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Rainbow-Hearted Cuts

"Fuck!" Randy yelled as we shoved through the backstage of the arena, making out. Not once did we care who saw us or what they would care because our minds were to entangled we the passionate liplock. We had just finished our match together and we just couldn'thold it in anymore.

I Averted my eyes from his and looked behind me to where we were headed, the men's locker room. There it was just in reach. I pushed Randy harshly against the door, cornering him. I left his soft lips to suck on his tan muscular neck. He started to softly mewl with his deep pants. It was like a calling card to me. I bit down hard enough to leave a bite mark. He yelped in suprise and i blew on the bite with cool breath.

"Dammit Babe!" Randy complained. He flipped the position around and by pushing my ass up with his arm, he made me wrap my legs around his waist. He attacked my lips again. As we kissed, one of his hands searched for the doorknob.

We came rushing into the locker room. I looked around and saw that no one was in there (and this time i actually listened for water sounds from the shower). We let go of the kiss to breath and i gave him a nod. Randy understood and closed the door, locking it with ease even if i was in his arms. Then, he carried me over to the bench and sat me down.

Backing away slightly he began to pull down the his knee pads, then ring bottoms. His hard member came out to veiw and it looked angry. Randy stepped out of his bottoms and stood there, only left wearing his boots and wrist tape. "hmmm, I'd pay to see you wrestle like this," I mused. If possible i became harder.

Randy smirked. "You don't have to pay for it," he said, stepping back to me. He pulled my muscle shirt up and off of me. Crouching down, he started to work on my shoes in end leaving the bear. His strong hands worked from my ankles, up my thighs, to the button of my pants. He slowly took them off of me, making me impatient.

I pushed Randy off and continued his work. In a second I stood before his sitting body, in the complete nude. His blue eyes gave me the most sexy lust filled look.

I knelt down infront of him. Randy arched an eyebrow at me before I gave sly grin. I lifted up his right leg and brought the laces up to my lips. Teasingly slow, I pulled the shoelaces undone, then slipped off the shoe. I gave the same treatment to the other boot.

Randy leaned forward and lightly kissed me. I savored the taste of his mouth. We both stood and walked over to the showers, hand and hand. I guess he was thinking what I was thinking.

This one was diffent from the one in the last arena... it had stalls. We went into the closest one. As I turned on the water he wrapped his arms around me from behind. "you want bottom today, don't you?" I asked.

He nodded against my neck.

"Nope," I smiled, then pushed him against the wall next to us. I ground my hips against his and felt his cock twitch at the contact. We kissed again before he wrapped a hand around my member. I almost lost ballace at the strong hand. "Oh Fuck!"

My eye sight became hazy as he messaged his thumb into the pre-cum coated head. Now he couldn't just let me have all the fun. I let three of my fingers get sprayed by the shower water and didn't hesitate when i pushed them into his opening. Randy's hand dropped to his side as he screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Jeff!" He moaned as i sissored my fingers, making his tight opening stretch. "I want you... in me!" His breath was heavy and his whole body flushed.

I complied, removing my digits. I turned him around so he faced the wall. forcebly, I bent him forward so his nice round ass stuck in the air. I lined him up with my dic and slowly pushed in. He was still so tight, but i'll change that. I'll fuck him so hard he'll be as open as a slut.

"More," Randy panted. The word drove me wild. I thrusted the rest in, hard. In and Out, I set the pace. But, he couldn't stand the slowness and pushed back against me, penotrating himself faster. "ah!"

"Beg," I ordered. It's always a good feeling to be in charge. I pulled out half way then rammed back in, making his cock leak.

"Please!" He cringed as I reached over, grabbed his member, and began to massage it. "Faster. Make... me cum, please!"

I thrusted in a new pace, faster and harder. My movements were frenzied but powerful. I could feel in the pit of my stomach that i was almost there. "Almost- Ah!"

Randy squeezed his but cheeks together, making the space around my cock smaller, as I continued to increase my pace. I couldn't see his face at the moment but, I knew he was smirking, or at least trying to.

Then, my seed gushed out into his opening. There was so much, that some of it seeped out. I road out the ejactulation, giving on last huge ram in. Randy gave the most wonderful sound, a mixture of a scream and raspy moan. He came all over my hand.

I pulled out, turned him, and gave him a breathless kiss. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I sucked on it. We tongue wrestled for a mintue before coming up for air. I looked down and realized he was still hard. It made me fully hard again at the image. Hmph, Randy was a horn dog, good. "Let me get that for you," I smiled

I was about to crouch down, when he grabbed my arm. He gave me a smirk and spoke. "I want to taste you, too."

With a chuckle, I laid down under the steamy water spray, and watched him crawl atop of me, but facing the opposite way. Randy Pulled my dick into his mouth and automatically started to take me whole. I moaned out. He gave a small but sharp bite against my member and I understood his message to do the same to him. I took the hard cock before my eyes and pulled it into my mouth. I sucked on it like it was the only means of living.

