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Chapter 1: Betrayal

Sakura sigh...

" You shouldn't sigh so much Sakura." She turned to her Shishou in her office door way.

" Good after noon Lady Tsunade." Sakura said standing and bowing.

Tsunade shut the door behind her walking in.

" Do you need something Lady Tsuande?" Sakura asked as she watched her teacher sit at the chair in front of her desk and then look to her with Amber eyes.

" Where's my Sake Sakura?.." Sakura grinned.

" I have no clue Lady Tsuande." She lied. Tsuande frowned.

" Sakura not Lie to this old woman." Tsunade said Sakura rolled her eyes.

" Lady Tsuande...You do not need Sake to do your paper work last time you signed a war treaty against Suna!...I won't let you drink while handling important documents."Sakura said stubbornly. Tsuande scowl.

" It was only a few glasses Sakura...Just give it back your taking the only plesure in my life..." Tsuande said.

Sakura rolled her eyes.

" Lady Tsunade with all do respect Shizune-san said not to give it do you until you finish ALL your paper work and only then. So until you finish it or Shizune-san comes back from her mission I will not be giving it to you."Sakura said. Tsuande pouted.

" Sakura-Chan." Said a voice as her office door opened.

" yes Sayuki?" Sakura asked looking to the Dark haired male at her door.

" Ah Lady Tsuande forgive my interruption." Sayuki bowed. Tsuande waved it off.

" Pay no mind. Say your business to Sakura..." Tsuande said looking to the nineteen year old male...Only a year older then Sakura herself.

"Sakura-chan...He is asking for you again..." Sayuki said rolling his eyes. Sakura sigh standing.

" Very well I'll be there in a moment...Sayuki thank you...Lady Tsuande if you'll excuse me, I have a pest to deal with." Sakura said bowing to Tsuande as she exited. Leaving Sayuki with Tsuande.

" lady Tsuande I must get back to work no-" He was cut off by Tsuande's voice.

" The Uchiha again?" She asked Sayuki was a bit surprised then nodded.

" He's been coming almost every day this month...He's always asking if Sakura is off yet and if he can ask her to sparr later...If I didn't know any better I'd say He was smitten." Sayuki said sighing

Tsuande frown...'Smitten huh...' She thought.

" Has Sakura said anything about him?..." She asked Sayuki. He looked at the Hokage surprised then shook his head.

" No not really just...that he was getting annoying..." Sayuki said Tsuande smirked well at least she didn't have to worry about her Daughter-like- apprentice.

" Ah..Thank you Sayuki you may go back to work now..." Tsuande said he bowed...then locked his Scarlet eyes with her Amber ones.

" I don't want her to be used by the Uchiha." Sayuki said. Tsuande raised an eye brow.

" I'm sure she will Know better..." Tsuande said smirking at the boy.

' The Uchiha's not the only one who's smitten Sayuki.' She thought chuckling ..Sayuki gave her a confused look.

He bowed then left...


Sakura walked down the steps of the Hospital to find Sasuke at the front desk waiting with a scowl.

" Sasuke." She said loud enough for him to hear. He turned so fast she hoped he didn't get whiplash.

" Sakura finally!" He said walking over to her quickly and grabing her hand pulling her to the front door.

" Mizumi...I'm taking a break I'll return for my second shift tonight." Sakura called over her should the woman behind the desk paled.

" yes Sakura-sama!" She said...

" Do you want me to call Tsuande-Sama?!" She called back Sakura shook her head and yelled out back since Sasuke wouldn't stop pulling her she was almost out the entrance now.

" No thank you Mizumi! I'll be fine!...It happens enough!" Then she was out the door being dragged to The Uchiha compound. She sigh and let Sasuke lead her there.

" Sasuke-Teme!! Let go of Sakura-chan your hurting her!" A loud blond yelled running up to them both. Sasuke let out a aggravated sigh as he turned to the blond Known as Naruto Uzumaki.( Wonder if I spelled that right?)

" Dobe go away this has nothing to do with you." Sasuke's voice sounded lower witch meant he was mad for being interrupted.

Sakura sigh.

" Naru-kun it's fine...Hes not hurting me..." Sakura said Naruto blushed suddenly at that nick name.

