4 months later

I was six months pregnant and everything in life was going perfect. Mine and Emmett's relationship was still going strong. We were practically living together in his house. I had graduated early and was focusing on becoming a mom thanks in large part to Esme's help. Emmett was going to college even though we had told Charlie that he was going to go to work. I had a strange feeling that Carlisle had something to do with this. He probably showed them Emmett's bank account.

I looked up and saw Emmett walk into the room, throw his bag on the floor and jump on the bed where I was reading. Lately I had been to tired I had just stayed in bed. Although I was only six months pregnant I looked as though I was ready to burst. Oh did I not mention I was having twins. Alice had seen it but surprisingly the little pixie had been able to keep it to herself till Emmett and I had found out by the way of the sonogram.

"Hey sweetie, how was your day?" Emmett said as he kissed my stomach.

"Boring, I actually played your Xbox today. Thanks again for buying me some fun games." I said with a smile. Emmett laughed and laid him hands on my stomach probably waiting for the babies to kick. Sure enough the babies started kicking. "Ok little ones, I know you are happy to hear daddy but mommy's insides are bruised." I said with a wince. The babies were going to be strong I could defiantly tell. Carlisle was actually getting worried that I would have internal bruising but all I was worried about was delivering these babies in three months.

"Alice went shopping today." Emmett said as he put his books away. "She got tons of stuff."

"She always does." I laughed as I got out of bed and changed into some sweats and one of Emmett's hoodies. "Are you ready to see what sex the babies are?"

Emmett and I were going to go to the hospital today to see what the genders of the babies were. We would have known before now but we had asked Carlisle to not tell us because I had a phase where I didn't want to know before they were born. I realized yesterday that not knowing was not going to work with a shopping obsessed Alice. We tried to get Carlisle to tell us but he wanted us to see the sexes like everyone else, by picture.

The ride to the hospital seemed to take forever. I was so excited. I had came up with two names for each sex just in case. I had not told Emmett though. I knew he wanted to name them after his time period and birthplace but I was strongly against naming my kid Dolly or Betty or Loretta Lynn. I don't even know what names he had for the boys. I had a feeling he just brought the girls names up to bug me.

We got the hospital and waiting in the waiting room. The TV was turned on MTV and they were re-airing the Britney Spears documentary. I got so excited. No matter had happened to Britney I was always a secret Britney Spears fan. I got so into the documentary I didn't realize that the nurse had called our name. We got up and went to the room where Carlisle would be doing the examination and I hurried and changed knowing Carlisle would be soon. Carlisle hurried and did the examination and placed the get on my stomach. I felt the baby kick when his cold hand touched my stomach.

"Babies, that wasn't daddy calm down." I said making Emmett and Carlisle laugh. I looked up and on the screen was the most beautiful thing I had seen ever. Both of my babies were there on the screen. One was sucking their thumb and the other looked like it was trying to hit the first one. I couldn't help but to laugh. All those movements I had been feeling were taking shape. I could see what they were doing and I could feel it at the same time in my stomach. Carlisle quickly printed a picture and then went onto the task of what sex they were. When he got to the desination Emmett whistled.

"Now that is defiantly a boy and he takes after his daddy." Emmett said with a proud look on his face. It took me a second to realize that the boy was the one who was sucking his thumb.

Carlisle moved onto the one that was hitting its brother and it took a while but eventually Carlisle told us it would a girl. I looked into Emmett's eyes and I could tell that if he could he would be crying. I was giving him both a girl and a boy at the same time.

Carlisle cleaned the gel off my stomach and said that he would meet us at home. Emmett and I left the hospital so ready to tell everyone. As soon as we got to the door everyone was waiting for us. I couldn't help but to grab Alice in a hug and turn around to the rest of the family and scream that we were having a boy and girl. We sat around and talked for a few hours until I passed out on Emmett's chest.

I remember him laying me in bed and kissing my stomach. At night he would lay there and rub my stomach and calm the babies when they got to kicking too much.

I was so lucky and all I could wait was for three more months when I would see the beauties that me and Emmett had produced.

Ok so I know its been a while and I hope you all don't hate me for taking so long but I just finished exams today and so I actually had time to write all those sketches I had done all semester.


please go soft on me its been a while since I've written anything that doesn't have to do with Gothic Literature, Growth and Development, Biology, Chemistry Ethics, and History…. lol