OK two more animals and then I can go back and crawl in bed with my husband. Rosalie thought as she neared in on another deer. She was still young and had to feed more then the others and so she left out this morning when Edward noticed her eyes. After Carlisle saved her she was so mad at him that she barely talked to him. One day Edward came into her room and they started talking and Rosalie knew at that moment that she was in love with Edward. Edward had smiled when he heard Rosalie say in her thoughts "I love him." There courtship had been short only dating for about six months before getting engaged and married a month later. Today was actually their one year anniversary and even though all she wanted to do was stay in bed with her husband she wanted to make him happy to and so she went hunting.

Rosalie was about to attack the deer she had in her sights when suddenly she heard a scream. She ran to the clearing where she heard the scream and saw a giant grizzly bear attacking a man. She launched herself at the bear and snapped its neck. Not able to resist the smell of blood, she drank all that the bear had to offer. When she finished she looked warily at the man before her feet. She picked him up and ran the distance to Carlisle where she knew the man would be safe.

As she ran, she looked over the man. He was huge with muscles and under the blood she noticed he had short curly brown hair. When she got in a distance where she knew Edward could hear her she screamed in her mind Get Carlisle I have a man. She found more speed somehow and ran faster to the house.

When she got there she noticed Carlisle waiting with his bag and with Edward. As soon as she got to the living room she laid him down and felt arms encircle her and lift her and carry her away. She turned around and kissed Edward.

"Rosalie, I can't save him unless I bite him." Carlisle said looking up from the mass of man that was on their living room floor.

"Do it. I just have a feeling that he's important to our future." Rosalie said as she took Edward hand and walked up to their room. Right before they made it to their room they heard the man scream. Rosalie fell into Edward's arms and allowed him to carry her and place her on their bed.

"Edward, did I do the right thing?" Rosalie asked as he wrapped them in a blanket. They could hear Carlisle put Emmett in the room down the hallway. His screams had died down

"I really do, baby. His mind was just repeating 'I don't want to die. Please don't let me die' He wanted this Rose bud. He saw what you did to the bear and he wants to be what you are." Edward said as he leaned down and kissed his wife.

"I love you, Edward." Rosalie said as she cuddled closer to his chest.

"I love you too, Rosie." Edward said not expecting the pillow that suddenly hit him in the head. But when he looked over at Rosalie he could see she was smiling. She hated that nickname but when Edward said it she didn't care.

Rosalie was actually happy. She had the man she loved and somehow she knew this new man would be good for the family.