She walks into his room with tears in her eyes and a ribbon in her hand and kisses him with a sob. And it's not like he's not in love with her. Damn, is he love with her. But he knows he's not the one she wants; he's not the Syaoran she knows. It would be wrong of him to let Sakura convince herself that he could replace his other self. He thinks that if she kisses him hard enough, he might just lose himself and finally forget. Actually that's all Syaoran wants right now, is to forget and for her to kiss him harder, which she would probably do if he would just kiss her back.

But he doesn't, because that would be selfish. He is many things, but he is not selfish. And he doesn't deserve to forget anyway. It would be wrong to forget that she's kissing him right now, but she's not kissing him right now. So he forces himself to turn to stone until she carefully pulls away with another sob and walks out without looking at him. And as he sits on his bed, head in hands, telling himself over and over that her heart is more important than his own, it's all he can do not to crack.

This random drabble just popped into my head. It's probably incredibly inaccurate, because I haven't yet seen or read any part of Tsubasa with Real Syaoran-- I've just heard that it happens. Oh, well. It is what it is, I guess. Enjoy.