Author's Note:

I'd like to point out that this is the first chapter of an unfinished story stored on my PC, and I'm not sure if I will continue this at all... but I just wanted to share what I've got with everyone who's interested.

Severus Snape looked around his dark office.

He wasn't really looking forward to yet another year with that class. He remembered how Longbottom managed to ruin yet another cauldron. That boy really irritated him... how could he ever hope to become a capable wizard if everything he touches goes down in shards?

But Longbottom was not the only one from that class he didn't like. Weasley wasn't much better than Longbottom. Miss Granger was an intolerable know-it-all. Potter... well, let's not start there...

It wasn't like his Slytherin charges were all good role model students, especially Crabbe and Goyle... but why did that Gryffindor bunch need to remind him every single lesson that they were a bunch of incompetent fools?

He thought back to the last time when a Gryffindor really liked him... but that memory instantly got disturbed by the memories of that boy who chose her instead of him...

Just before it was time to join the opening banquet, he closed the classroom and started to walk to the Great Hall.

On his way upstairs, he collided with a blonde girl with long pigtails who came running down the stairs. She had a very ditzy look on her face and stuttered while apologizing: "Oh, I'm so sorry about this, Professor! Are you all right? Here, let me help you up..."

"I am fine," Snape replied gruffly. "But aren't you supposed to be in the Great Hall, girl?"

"Yeah, but I kinda got lost and this school is sooo huge... all these stairs and corridors are so confusing. Can you please tell me where to go? I need to attend the Sorting Ceremony..."

"You are a new student at Hogwarts?" Snape wondered. Well, he would refrain from taking off House Points this time, since the girl wasn't even sorted into a house yet.

"That's right!" she grinned. "I'm Usagi Tsukino, and I can't wait for the school year to begin!"

"Aren't you... kind of old for a first-grader?" Snape wondered while staring at the girl with his steely gaze.

Usagi didn't feel worried by his gaze at all. "Well, I'm sort of a special case, you see?" she grinned. "My family has moved here from Japan, and since I can't attend my old school anymore, I was told to go to Hogwarts instead. Of course I need to get sorted into a new house... I sooo hope it's going to be Gryffindor! I heard so many good things about that house!" she gushed.

'She seems more like a Hufflepuff to me...' Snape pondered. "The Great Hall is up these stairs, and then down the corridor... take the door to your left. But use the door at the end of the corridor, that's where the new students are waiting for the ceremony to begin."

"Cool, thank you so much, Professor... um, I didn't catch your name..."

"Snape," he replied coolly. "Professor Snape."

She grinned and gave him the thumbs up. "Great! Thanks, Professor! See ya in class!" And she dashed off.

Snape looked after her as she ran up the stairs, nearly colliding with one of the armors that were standing on the upper corridor. Yes, definitely a Hufflepuff...

"Yes, this school year is definitely going to be fun..." he murmured to himself. Somehow, he doubted that girl would do much better than Longbottom...

He started to walk after her, but then he saw something lying on the stairs. He frowned. Did Tsukino lose that when they collided? He picked the item up. It looked like a red pen with a golden-glittering cap, but on top of that cap, there was a golden ring surrounding the symbol of the planet Mars... but somehow, he doubted that this was a magical charm.

He looked up, but Tsukino was already gone. Oh well, he would just have to give it to Mr. Filch... he would make sure that students would retrieve their lost items.

He put the pen into his pocket and slowly walked upstairs. When reaching the upper corridor, he approached the door that lead into the Great Hall. But what he didn't notice was that the pen inside his pocket was starting to give off a glowing, red light, so bright that it shone right through his robes.

Finally, just before he wanted to go through the door, he blinked and looked downwards... directly into the red light.

"What in Merlin's name..." he grumbled and reached into his pocket. But when his fingers closed around the pen, his whole body got engulfed in the red light...

Dizzily, Snape stumbled backwards and hit the wall behind them. He rubbed his head... yes, this certainly was a great way of starting the school year. Obviously Miss Tsukino left that thing behind to play this joke on him... maybe she was more like a Weasley than like a Longbottom... now Snape was sure to give her some detention after the school year begun.