" Sakura-chan I told you not to call me that with people around!." Naruto said she smirked...and Sasuke's grip tightened on her hand. She sigh instead of wincing like she was going to. He had a tight grip already on her wrist.

" Calm down Naruto..." Sakura said shaking her head.

" I was just teasing...I'm sure Hinata is waiting for her training with you and I'm sure Neji isn't happy to be left waiting..." Sakura said Naruto paled.

" AH! I FORGOT!! I have training with Hina-chan in 2 seconds!" Naruto yelled and kissed her cheek, she rolled her eyes flinching a bit with Sasuke's grip.

" THANK YOU SAKURA-CHAN!!" Naruto yelled and ran away waving over his shoulder. Sakura sigh.

Sasuke contiued pulling her toward his home...she just followed.


Sakura was slammed into a tree. She winced and lept at the Uchiha who had his Sharingan Blazing.

" You shouldn't use so much Chakra will damage your wrist..learn to Chanel it a bit better first." Sakura said Sasuke blushed and paused.

" Sakura Why did you agree to help me?" Sasuke asked...looking away from her she sigh and paused standing in front of him. She bonked him on the head. He winced and looked up at her surprised.

" Your a part of my team You asked me to help teach you how to control your Chakra better...I helped Naruto when he asked and its not like you to ask for anything so I figured I take the rare opportunity."Sakura said simply sighing as Sasuke gave her a glare.

" What did you teach Naruto?" Sasuke asked narrowing his eyes at her. " And when?" He added. She sigh again, it was true she needed to stop sighing so much...

" About a month ago he asked me to help him with his genjutsu...Just like you asked me to help with your Chakra control Sasuke." She said. Sasuke frown more.

" Oh..." He said she shook her head Sasuke was harder to deal with then Naruto.

" Can we get back to training now I have to go back to work in a few moments..."Sakura said Sasuke frown once more he looked a bit disappointed she figured it was since she had to leave and couldn't train him more, but yet she knew that wasn't all the reason. She sigh and ruffled his hair much like Kakashi does.

He glared. She grinned.

" Sakura what Have I told you about treating me like a kid?" He asked. She smirked.

" Not to?..." She said. He scowl at her.

"I'm only three months younger stop gloating about being eighteen before me." Sasuke said she smirked.

" Shame...I think its cute..." She said he glared, she grinned.

" Anyway Sasuke I have to be leaving now...I'll see you in a week to see if you progressed and Stop bothering Sayuki and Mizuki...they have work too...I told you I'll train you every week not every day...stop trying to force yourself... You don't have that much Chakra to use when I train you...Take a break at least once every week and try to not use your all your Chakra when you train its bad for you." She said and waved as she started to walk off toward the hospital.

" Wait." Sasuke called out she turned around looking at him.

" Yeah?..." she asked...

"" He blushed she raised an eye brow it was rare for Sasuke to blush unless he was really embarrassed...He had come back cold after he killed Orocihmaru but time with her and Naruto softened him alot. Specially time with his pink haired Ex-teammate.

" Sasuke I have to go..."Sakura said hand on her hip she really did have to go...she would go home and shower then get to work.

" You can take a shower here...can't you?..." He asked she raised an eye brow again he never seemed to not amaze her even now.

Sakura sigh she knew it he just wanted to keep her with him longer. She wondered when he would ask her out if ever..she knew Sasuke had feelings for her..truth was..she loved Sasuke but as a brother was kinda too late for Sasuke to like her ...but she sigh and nodded to Sasuke who smiled a bit...he had also been doing that more..well if only around her...she was glad he opened up to her..but he could at least do it with every one else to it made her feel uncomfortable sometimes.

" Thank you Sasuke I guess It is closer and saves me the trouble of going home...and you have my extra work clothes here...anyway so..." Sakura said ...she rolled her eyes...she kept a extra pair of her hospital garb at Sasuke's house and Naruto's...well she kept one at Naruto's cause she had to sometimes stay the night when the Baka was sick or injured on a mission,he hated going to the hospitals so she had to treat him alot at his home or hers.

Sakura followed Sasuke to his bed room strangely he was fiddling...she rolled her eyes leave it to Sasuke to realize he had emotions and hormones at the wrong time...she sigh quietly..why her?...

He showed her his bathroom and went to grab her clothes out of his closet...she shook her head...he was always prepared for her stay..He was like a different guy when she stayed over...

