How I Perceive You

(( A/N: So…I'm not all that big on Klavipollo, so I wouldn't be expecting more. Sorry. ))

How I Perceive You

A fanfiction by: Mr. Trite

Scowling, the young attorney sat with one leg crossed over the other, twiddling with his thumbs as he waited. Accusing brown eyes looked around the messy room. Getting bored with twiddling his thumbs, the man- Although, he looked more like a boy- huffed and crossed his arms. Rolling his head back, he looked up to the ceiling, the light beams coming from the skylight making him twitch slightly. He honestly didn't know what he was doing here. When he had found that letter taped to his office door, inviting him to Klavier Gavin's home, he had laughed. He should have declined, he realized now, or simply ignored it. After all, it seemed to Apollo like the only thing Klavier loved- More than himself and women- was making fun of him.

The place was incredible, but not in the good sense. Disdainfully, Apollo looked around him, blinking with a disgusted look on his face. Was that…Was that a zebra print rug on the floor? Numerous posters littered the walls surrounding him, advertising rock oldies in their precise glass casing. The Beatles, Elvis Presley… The real deal, Apollo recognized with very little shock. The man was a world sensation; of course he could afford them. This place was the exact image of a bachelor pad. A rich kid's bachelor pad. Hard to believe that Apollo was two years younger than the guy- His house didn't look like this, that was for sure.

A door in the house slammed, causing Apollo to jump. His heart was racing, and the defense attorney put his hand over it in order to settle himself down. Man, was that loud. Klavier appeared soon after, holding two brown bottles in his hand. Apollo scowled again- should have figured. Klavier always shut and opened a door with his boot rather than his hand. "Been waiting long, Herr Forehead?" he asked with a large grin. The rocker placed himself down on the couch just as Apollo nodded.

"Took you long enough." Apollo scolded, causing the older man to laugh. Still grinning with that same gleam of amusement in his blue eyes, the blonde extended his arm to offer the brunette one of the two brown bottles in his tan hands. Apollo merely stared at it.

"Beer?" Klavier offered. He shook the bottle in his hand so that the liquid sloshed against the rounded sides of its glass home. Apollo simply shook his head in response.

"I don't drink." stated the defense attorney. Klavier looked at the younger man as if he had grown wings.

"You don't?" The disbelief was obvious in Klavier's face, causing Apollo to chuckle. Oh, yes. Klavier was a total party animal. Shaking his head with a slight smile, the defense attorney took the offering, just to make him happy.

"Fine." Apollo said, trying to force some form of aggravating into his voice. "After all, I guess just one wouldn't kill me, right?" This question was asked with indifference, although Klavier must have seen it as genuine, as he laughed and nodded in agreement. Apollo smiled and Klavier, who smiled back, and took a dainty sip. Automatically, the defense attorney could feel the alcohol's warmth surging through his blood stream, a slight buzz coming into his mind. Similar to an underage teenager taking their first sip of alcohol, Apollo smacked his lips, getting used to the taste. "Not bad, I guess." he said, taking another sip, "Not bad at all."

"Ja." Klavier answered, taking a swig from his own beer, much difference from that of Apollo's curious sipping. "Of course, you're probably not used to booze of this quality. Imported straight from Germany, you know. Only those of us in the limelight can afford it." Klavier laughed at his own fortune and took another swig, earning an almost envious glance from Apollo. Lucky bastard.

Truthfully, Apollo was not used to booze, period. A stupid mistake back in High School had kept him off the stuff for good. It was probably due to this lack of experience that made him giggle at Klavier's joke, following his glance. "Yeah, probably." Apollo reasoned. "So, besides me robbing you of your 'Special German Beer', what'd you invite me here for, anyway? It's not like you." Klavier laughed- Actually, it sounded a tad forced- and propped his feet up on the coffee table.

"Well, aren't we a party pooper?" Klavier smirked and patted the top of the other man's head as if he were a dog. Apollo really didn't understand that guy, sometimes. Was he an enemy, or… Suddenly looking over at Apollo with crystalline eyes, Klavier sighed. It almost looked as if he were bothered by something. These were creases present in the rocker's face that Apollo didn't even know his facial muscles knew how to create. Unable to place what it was Klavier would be so bothered by, Apollo polished off his beer and waited. Sighing yet again, the prosecutor spoke.

"Apollo." This caught the younger man off guard. 'Apollo'? No 'Herr Forehead'? Who was this guy, and what the hell had he done with Klavier Gavin? Apollo straightened in his seat, totally alert. This, he realized now, was important. "Listen…we're friends, right?"