He glared down at the pen in his hands, but froze when he saw his hand. Never before had his fingers been so sleek, so... soft. And his nails seemed to finely manicured...

He looked down at his body... and gasped when realization struck him!

The door opened. Professor McGonagall, deputy headmistress and Head of Gryffindor, was taken aback when she nearly ran into a young girl with long, raven black hair that was standing in front of her.

"Young lady, what are you doing here?" she wondered. "The sorting ceremony is about to start."

The girl looked up at her with a bewildered expression. "Minerva..." she stammered. "I... I am..."

"You are one of the new foreign students the headmaster informed me about, aren't you?" McGonagall asked. "Well, let me tell you that in this school, students will address their teachers with 'professor', 'sir' or 'madam'. Is that clear?"

"B-but you don't understand, let me explain..."

"I understand that we are late for the sorting ceremony," the deputy headmistress interrupted her. "I was just going to greet the newcomers, so you better come along with me... ah, Setsuna! There you are!"

A young woman with shiny, dark green hair had appeared behind her. "So, ready for the ceremony, Minerva?" she asked. "Oh, you found one of my students! Excellent work!" She walked up to the female form of Snape and shook her head with a smile. "Honestly, Rei, I can't leave you girls by yourselves for a while. Didn't I tell you to wait for me in the Entrance Hall? Let me guess, it was Usagi who suggested to take a quick tour through Hogwarts before the school year begins, right?"

"Huh? B-but I'm not... I've never been..."

"So, where is Usagi right now?"

Snape, or rather Rei, as the strange woman had called her, gestured at the door further down the corridor with a dazed expression.

"Ah, so she already went ahead. Then we should hurry and go after her."

"I'm afraid I'll have to do this by myself, Setsuna," McGonagall intervened. "It is my job as the deputy headmistress to welcome all the new students. Please sit down at the teacher's table. Dumbledore will introduce you to the students when the time is right. Now Miss Hino, please do as Miss Meioh told you and follow me into the Entrance Hall."

She grabbed the confused girl's hand and dragged her along. Setsuna smiled and waved after her. "Have a nice school year!"

Rei was confused. What was going on? Who was that woman? Why did everybody believe she was a foreign student? And how did that pen turn her into a young girl? And most important, why did that name they gave her feel so... so familiar, so RIGHT?

Professor McGonagall shoved her through the other door, where a big group of new students was waiting for her. In front of the group, a blonde meatball head was waiting for her with a wide grin. "Rei-chan! Where have you been, slowpoke? Don't you think this is exciting? I can't wait to see what houses we'll be sorted in..."

That pulled Rei out of her confusion. 'House?' she thought. 'Sorted? ME?'

She really didn't like the way the school year was beginning...

Ron Weasley sat down at the Gryffindor table. His sister Ginny leaned over to him while his pet rat Scabbers peeked out of his breast pocket.

"Where are Harry and Hermione?" she whispered.

Ron shrugged. "McGonagall wanted to talk to them for a while. Dunno why, but if they stay away for much longer, they'll miss the sorting... Hey, Scabbers! Stay here!" He shoved the rat back into his pocket as it wanted to climb out. He shook his head. "Really, Hermione's new cat made him all nervous. He's not really like this."

"Sshh, I think the ceremony is about to start," his classmate Neville whispered.

"Hopefully the new Gryffindors will be good, so we can win the House Cup again," said the Near Headless Nick, Gryffindor's house ghost, who was sitting between Neville and Ginny.

Then the door opened and Professor McGonagall lead the new students into the hall. Ron was surprised to see that one or two of these new students looked like they weren't first graders. They rather looked like they were about his own age.

While the new students stood in front of the Sorting Hat, Harry and Hermione sat down next to him. "Glad we made it in time," Hermione smiled.

"What did McGonagall want?" Ginny asked.

"I'll tell you later, I wanna see the ceremony right now," Harry whispered back.