He knocked as she brushed her teeth...she spit rinsed and answered the door letting her hair out of its ribbon so it floated down her back to her waist he watched her hair then shook his head and handed her her extra work clothes...she thanked him.

" Sakura...I er...would you like to stay tonight?..." He asked she some how knew he would ask no its not like he would ever try anything he hadn't yet..he always asked her to stay when she trained with him...The reason he said was to thank her she figured it was because he was possessive not wanting her to leave him and stay with Naruto or go to work...or so he could brag about it who knew..Sasuke annoyed her most of the time sometimes he was okay. Sometimes.

" not this week..." She said.." Naruto asked me if he could spend the week since his apartment is being fixed from him puting a hole threw his own wall." She said rolling her eyes.

" Naruto is staying alone with you? For a week?!" Sasuke asked not believing it she nodded. Sasuke glared at the floor she shook her head.

" Don't worry Sasuke I can stay some other time. I don't want to leave Naruto at my house alone." She said smirking...Sasuke nodded. She shut the door getting undressed to shower..she sigh...looking at her bruised wrist...she healed it. Sasuke needed to learn self control sometimes.


Sakura walked home sighing...she had alot to sigh for...Naruto and Sasuke are hard to deal with there was only one of her after all and they always fought over that one. It should make her happy to be loved...but ...she had a feeling..They didn't love her like she loved them...She loved both and Kakashi too...They were her family...yet Sasuke was attracted to her and Naruto loved her. Sometimes she wished they would leave her to her job and missions...they stressed her out..she hadn't seen Kakashi in a while she made a note to visit her old Sensei tomorrow.

Sakura walked into her unlocked house and was then glomped by a Blond blur.

" SAKURA-CHANNNNNNNNN!!" Naruto yelled hugging her she sigh and nodded.

" Hello Naru-kun did you eat?" She asked he nodded. She ruffled his hair and kissed his for head he blushed.

" I'm going to bed Naru-kun..." she said...Naruto frown and let her go, but just to pick her up. She didn't protest and he carried her to bed.

" Sakura-chan you look so tired did Teme bug you that much?" Naruto asked, she shook her head.

" No its fine...I'm just tired I had alot of work earlier...Thank you for carring me up here." She said he nodded laying her down. She sigh and cuddled to her pillow and feel asleep Naruto frown caressing her hair softly.

" Sakura-chan your working to much..." He said and kissed her cheek lightly surprised to find her cheek hot..he pulled back feeling her head. He scowl. She had a fever she really was working her self too hard...

" Stay here Sakura-chan I'll get Tsuande-baa-chan!" Naruto said and created a shadow clone to stay with Sakura and then left to get Tsunade, who he knew would still be at the Hokage tower.


Naruto burst threw the Hokage's doors making Tsunade jerk awake about to scold Naruto until she saw his panic stricken face.

" TSUANDE! SAKURA HAS A FEVER!!" He yelled surprising her when had he ever called her Tsuande and Sakura only her name.

Then it registered in Tsuande's mind and she stood and followed Naruto to Sakura's house.


" She has a fever from lack of sleep and over working herself...She should be fine if she rests Naruto..." Tsunade said relieved it was only this and not a sickness.

Naruto collapsed beside Sakura's bed...

" you should sleep too Naruto." Tsuande said Naruto nodded and crawled into bed with Sakura Tsuande rose and eye brow at this but payed no mind. If he was going to get beat up by Sakura she wouldn't interfere.

Tsuande left after that letting Sakura and Naruto sleep.


Sakura's jade eyes went wide as she felt a Chakra signature close by. She cursed as she found Naruto clinging to her in his sleep..he really got grabby in the night...she frowned. She sunk out of Naruto's grip and jumped out her opened window running toward the familiar Chakra.

Her vision went black but she kept going and soon it cleared she sigh...She had a fever she knew it..but she didn't have much Chakra to heal her self.

She came to a halt in front of the familiar Chakra.

" Sakura-san...I would request your assistance for a while."She looked at the Orange haired man.

" Leader-sama...What do you need?" She asked. He smiled at her.

" First of all You haven't been found out yet have you?..." Pein asked. She shook her head.

" No leader-sama.." She said bowing her head. Pein smiled.

" Your a very good Spy Sakura-san." She nodded her head to Pein.