Friends? It was something he had never really considered up until now. As far as Apollo was concerned, Klavier thought of him as a joke, nothing more than a little pest on the opposite side of the courtroom. And here he was, asking if they were friends? Apollo shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Those eyes…It was almost impossible to look away. They were so… "I…I guess." What was Klavier getting at, anyway? And why was he so nervous to find out what the blond truly thought about him, anyway? Klavier was stupid, so very stupid…The rock star smiled softly at his 'rival', so softly that Apollo really had to look in order to see it.

"That's good." Klavier said, nodding to himself. "Real good." Looking the brunette over, Klavier then seemed to flinch. "Say, can I ask you something?" Still confused, Apollo nodded dumbly. Just what was Gavin's deal, anyway? If this turned out to be some kind of joke… Apollo felt heat crawl up his collar. It probably was, and he felt like a fool for falling for it. He should have known. After all, Apollo had a gift. He could pick up people's actions like others picked up words on a page. And, for as long as he'd known him, Klavier Gavin had never seemed as nervous as he did now. And obvious act, then- After all, Klavier was an entertainer. "Can I…Can I touch your hair?"

Apollo blinked. His hair? Out of all the things Klavier could have asked him, he wanted to play with his hair? "Err…Sure, go ahead…" And wasn't that funny, because he was set to deny him. No sooner had the permission been given, Klavier started playing with the twin antennae. Cleaning his throat, Apollo looked away in order to hide his face, which was about as red as his trademark vest. Just why was he blushing, anyway? Trucy played with his hair all the time, and he had never felt like this before. It was almost as if the prosecutor's opinion mattered to him…Which it didn't. That's what he liked to tell himself, anyway.

As Klavier's calloused fingers slowly trailed up and down the two brown stalks, the defense attorney felt the tips brush up against his forehead. He could have sworn his blush grew deeper. It felt so nice…Embarrassed, Apollo took sudden interest in a faded stain in that ridiculous zebra rug of Klavier's. He didn't want to know where it had come from.

"…me?" Looking up from his troubled thoughts, Apollo stared up into Klavier's almost beautiful blue eyes, his brown ones blinking in confusion. A soft laugh escaped from the older man's lips- He had noticed. "I said, 'What do you think of me?'." It was another odd question. What did he think of Klavier, anyway?

"Uh…" Klavier looked desperate, as if his life depended on the very answer. "I guess you're a pretty cool guy and everything, although you are acting kind of weird right now. What's up?" Do to his questioning, Apollo hadn't noticed Klavier's hand had moved from his hairline to his shoulder, rubbing it gently. He did now.

"Apollo." Klavier's voice was stiff. He sounded way too serious for Apollo's comfort. He squirmed in his seat, his nerves flaring up. Was it just his imagination, or was Klavier's face a lot closer than it was ten minutes ago? "Do you…Do you like me?" Apollo, in response, turned crimson. Just what kind of 'like' was he talking about, here?

"A-Alright, Klavier, enough or your tricks! Tell me what's going on, right now!" He was practically shaking. Klavier's face was definitely closer now.

"Apollo, just… just don't hate me for this. Please…" Before the defense attorney had the chance to react, he felt something truly amazing. Klavier's lips, softly pressing against his own. And, for reasons unknown, Apollo felt himself pushing back, his eyes shut. The man's lips were warm, inviting. So, when the two pulled away, breaking their connection, it was the emptiest Apollo had felt in twenty-two years.

Klavier looked just about as shocked as Apollo felt. It seemed as through neither of them had been expecting the other's kiss. Klavier kissed him again, causing the young defense attorney to wrap his arms around the prosecutor's neck. He didn't want Klavier to part from him, ever again. "Gott, Apollo…"

Gott, indeed. Apollo felt himself melting into the older man's arms as he wrapped them around his much slimmer frame. They were strong, but not constricting. Nowhere near. Nice and snug, Apollo pressed his head against the older blond's chest, positive he was ticking his chin with his hair. Klavier was kissing him, leaving trails all over his face. "Apollo," he breathed, "Gott, I love how young you are. So innocent, always looking for the truth. Oh, Apollo Apollo Apollo…" The younger man wasn't listening. A slow smile had begun to crawl onto his face.

"My answer," he started, "is yes." This caused Klavier to look down, confused. Apollo started to explain himself. "I'm answering your question from before. 'Do you like me'? And I said yes. My answer is yes. Actually, I like you a lot, Klavi." After the confession, a blush came onto Apollo's face, and he grinned up at his 'rival' sheepishly. "Can I call you 'Klavi'?"

'Klavi' chuckled and nodded. "Of course you can, Apollo. I'd let you call me anything. But only if I get to call you 'Polly'." Giggling, 'Polly' nodded. His suspicion was gone and replaced with something a lot stronger. He just didn't know what. Smiling, Apollo leaned up and kissed Klavier again, a quick peck on the lips. He felt Klavier's arms wrap around him tighter and kiss back. However, this wasn't what one would call a 'cute' kiss, a peck similar to Apollo's. No, this was longer, deeper meaning behind it. Apollo whimpered under the sudden change of pressure.

