Yeah, I think you did," Fanny agreed.

"Numbah 86," she looked at him. "Can I kiss you again?"

"Do you really need a answer?" she replied, heart beating furiously. Hoagie planted his lips over hers yet again. This time the kiss was less controlling, giving both of them more freedom. Fanny pulled him down on her, wanting him closer. She suddenly felt one of his hands somewhere else. On her right breast. She gasped at the new sensation, and pulled back slightly, Hoagie again looked like a rabbit caught in headlights.

"Shit Fanny! I'm sorry I – " Fanny stopped him by planting a small kiss on his lips.

"Hoagie it's okay," Hoagie ducked his head.

"I'm sorry," he dropped to the left side her and Fanny felt the bed dip as he did so. Quickly before she could protest he pulled her into his arms. Fanny wriggled a little, trying to get out of his grasp, not wanting to fall asleep. "C'mon Fan," he whispered. "You helped me I'm helpin' you," Fanny sighed in defeat.

"Okay," she replied. "Just for tonigh'," She relaxed into his arms fully. "Wake me up in five,"

"Kay, let them know that we made it," he murmured into her ear, before burying his head into her mane of fiery red locks. Soon all you could hear was the peaceful sound of shallow breathing, and a female's slight wheezy snoring.


"Numbah 91!" a girl called from her observation deck. The stars littered the black velvet sky and earth spun continuously below them. She had her hands stuck into her orange and purple jumper, and her shoulders where drooped, but not in a relaxed position. Two boys sniggered that the other good looking tanned lad, who glowered at them, ignoring the fake kisses, and puckered lips that where made at him. Without turning around the girl sighed.

"44 and 44.5 get on with your chores, and I want you to do 60's as well,"

"What?" they both replied shocked in unison.

"60's at the Artic base doing training, and he left work, I want to talk to 91 alone."

"Fine," they both grumbled, though still grinning to themselves.

91 could see that his best friend was not in a good mood, just by looking at her body posture and feeling her breathing. Reaching the observation deck where she was standing he took in the view. "What d'you need?" he asked gently.

"Just companionship," she replied, shrugging as she did so.

"Cool," he lent on one of the rails that surrounded the deck. "Are you really okay 362?" he asked gently.

His supreme leader shook her head slightly and sighed. "I'm worried about Numbah 86," she explained. "She's going through a really tough time and has no one to get her through it,"

91 looked at her surprised, dark eyebrows raised and crystal blue eyes trying to work out the expressions on his Leduh's face. "She's as tough as a rock ain't she?"

"Tough people normally have something to hide…" she replied, not meeting his eyes.

"Like you?" he asked jokingly, "Tough on the outside, but with a gooey sweet centre on the inside… Waiting to be discovered?"

362 let out a laugh, tucking a piece of blond hair behind her ear. 91 couldn't help but let his mouth go dry, wanting to do that to her just after he'd kissed her senseless.

"91?" she asked him, slightly concerned about his blank phase.

"Er, er… I er," he coughed, and then regained his posture. "I fine," he replied sharply, startling the teen a little.

"I want to see if you can find Numbah 86," 362 ordered, "There was some paperwork that I needed. Also some kids need to be recomissioned into the TND," Fanny and her squad had been promoted into the recomissioning squad instead of just decommissioning, so she had a good bit of both, and was now training the next lot of decomminssioners with Numbah 60, so there where rumours about romance between the pair. But both 91 and 362 knew the truth about 86's secret crush.

"'kay," he gave her a mock salute. They walked down the stairs together, as it was late morning operatives had already started to fill the main room at the moonbase, some sitting on chairs at desks, cramming snacks into their mouths as they typed at a furious pace. Others were whispering together about the whereabouts of Numbah's 2 and 86. Wondering and rumour spreading that they had spent the night together.

"Numbah 91," he turned. "Tell Numbah 2 to go down to the workshop, it'd be great if he could get that T.O.A.T in working operation."

"Sir!" he saluted for real this time, in front of all the people he didn't really feel ready to openly flirt with her at the moment.

"Hey could we find out where he's got to?" 23 joked, his grey eyes shining with laughter.

Both 362 and 91 glowered at him, through narrow eyes, and 362 crossed her arms over her chest. "D'you want to help Numbah's 44 and 44.5 out with their chores?"

Numbuh 23 gulped. "No, ma'am, I mean Sir!"

"Get those reports filed to me in under ten minuets."

"Sir yes, Sir!" the terrified operative saluted and dashed off. Emitting giggles and snorts from the surrounding audience. 362 turned to give 91 another order, but realised he wasn't there; letting a small smile escape her lips she walked back to her office.

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