" Thank you leader-sama." She said.

" I have made a mission for you the Hokage will send you on and you will be encountering all our members...we will kidnap you...and a few months later you will escape..Konan will be have her child soon." Sakura nodded.

" yes Leader-sama." She said.

" Until then Sakura-san." He said and left she nodded and was heading back home sighing... Then she felt it...She cursed..

" Come out here." She commanded Sasuke jumped down weapon in hand.

" Your with Akatsuki?! For how long!?" He asked shocked, she sigh.

" What do you want with me Sasuke?..." She asked.

" I won't tell any one if you help me get closer to Itachi so I can kill him." Sasuke said she could tell he was hurt by her betrayal. She rolled her eyes disappearing from his site.

" And what makes you think I won't just kill you now?" She asked in his ear he tensed as he turned around to stab her surprised he actually did...his eyes widened she winced.

" Why didn't you douge?..." She sigh...

" Your an idiot." She said then fainted Sasuke was shocked...what the heck?! He picked her up..he cursed...

He just stabed her and she couldn't fight back she had a fever great...just great.

Sasuke carried her home...he was shocked to see Naruto in her bed he looked down at the pink haired girl in his arms, were Naruto and her together?...why was he in her bed if they weren't he cursed...


Sakura awoke to here Tsuande cursing Sasuke alot...she frown and sat up wincing at her stomach as a sudden sharp pain ran threw her...

" Are you sure your not insane?!" Tsuande yelled Sasuke growled.

" She came to me asking to train...I agreed I didn't know she had a fever!..." Sasuke yelled back it confused her..what the heck she never agreed to train with him last night then it all came to her and she cursed. Both looked at her.

She gave Sasuke a cold look, she frown.

" Sakura how do you feel?..Your fever broke and your cut was healed although you maybe a bit sore."Tsuande said she nodded.

"I feel fine Lady Tsuande... " Sakura said and got out of bed Tsuande glared at her but she walked to her bowing not showing how it hurt to do so.

" Sakura you should stay in bed a few more days..." Sakura looked at Tsuande.

" I have things to do Lady Tsuande.." Sakura said and grabbed Sasuke's hand and poofed away, To the Uchiha compound.

" Listen Sasuke...I will help you I suppose...I will ask Tsuande to let you on this mission...but you will have to fight him your self...I warn you though..You will not win..." She said Sasuke scowl at her.

" I will." He said she rolled her eyes.

" Its your life." She said shaking her head.

" Why are you with Akatsuki Sakura?.."Sasuke asked, she frowned.

" Pein came to me asking me to be the Akatsuki's medic..He was having trouble with Konan...his agreed to help...I was sick of doing the same thing here in Konoha its like this every I figured to Except Pein's offer and became Akatsuki's medic and Spy." Sakura said looking at her nails as if it was the simplest thing in the world to do..maybe it was to her.

" but why would you betray the village?..." he asked she gave him a look.

" you one to talk Mr. I-ran-off-to-a-gay-snake- pedophile-to-get-stronger-Thus-betraying-my-village." She said He scowl she smirked.

" But why with Akatsuki why with Itachi?..." The look in his eyes were lost..she frown.

" Pein asked me not Itachi...I don't see him much anyway...He doesn't get injured much or at all for that matter...I didn't join for Itachi..."Sakura said sighing once more.

" But still..." Sasuke said she rolled her eyes.

" In a week Tsunade will get the Mission and I'll ask if you can join it." She said he nodded.

" Have they asked you for Naruto yet?" Sasuke asked she gave him a look.

" No...They ask me to spy on him...and the village but they want to retrieve him them selves..Plus Itachi doesn't like to fail...and the only mission he has, is to retrieve Naruto it makes him aggravated." Sakura said Sasuke frown.

" So Itachi wants to capture Naruto on his own?..."Sasuke asked, she shook her head.

" Kisame too." He nodded understanding.

" And I won't tell anyone.." Sasuke said she smirked.

" No you won't." She said disappearing her cursed then felt a sharp pain, then was out. Sakura caught him around the waist easily shaking her head.

" He'll get killed trying to Fight Itachi." Sakura said frowning...She lifted him and walked to his bed room where she restrained him with Chakra rope to his bed posts.

She wondered when he would ever learn not to trust the enemy...

End Chapter 1:

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