Dear Booth,

Hodgins and I are running out of both air and time, but you'll find us eventually. I ask you not to blame yourself for our deaths; I know with your alpha male macho tendencies you will think it was your fault, that you could or should have done more, but I know you and you did whatever you could to save us. Just catch the Gravedigger for us.

I need you to know something that I would never say if I did not know we were not going to make it. I love you. You are a great man and I would not trust anyone else with as much as I have. Tell Angela that Hodgins bought her a three thousand dollar perfume, I know she'd have loved it. Soon I'll see if you've been right all along about your religious beliefs on what happens after death. I hope you have luck with Cam and don't let what I told you stand in the way of being happy.



Three days later the bodies of Jack Hodgins and Temperance Brennan were found. Each had a note in their hands and a peaceful look on their faces. The search team gave the notes to the ones they were addressed to and went on to clear the rest of the debris from around the video so they could excavate the car. Booth slowly walked to his car and got in before opening his partners last words. When he finished it he leaned back as the tears streamed down his face.

"I love you too, Bones" he muttered, "I'll try to be happy for you."