After the Sorting Hat recited his usual poem about the different houses, Professor McGonagall stepped in front of the new students. "Now, everyone of you will step up in the same order I'll read your names and put the Sorting Hat on. The name of the hose he will shout is the one you will sorted to. Understood? Good!"

Rei Hino, formerly Severus Snape, was getting more and more confused. He wanted to step up and tell everyone that he wasn't a new student, but who would believe him? He had never heard of a spell before that turned an adult wizard into a teenaged witch. And then, there was this unexplainable feeling of familiarity, like he was supposed to be in this situation...

Usagi nudged her. "Hey, are you sleeping, Rei-chan? She called your name, several times!"

Rei shook her head. Best was to get this over with as fast as possible. After the festivities were over, she would go to the headmaster and clear this up. For now, she just walked over to the chair and put the Sorting Hat on, so that her head vanished underneath.

"Hmmm..." came the all-familiar voice of the hat. "Now this is unusual... You are a determined girl, indeed... and you certainly don't want to accept anything just because it happened. But, there is also a certain amount of courage... and determination, oh yes!"

'Don't you dare and sort me into Gryffindor!' Rei thought resolutely.

"Not Gryffindor, are you sure?" the hat wondered. "Well, if you insist... but somehow, I have the feeling as if you have once worn me before, oh yes..."

Rei froze. Could it be possible that the Sorting Hat had recognized her? Maybe he would tell Minerva and put an end to this farce...

But then she imagined what would happen when every student in school would see her and realize that this schoolgirl was in fact their strict potions teacher, Severus Snape... the thought was embarrassing.

"Fine, if you don't want to go to Gryffindor... then I guess I'll just have to put you in SLYTHERIN!"

The hat shouted the last word out loud, and Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson and all the other students from Snapes own house applauded for the new Slytherin girl.

For now, Rei walked over to them and sat down next to Pansy. She could not wait until all of this was over...

One new student after the other was sorted into his or her new house, until it was finally 'Tsukino, Usagi's' turn.

Just a few seconds after the hat was put onto Usagi's head, the hat shouted: "GRYFFINDOR!"

Rei was surprised, but at least that bothersome girl wouldn't be in her own house...

When Usagi walked over to the Gryffindor table, she looked over to the Slytherins and gave Rei a huge grin.

"Is that a friend of yours?" Pansy Parkinson asked. "Too bad she became a Gryffindor... but don't worry, we can all tell you what to do. We'll win this year's House Cup, you'll see."

Rei nodded, but didn't really listen to her former student. She watched as Usagi sat down at the Gryffindor's table, where she was greeted by Weasley, Granger and Potter.

That girl... was the pen really from her? And if yes, why did she leave it? Did she actually know about its powers? She didn't seem too bright in Rei's eyes.

Finally, everyone was sorted into a house, and Dumbledore stood up at the teacher's table. Rei felt a tinge of disappointment, she was supposed to sit up there as well...

"Welcome to your new year in Hogwarts!" the headmaster said while the candle light was shining down on his impressive beard. "In a few minutes, delicious food will appear in front of your eyes, but before that, I have a few important things to tell you. As you might know, a few Dementors of Azkaban are in Hogwarts. They have searched the Hogwarts Express and are positioned at all entrances to the building. I want you not to leave school without permission, and please do not try to fool the Dementors with any tricks or illusions - don't give them any reason to harm you!"

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Now onwards to the more enjoyable news... I am glad to welcome three new teachers at our school. At first, let me welcome Professor Lupin, who agreed to assume the position as a teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts."

While several students and teachers applauded, Rei couldn't feel but anger at the wizard in the shabby clothes. Not just because of the history she shared with that man, but also because he managed to take over the same position she had wanted to assume for quite a few years...

"Next, I must inform you that two of our old teachers have resigned from our school. Professor Kettleburn, our old teacher for Care of Magical Creatures, and Professor Sinistra, our teacher for Astronomy. Our new teacher for Care of Magical Creatures will be Rubeus Hagrid..."

Thundering applause filled the hall, especially coming from the Gryffindors. Hagrid stood up and waved. He looked very proud.