Klavier's body pushed against Apollo's, causing him to fall back on the couch, his head hitting one of the soft throw pillows instead of the hard arm rest. Staring deeply into Apollo's rich brown eyes, Klavier raised a hand up to the defense attorney's face and traced one of the younger man's cheekbones with his ring finger. "Apollo…"

The touch made Apollo blush, and his name caused it to go deeper. If he kept this up, he'd start loosing blood, fast. Klavier's eyes were so mesmerizing, so blue… As soon as the kiss landed on his jaw, Apollo began to understand just why Klavier had invited him that night. The young man shifted uncomfortably under Klavier, not only because of the realization, but because, as Klavier continued to kiss him, a slow bulge was beginning to form in his pants. He winced-It was a feeling Apollo wasn't used to. When he felt Klavier rub up against him, just as hard as he- If not harder- Apollo came to the conclusion that the two should have been doing a lot more than just kissing. "God Klavi, I…"

Apollo moaned the rest of his sentence as Klavier continued to kiss his neck, occasionally pausing to suck. Already panting, Apollo knew by feel that he was leaving marks. Finally breaking away from the skin, kissed raw, Klavier's sharp blue eyes met Apollo, glazed over with lust. "Apollo." Klavier said yet again, his breathing a bit faster, "I…I want to make you feel good." Shaking, Apollo found the ability to nod. Did that mean what he thought that did? As the defense attorney's crotch throbbed, he closed his eyes and exhaled. Oh, he certainly hoped so.

As Klavier's hands roamed down his body, sliding under his shirt to feel his chest, Apollo spoke. "Klavi…How long have you…you know…wanted to make me feel like this?" Klavier's answer was spoken softly, yet not quite a whisper.

"The first time I ever met you. Remember, that time in the park? You were just a college kid, about eighteen or nineteen, I think. Music festival. I was one of the opening acts." Now that Klavier mentioned it…Apollo's eyes went wide with a surprise, an amused smile playing onto his lips. He did remember that. A long-haired blond man with a guitar had spoken to him for a while as was walking the neighbor's dog. A man he would have liked to meet again, just one more time.

"Yeah…You had shorter hair back then." This made Klavier laugh out loud, shocking Apollo in just the slightest.

"I had just started growing it out back then." Smiling, Klavier placed a kiss on the tip of Apollo's nose, causing the man below him to giggle. "But that was then, and this is now, ja?" Moving his head downward, Klavier's lips brushed against Apollo, and in that instant the defense attorney forgot that the conversation had ever existed. The rocker licked Apollo's lower lip, and he opened his mouth, allowing Klavier to explore. As he did this, their hips grinded together, causing Apollo to moan, begging for the sensations to continue. Or, something else entirely.

Klavier seemed to have picked up on this. Removing his tongue, Klavier broke his lips away from the panting Apollo. "You sure?" he gasped lightly, and Apollo managed to bob his head up and down, nervous. Returning the nod, Klavier's hands moved quickly down to Apollo's waist, where he unhooked the belt around his pants in expert time, then undoing his own. Finally, Klavier yanked off Apollo's pants and boxers all in one sweep. The brunette turned his head, in order to turn away from the sight of his own throbbing erection. It was confirmed to both of them- He didn't want Klavier. He needed him.

Apollo felt Klavier settle in between his legs, and he held his breath. It took him all he had not to weld his eyes shut. This was going to hurt. This was going to hurt, and he knew it. "Apollo."

Managing to look up, the defense attorney found himself staring into the deep, blue eyes of Klavier Gavin. He didn't need to look anywhere else to know he was smiling. "Don't worry. I'd never hurt you, okay?" Once again, Apollo nodded. His hands clambered up the prosecutor's back and gripped him by the shoulders, his support. Letting out a pant, Apollo tried to weakly return the Oh my God he's inside of me.

It was impossible to notice at first, that's how softly Klavier had entered him. Upon realization, Apollo moaned- It did hurt, but at the same time it felt so damn good. He let Klavier push into him again, which created another moan in Apollo's throat. "K-Klavier…"

"Use your hips, Apollo." Klavier whispered, his voice rising in pitch slightly. Did that mean he was enjoying this, too? "Show me how much you want this…" With a little whimper, Apollo did as he was told and moved his hips forward, resulting in a buck much stronger than he expected. He looked to Klavier for evaluation, who simply nodded. Apollo noticed the thin line of sweat dotting his brow. "Good…But a little slower, ja?" Apollo tried again and Klavier groaned, a good sign. "Nngh…Ja, just like that…Gott, Apollo…!" Content, Apollo kept at it, moaning when he felt Klavier pump in and out of him. It did not take long for their bodies to rock in unison.