Randy moaned, the voice vibrated against me and I, too, moaned. His talented tongue ran up my length as he pulled away some. The only thing left in his mouth was the head, in which he nibbled on. Uncontrollably, I thrusted into his hot, moist cavern. He almost choked, in which made him decide to hold my hips down. What can I say I love biters.

My hand moved to fondle his balls a bit, then it headed north back up to the familiar opening. I slipped 3 fingers in with ease and searched around for his sweet spot. Randy took me whole again an I could feel myself almost there. And so, I moved my fingers faster, pushing in deep, as my mouth worked also. Randy moaned against my member again and then practically jolted forward. Found it!

I pushed my fingers against the sweet spot. Randy continuesly moaned with out a pause. But he never forgot his task at hand and sucked me so so hard. My fingers curled against the prostate and he raked his teeth and made his long tongue do wonders.

We came in unison, swollowing around eachother. His bittersweet cum ran down my throat and it was the tastiest thing I've ever had, right after Randy's kisses. Randy tried to take down all of it but couldn't manage and spit a bit out. He rolled over to the tiled floor, panting. Then he sat up and pulled me up too. He pressed his lips against mine, harshly, bruising me a little. I could taste my self in him and knew he could taste himself too. His strong hands raked through my multi-colored hair.

"I think we should wash up now," Randy smirked as a loud knock from the door outside disrupted our kiss. I nodded and stood. I took the liquid soap and slattered it on my abs. I guess the arenas were going to provide liquid soap in the showers now, or Vince decided to do it. This one was blue this time and smelt like the ocean.

Randy turned my head and kissed me chastly. "I better go to another stall or we'll never get out of here," he said his member half hard. I chuckled and he moved to another stall.

The next week came so joyfully. That was until I decided to never tell Maria anything. She almost pointed the kiss cam at Randy and I. Yes, so I told her everything. I even told her about how after the sex in the showers in the men's locker room, we found that it was Batista knocking on the door and how we thanked him. She said it was like a gay fairytale. I slapped her upside the head, calling her stupid. If she wants a gay fairytale look at Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. Now that is Homo.

I asked her If John was okay.

"yeah he's just really lost in this," she responded. Well I'm not suprised. Randy is John's best friend and he had no idea that the rd generation superstar was gay. I chuckled.

"No stealing my boyfriend now, you hear?" Maria joked.

Honey, I'm with someone i love, John doesn't even match up."

We called room service up to my room. Nothing special, just some snacks and a bottle of fine wine. Randy sat by my side, our backs against the board, sipping from our glasses. I was so happy.

His hand squeezed mine. He brought his lips to my neck, his breath hot and sweat. "I can't stop thinking about you."

I smiled."Hm, I do give that side effect. Others may include dizziness, drowsiness, occational ass soreness, mostly accuring after sex." I couldn't help but tease. Randy pulled me against his body. "oh baby."

Our lips metfor a sweet kiss. Randy quickly took control. He crawled aop of me, his hands gripping mine. "I love you so much," he said. "the way you smile. the way you can make me laugh. How your never afraid."

"I'm not that couragous," I said.

"how's that?"

"I was afraid of telling people I was gay and afraid to tell you how i truly felt."

"you're not the only one," Randy smirked. We locked lips again. "so," he cleared his throat. "When did you know you were gay?"

"Hmmm, had to be when i was in highschool. There was a cute kid in my art class. We started talking and became friends. Well one thing led to another and we lost our virginaty to eachother. Hmmm, he had cute dimples," I said. I really should stop teasing. All well. "On his ass."

I'm starting to get jealous," Randy blushed alittle or it could be anger. Awww he's serious. So Adorable!

"How about you, when did you know?" I asked. ... What? I'm curious. So shoot me.

"The first time my eyes set on you...," He whispered. "... And my cock went hard." There was that smirk, again. Awww what a sweet thing to say. It made my heart flutter.

"Is that right?" I asked. My hands unlaced from his and i moved them to cup his ass, giving a small squeeze. "Care to give me a preview of that?"

Randy lifted himself up and took off his shirt. Then, he moved to remove my own t-shirt. I started to pull down his sweats...

Well I would go into more detail but, you see, this isn't one I want to commentate, it's so X-rated that it'll surpass you wildest dreams. Hmmm, lets just say it was some night...and morning...and lockerroom time before our match.

Something has been bothering me though. Is it me or do I sound like the bitch in this relationship? NAH!

Hmmmmm what do I love about Randell Keith Orton? I love his smile, his soothing voice, how he can hold me in his arms making everything alright,...the way his blue eyes glaze over when I fuck him... Insert smile here. I love every little thing about him. And I would never have guessed he loved me as well.


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