"And your new teacher for Astronomy will be Miss Setsuna Meioh."

The green-haired woman, who was exceptionally young for a teacher, also stood up for a short moment. Rei was surprised. The headmaster never mentioned that he had hired a new Astronomy teacher.

"As you might have seen, a few of our new students are old enough to enter the third grade. That is because they have moved here from faraway Japan, where there is a shortage of witches and wizards. Professor Meioh has accompanied them to make sure that they feel welcome at Hogwarts... which I am sure will be no problem. Well, that is all I have to say. Enjoy your meals!"

And then the usual feast appeared in front of the students, but Rei could not really enjoy her meal. She was hoping that this was over quickly, so she could talk to the headmaster in private...

At the Gryffindor table. Usagi had just introduced herself. "I guess I'm gonna be in your class," she giggled when Harry told her they were the third graders. "This is so cool, I mean, I never expected to be here. Hogwarts... wow!"

"I'm sure you'll like it here," Hermione smiled. "I'll have to show you the library one of these days." Harry and Ron rolled their eyes.

"You are speaking English very well," Ginny remarked. "Are you the only new Gryffindor from Japan?"

"I think so," Usagi nodded. She gestured over to the Slytherin table. "My friend Rei over there is the only other Japanese girl."

"She became a Slytherin?" Ron wondered. "Wow, that really sucks..."

Usagi shrugged. "As long as we can still see each other between lessons... oh, this is really good!" she mumbled as she stuffed some potatoes into her mouth.

"You're right about that, Hogwarts food is really..." A sharp hiss interrupted Ron and he looked down at the basket next to Hermione with a frown. "Do you have to keep that cat around?" he asked with annoyance. "You know how he's around Scabbers..."

"That's not true! You really can be annoying sometimes, Ron! Artemis would never harm a fly... isn't that right, Artemis?"

The white cat with the unusual crescent moon sign on its forehead purred as she gave him a tiny bit of chicken.

Usagi looked down at the cat while nobody else was looking. Artemis noticed her stare and winked. After a while, Usagi smiled and winked back. Then she resumed eating.

After the festivities were over, Rei tried walking over to the teacher's table right away, but Pansy stopped her. "Hey! Where are you going? Our common room is this way!"

"H-hey, let go!" Rei protested. "I need to talk to Professor Dumbledore..."

Pansy giggled. "You really think Dumbledore would bother with you now? You just arrived, girl! Wait until you helped Slytherin gain a few points, then you can ask our house teacher, Professor Snape, to take you to the headmaster."

Rei knew that Pansy couldn't possibly suspect that she was Severus Snape, but she still tried to struggle out of Pansy's grasp. "But I... you don't understand..."

"Hey, just be careful not to make our house lose some points because of your own reasons, okay?" Draco said as he glared at her. "We have lost too many times to those Gryffindors and perfect Potter... God, how I hate him and his oh-so wonderful scar..."

Rei could sympathize, but she still needed to reach the teacher's table before Dumbledore was gone. But, now that all of the others students were streaming towards the hall's exit, it was nearly impossible to go the other way, so she finally gave it up with a sigh and walked with the other Slytherins to their common room.

Up from the teacher's table, Dumbledore smiled as he watched after both Rei Hino and Usagi Tsukino. "Well, how did I do?" he whispered to Setsuna Meioh, who was standing next to him.

Setsuna smiled. "Excellent! I couldn't have done it better myself. Now we better leave, or else Mr. Filch will miss his new cat..."

Dumbledore smiled. "You're right, of course... Minerva, please make sure that this place gets cleaned up. I will go to bed now, I guess all these preparations have been a bit tiring..."

Professor McGonagall nodded. "I understand, sir!"

Dumbledore and Setsuna left the hall and entered a small room right next to it. In here, Setsuna carefully closed the door and made sure that nobody was around. Even all the paintings that usually hung in this room have been removed.

"I guess we are safe now," Setsuna said. 'Dumbledore' nodded.

Setsuna took out a shiny pen and held it into the old man's direction. "Turn her back," she commanded.