That's when the kissing started. Apollo felt his skin burning with craters wherever Klavier graced it with his lips. His chest, his neck… Once they actually hit Apollo's mouth, he was fully prepared. Except this time, there was an added element- Klavier's tongue. It slipped suddenly into the younger man's mouth, running against the roof of his mouth and occasionally dipping down to play with the other. Apollo moaned again, which echoed Klavier's. Being able to hear Klavier's passion along with being able to feel it got Apollo even more excited- His hips bucked more rapidly, which seemed to please Klavier, who drove faster into the brunette, yet not hurting him. The kissing was proving more to Apollo's liking than the…the…sex. Was that really what they were doing? Having sex? It just seemed like there was so much more to it than that. Sex was something always described as dirty, but how can something so dirty be so good?

'Gott, Polly, you're so soft…So warm…" Klavier's compliments were barely heard over the blood pounding in Apollo's ears. He couldn't believe how amazing this could be. However, there was something…Well, wrong here. Wasn't Apollo supposed to do anything other than rock his hips? It felt wrong, making Klavier do all the hard work. It didn't just stop, did it? Suddenly, Klavier traced Apollo's bottom lip with his tongue, causing the man under him to moan gratefully. "Do you want me to help you get there, Polly?"

'Get there'? Apollo's cheeks flushed as he realized just what Klavier meant. Ah. Disappointed that he hadn't been able to do it himself fast enough, Apollo whimpered a response, nodding his head. He was instantly comforted.

"Shh…Come on Apollo, don't worry about that…Shh…" Apollo hugged Klavier closer to him, which the blond accepted graciously. He then planted a soft kiss in the middle of the defense attorney's forehead. The gesture was almost funny, it was so ironic. After all, that forehead of his was the main reason Apollo felt so lousy whenever he was around Klavier. However, any of these thoughts- And by that, he meant any thought at all- blew away like dust in the minute Klavier put his hands on his cock.

"Ah…Klavi!" Apollo shut his eyes tight as Klavier pumped his hand up and down his length, each time bringing a new set of sensations down Apollo's spine. Throwing his head back, Apollo felt his hips thrust forward, craving the guitar-string calluses of Klavier Gain's fingers. That, combined with the fact that the prosecutor was still pumping inside of him, was a true force to be reckoned with. Klavier's mouth was over his ear, his breath hot. "Say it, Apollo…Scream my name…" That was enough. With a loud cry of Klavier's name, Apollo Justice came messily into Klavier's awaiting hands.

The feeling was amazing, but nothing compared to what happened next. Klavier screamed something incomprehensible- Although it sounded similar to Mr. Gavin after a bad day in the office. And if Apollo's coming was amazing, the feel of Klavier coming inside of him was indescribable. Apollo gasped for breath, his face red from the screaming and panting. "K…Klavier…"

Feeling Klavier pull out of him, the rock star was suddenly lying on top of him, just as breathless as the young defense attorney beneath. He stroked Apollo's face gently. You could see the disbelief in both their eyes- Did that really just happen? Could anything really feel that good? Klavier laughed softly and shook his head, his blond hair trailing softly over Apollo's chest, his vest and undershirt undone. When did that happen? The only thing Apollo felt he could do was hang on to Klavier's- his lover's? - back and pant.

"You have court tomorrow, right?" The question came unexpectedly, and Apollo looked up. Actually, he had barely heard it- After all, his senses were just coming back to him. Unable to form real words, Apollo nodded for probably the millionth time that night. Klavier's laughed. There was apparently something funny about Apollo's paralysis. "I figured." Klavier pushed himself off of Apollo's body and sat on the couch, Indian-style. Instinctively, Apollo crawled up into the older man's lap, not wanting to be left alone. Klavier accepted him graciously. "That Herr Hobo is such a dictator. I'll give him a ring for you, ja? Tell him you're sleeping over?" Reaching behind him, Klavier grabbed his shiny red cell phone, which had been resting on the table beside the couch. Apollo reached up like a stray bullet and grabbed the man's wrist. Klavier looked down, confused. "Hmm?"

Apollo's cheeks were pink. "Wait. Don't you think he'd…uhm…you know…"

"Piece everything together?" Finishing Apollo's sentence for him, Klavier chuckled and placed the phone back down. "You were just laid by Klavier Gavin. You don't want to brag about it?" When Apollo shook his head, Klavier rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his face. "Fine, we'll call tomorrow then. What time do you need to be there?"

"Two." Apollo answered quietly, leaning against Klavier. The rocker said something after that and laughed, but Apollo hadn't heard him. He was too lost in his own thoughts. And Klavier continued to talk, his lips close to Apollo's ear, the defense attorney shut his eyes and quickly fell asleep, not knowing that Klavier was already carrying him to bed.