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Yay for the name game:
Takuya – Davis
Zoey – Aura
Teruo – Flint
Teppei – Terran
Katsuharu – Sawyer
Kouichi – Leon
Kouji – Lowell

Chapter 7:

I woke up first the next morning. Chiaki had her back to my chest while Lowell had her head in his. Flint and Leon had ended up on the floor. I carefully got up, and smiled when Chiaki seemed to bury her head deeper into Lowell. I slipped into the kitchen and was greeted by Kari and Tai. Rather than speaking Tai held a finger to his lips and gestured to Kari's room. Once in the new room, Tai closed the door.

"Care to explain what happened last night?" Tai spoke with the strangest mixture of confusion, concern, and curiosity. As I looked at both their faces I realized this could be my opening. If I started with the truth here than maybe, just maybe they could accept more of it later on. I closed my eyes.

"When we were four, all of us, and by that I mean, Aura, Flint, Terran, Sawyer, Leon, Lowell, Tommy, JP, Chiaki, and me. We-" deep-breath "-we were there for the bombing of Shibuya station. The ten of us were all huddled in a corner, and around us was utter chaos. It's the reason Chiaki has night-terrors. They're not nightmares but memories." I slowly open my eyes to the shocked faces in front of me. Of all the possible answers they had thought of that hadn't been one of them.

"That's...What I mean is...oh hell, I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, it happened a long time ago. Chiaki is just a little shaken, she'll be fine. This isn't the worst dream she's had." Life whould be so much easier if it where.

"Fine, just as long as you're sure."

"Wait, I think you both forgot about something," other than the fact Kari was in the room, yes, or at least Tai had. I had hoped my story would also distract them from other parts of the dream. It worked for Tai but not Kari, unfortunately.

"The place she described in the beginning, it reminds me of the Dark Ocean." Kari's held her hands together but I could still see them shake as she spoke.

"I don't know why or how she knows about that." I was telling the truth, I had never really described the dark ocean.

"Do you think she has a connection to the Digital World."

"Let me talk to her."

By late morning all the warriors in my living room. Chiaki had still been out of it when we walked her to my place. Jun had gone out to give us so much need privacy

"Chiaki, do you know what you dreamed?" She was seated on the couch next to me, the rest of the group surrounded us on the floor.

"It felt different and similar at the same time. The beach," a serene look went on her face,"It was like becoming Ranamon again. The feeling of peace, being so close to the water. I could feel the other spirits too. The connection, for a moment I had it back. Then there was the change.

"I felt the spirits fighting something, a force that dragged them away. The forces that they balanced and protected where vulnerable. Something else taking them over. I think it knew I could take control from it and... and, it was just so... hostile. I was pushed back to that day, and the usual nightmare."

While she had been talking she had pulled out her D-tector. By the end it was clutched close to her chest. Looking at here I had a revelation.

"Everyone, check your spirit." I held mine to my chest,"Reach past it to the connection to the Digital World." I felt Agunimon and BurningGreymon, but when I went further, the line that connected them to the other world was blocked. My fear confirmed. I looked and saw the same reaction from the others. Then all hell broke loose.

It was odd, knowing a part of you that you had never thought about but always knew existed was gone. Ever since I had come back I had always know that if I tried I could feel the fire of the DigiWorld. When I had first gone there with Kari and TK I had had to resist the urge to show the power over digital flame that I had. I never thought I would regret that choice. But there was no use wasting time.

I led the lot of us to the school. This had taken president over everything else, Chiaki's dream was now only relevant in that it brought this to light. Once we were at the school I opened the portal and brought everyone though.

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