In a swirl of colorful lights, the figure of the headmaster shrunk down until only a small, black cat was left. She had the same crescent moon on her forehead as Artemis.

Luna shook her head. "Boy, that was weird. Taking human form is confusing enough, but impersonating a man as old as Dumbledore... really irritating, I'm telling you!"

"Still, I'm glad you did it," Setsuna smiled. "And I'm sure the real Dumbledore will give you his thanks as well, once he returns. But for now, I believe it's best if you go back to Mr. Filch."

Luna grimaced. "All right, but don't expect me to like him or his cranky old cat, Mrs. Norris... This time, Artemis really got the better part of the deal."

"And remember, be careful not to speak when students are around," Setsuna advised her. "We can't fail now, our plans are far too important! And all these Dementors around really don't make the job easier..."

"What did I do to deserve this?" Rei murmured to herself. She was lying in a bed in the Slytherin girl's dormitory. She had been very surprised to find luggage she had never seen before, but that was supposed to be hers. It contained school books, girl clothes (including a female Hogwarts uniform) and everything else a student at Hogwarts needed. If that was supposed to be a joke somebody played on her, that somebody took a lot of trouble to prepare all of this.

But while she might be wearing a girl's nightie right now, she was determined that tomorrow, she would go to the bottom of things. That new teacher, Miss Meioh - she was bound to know something. If that Rei Hino girl was an actual person, there must be a reason why she had to take her place. And while Severus Snape was willing to do much for this school and Dumbledore - playing the part of a young schoolgirl was not one of these things!

The next morning, when Rei woke up, she didn't open her eyes right away. She was hoping that if she opened her eyes, it would all have been a bad dream.

Her hopes were shattered when she opened her eyes and saw the long, black hair hanging in front of her face.

She grimaced. "What if all the other teachers would see me now... lying in the girl's dormitory, wearing a girl's nightgown. If they knew it was me, they would surely be quite amused... but this ends today, or my name is not Severus Snape!"

She dressed herself and went into the common room, where Pansy had been waiting for her.

"About time, sleepyhead," the other dark-haired girl smirked. "Here, I got these timetables from a Prefect. It says here that our first lesson today is Astronomy. You already know the way to the Astronomy tower, do you?"

Rei took the timetable reluctantly and nodded. "Yes, I know my way around Hogwarts, thank you very much..." she grumbled.

Pansy was taken aback. "Gee, are you always grumpy in the morning, or is this just how you are? Anyways, I'm kinda wondering what classes with Miss Meioh will be like... I always thought that Professor Sinistra was an old nag. Tell me, what's Miss Meioh like?"

'I wish I knew...' Rei thought to herself. 'I wish I knew...'

"We should hurry if we don't want to be late," she muttered and left the common room.

Pansy scratched her head. She couldn't make heads or tails of that girl.

Setsuna welcomed her new students in the huge Astronomy classroom in the Astronomy tower. Sometimes, they would have studies in the evening, so they would be able to study the stars more easily... but when Astronomy was the first lesson of the day, it was mostly a theoretical lesson.

"Hello everybody!" Setsuna greeted the Slytherins. "I am here to teach you more about the mysteries of the stars and planets. I am sure that Professor Sinistra has taught you many things, but let's see if there is something I can still put into those heads of yours."

Draco huffed as he sat down at his desk. "Great... our new Astronomy Teacher is a real joker..."

With a wave of her wand, Setsuna summoned a magical model of the solar system that was hovering across her students' heads. "Now, I'm sure that by now, you know of all the planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto."

"Excuse me, Professor!" Blaise Zabini raised his hand. "Isn't Pluto supposed to be a 'dwarf planet'?"

"No, it is NOT!" Setsuna hissed instantly. Blaise shrunk down in his desk. Rarely had he ever seen a teacher that upset, except maybe Professor Snape, when he was scolding Longbottom...

But Setsuna calmed down pretty quickly. "Listen to me, everyone, there might be a few narrow-minded folks that want you to believe that Pluto is a so-called 'dwarf planet', but believe me when I'm telling you that THIS IS NOT THE CASE! It is a full-fledged planet and will always be!"

"All... all right..." Blaise muttered weakly.

Satisfied, Setsuna nodded. "Now, let us talk about the moon..."

"The moon?" Draco huffed. "But that's basic stuff! We covered the moon the first year in Hogwarts!"

"I doubt that could have learned all of the mysteries that surround the moon within one single year, Mr. Malfoy. There are MANY thing humanity still doesn't know about the celestial bodies, and that includes the moon. Now, who can tell me how the moon is called in Latin?"

Pansy raised her hand. "It's Luna, ma'am."

"Excellent! Two points for Slytherin! Now, there are many names the moon has been called, and there have been many goddesses in human mythology, including Luna, Selene, Artemis, and many more. The moon has always inspired humans for aeons, but no tale is more mysterious than that of the Moon Kingdom.

Rei blinked. She had never heard of that one before.

"Moon Kingdom?" Pansy asked. "You mean a kingdom of people that have prayed to the moon?"

"No, I'm taking about a kingdom of people living ON the moon. Now, there is no proof that such a kingdom has ever existed, but I want you to know everything what ancient stories tell us about that kingdom."

General disappointment was taking over. "Oh great..." Crabbe groaned. "As if the lessons of Professor Binns weren't boring enough..." Next to him, Goyle nodded.

"I will pretend I didn't hear that for now, Mr. Crabbe!" Setsuna frowned. "Now, it is said that the Moon Kingdom was ruled by a queen, who was protected by a group of loyal, female warriors, the Sailor Senshi..."

When the lesson was over, Pansy and her friend Millicent walked over to Rei. "There's still some time left before Care for Magical Creatures begins... I'm telling you, this fool of a groundskeeper is always good for a laugh. You wanna come with us?"

Rei sighed. "I don't have the time, I have to talk to Professor Meioh. It is very important."

"Oh... okay, then maybe another time."

"Why are you even bothering?" Millicent whispered when she and her friend left. "That bitch obviously thinks she is so better than we are, just because she's Japanese..."

"I don't know... maybe she's just lonely," Pansy shrugged.

Millicent looked at her with wide eyes. "Don't tell me you pity that girl."

"Of course not!" Pansy snapped. "But she's a Slytherin, obviously. We need to make her feel as part of us, so she won't be slacking off. You want us to win the House Cup this year, do you?"

"Well... that's one way to see it, I think..." Millicent murmured.

Meanwhile, Rei was walking up to the desk. Miss Meioh was looking at her with an amused grin. She looked like she had already been waiting for her.

"Hello, Rei! So, how did you like your first day of school?"

"What is the meaning of this?" Rei shouted. "Is this some sort of conspiracy? There has never been a girl named Rei Hino, am I not right? There was only Severus Snape, and what became of him is standing right in front of you!"

Setsuna smirked. "Such temper... you really are suited for this role."


"Never mind..." Setsuna sighed. "Listen, there is a good explanation for this..."

"An explanation? I don't care about your explanation! I demand that you turn me back to normal this instant, or I'll report you to the headmaster!"

"I'd like to inform you that the headmaster knows what is going on," Setsuna said in a serious tone of voice. "In fact, he was in favor of this plan."

"Plan? What plan?" Rei wondered. "Listen, I'm not in the mood for jokes. Whatever spell of charm you used to do this to me, take it off!" She pulled something out of her pocket and waved it around in front of the Astronomy teacher's face. It was the pen that started this whole mess. "It has to do with this thing, hasn't it?"

Setsuna smiled. "Bravo, you noticed that pretty well. Just so you know, that 'thing' is called a transformation pen, and it holds the power of Mars."

"Of... of Mars?" Rei wondered. She raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Since when does a planet have magical powers? Don't tell me you believe in the nonsense the centaurs are teaching..."

"I am telling you that once, there have been people who used the magic of the planets to protect a certain individual... and if you have listened to my lesson, you can already guess who that person is."

Slowly, it dawned to Rei. "The... queen of the Moon Kingdom?" she murmured. "But that story is..."

"It is not a mere legend, if that is what you're trying to say. In fact, I can say for certain that the Moon Kingdom has existed for a far longer time than any other human kingdoms on Earth."

"And how would you know that if the most skilled wizard researchers don't know about it?" Rei asked in a skeptical tone.

"Simple: I was there when the Moon Kingdom came to its end," Setsuna explained.

Rei snorted. "That's ridiculous! You would have to be ages old if that was true. And the Sorcerer's Stone wasn't even known in public back then."

"Nicolas Flamel is an old friend of mine," Setsuna frowned. "But I did not live this long because of his creation. I live this long because I am a Sailor Senshi. Sailor Pluto, to be exact!"

Rei blinked. "Sailor... Pluto?"

"That's correct! Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time, at your service!"

Rei was confused. "But if all of this is true, then why... why did this transformation pen turn me into a girl?"

"Why, just because it recognized its rightful owner."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Simple, Rei-chan!" Setsuna chuckled. "The soul of the true Sailor Mars is sleeping within you."

Rei stared at the green-haired woman for a while. "You are lying..." she finally whispered.

Setsuna shook her head. "I assure you that I am not lying. After the last Senshi to carry that title died in battle, her soul searched for a new body to be reincarnated in. But for some reason, the huge amount of magical energy throughout Hogwarts attracted her soul like a firefly was attracted to the light. And for whatever reason, it chose you to be its new host. And ever since the soul of Sailor Mars entered your body, Rei's identity was dormant, deep inside you. The transformation pen just awoke your true heritage."

"What heritage?" Rei was furious. "I am Severus Snape, a male wizard and teacher, not a schoolgirl or a magical warrior of ancient times! That soul corrupted my body, so take it out!"

"I can't do that," Setsuna said in a sad voice. "Believe me, I would have tried that if I could. But your and Rei's soul have irrevocably merged with each other. You are now one. Congratulations, Severus Snape, you are now the new Sailor Mars."

Desperation was spreading through Rei's heart. "But... but that would mean my life as Severus Snape is over..." she muttered.

"No, you're wrong!"

Rei blinked. "Excuse me?"

"You can still live as Severus Snape AND as Rei Hino," Setsuna explained. "For now, you still have to learn using your new powers, as you have never used your Senshi form yet. But given a few months, I'm sure you'll be able to transform at will."

"If that is the case, I will turn back to normal as soon as I can and never turn back," Rei growled. "And when that happens, I will personally destroy this thing!" She shook the transformation pen around angrily.

"You do not want that," Setsuna said softly. "Believe it or not, but you are Rei Hino as much as you are Severus Snape. And if you try to suppress one half of your ability, you will only harm yourself. I will give you as much time to get used to this new situation as you need, but when you are ready, I would like to ask of you to help me."

"Help YOU?" Rei's eyes widened. "With what?"

Setsuna smiled. "Help me find the rest of our missing Senshi, of course! Usagi-chan and you are the only ones I managed to find. I'm sad that your memories haven't returned by this point, but that's okay... you will remember in time."

"There is nothing to remember! I am not that girl!"

Setsuna sighed. "Fine, I told you everything for my part. Now that you know what is going on, wouldn't you like to meet your teammate?"

"What? That klutz? No thank you!" Rei huffed and crossed her arms.

Setsuna couldn't help herself: She broke out in a fit of giggles.


"Oh, nothing!" Setsuna chuckled and wiped a tear out of her eye. "It's just that right now, you reminded me so much of the old Rei I knew, it was amazing! Very well, if you really want to believe me, let us talk to the headmaster. I am sure that he will be able to convince you."

Rei was surprised. "Dumbledore... knows about all of this?"

"Oh yes," Setsuna nodded. "And he's much more part of this than you might think... Shall we go, then?"

Rei raised an eyebrow. "And what about 'my' next lesson?"

"You are excused for now. Now come along, we don't want to keep the headmaster waiting."

"Lemon Drop!" Setsuna called out, and the gargoyle in front of Dumbledore's office moved aside. Rei followed the Japanese woman inside, hoping that the headmaster would be able to put an end to this farce.

They walked up the stairs until they were in front of the office's door. Setsuna knocked.

"I'm co-oming!" shouted a high voice, somebody giggled and a crash followed. "Oopsie!" the same voice exclaimed, and then the door opened up.

Rei stared at the blonde girl in the Gryffindor uniform. "Y-YOU?" she shouted. "What are YOU doing in the headmaster's office?"

"Nice to see you too, Rei-chan!" Usagi giggled. "Hi Setsuna! Did you tell her everything?"

"Well, almost! She didn't believe me, though, so I thought it would be best to bring her here."

"Okeydokey, then I guess it's best to turn back to old and wise, huh?" She raised a decorated brooch. "Moon Prism Power, turn me back to... oops, maybe I should include Rei this one time. She still has to learn how to do it herself, right?"

Setsuna nodded and Usagi raised her brooch again. "Moon Prism Power, turn us back to our old selves!" In a flash of bright, pink light, the forms of the two young schoolgirls vanished, and instead, two men appeared.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore smiled at the stunned face of Severus Snape. "Hello, Severus!"

"D-dumbledore!" Snape stuttered. "You... I mean, you and me... I..." He looked down and felt his whole body. "I'm back to normal!"

"In a sense," Dumbledore said in his calm voice. "Rei Hino is a part of you as much as Usagi Tsukino has become a part of me. I do not really know why exactly Miss Tsukino's soul chose me instead of someone else, but since so many people are telling me that I am one of the most powerful wizards in this time - which is still debatable - I believe that the soul of the Moon Princess and at the same time, leader of the Sailor Senshi, might have chosen me, Albus Dumbledore, for that reason. And after Miss Meioh explained everything to me, the memories started to come back, one after another." Dumbledore stroked his beard. "And I must say, I am quite flattered."

"That... that clumsy girl is supposed to be the Senshi's LEADER?" Snape barked.

"Usagi-chan may be clumsy, but she has a good heart and cares a great deal about every living thing on this planet," Setsuna explained. "As soon as Rei's memories come back, you'll realize that as well."

"Headmaster..." Snape hated nothing more but pleading, but he felt that he had no choice in this matter. "Please, tell me that you are not serious! You can't possibly accept what is happening. This woman is using us! What's keeping her from turning Hogwarts into her new kingdom? We should inform the ministry at once and..."

"Cornelius?" Dumbledore had to snicker. "Do you really want to tell HIM what happened here?"

Snape quickly deflated. "No... of course not..." he sighed. "But Dumbledore..."

"Severus!" Dumbledore said in a very stern voice. "I know this must be very confusing for you, but it is for the best. Believe me, your work as a teacher won't suffer from this. You will turn back to Severus Snape whenever you want to, once you've learned to use your pen. It is a gift, believe me! I've learned to appreciate it." He then took a look at a colorful magazine that was lying on his table and took a look at it. He smiled.

"This is ridiculous," Snape groaned. "Is this why I have proven myself to be your ally, Dumbledore? I was your spy when the Dark Lord was at the peak of his power, and I..." He hesitated when he saw how the headmaster wasn't listening at all.

That made him angry. "STOP READING MANGAS WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" And he snatched the manga out of Dumbledore's hands.

Dumbledore's lower lip quivered. "You're a meanie..."

"And you're a big crybaby!" Snape snorted and stuck out his tongue.

Dumbledore stuck out his tongue as well, causing Snape to stick his out even further.

Setsuna sweatdropped when she witnessed the all-familiar tongue war. She cleared her throat. "Um... gentlemen?"

Both Snape and Dumbledore stopped what they were doing. Dumbledore coughed and looked down at the floor in embarrassment, while Snape was downright shocked.

"Why... why on earth did we act like that?" he shouted.

Setsuna smirked. "Well, that's what happens if you suppress your other self for too long: She will break free even when you're yourself. Accept what you are, and you will have no such problems."

Snape clutched his head. What horror had his life become?

But... deep inside him, he couldn't help but feel... happy. Happy that he/she finally found her friend and princess...