my punker story's coming to an end, and i need something else to fill up my time,
this story is pretty much my child, i think it's my most up to date, most accurate,
and it's the only story that i am writing the ol' one at a time, straight onto fanfic style
also: i think it's my best written crap yet, i think i'm improving :)

peeess: title is say anything, i luff those guys
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Bitches ain't shit but hoe's and tricks. Well, that's what Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg thought anyway, and if you've ever shared a long car ride with either Samoa Joe or Colt Cabana you would have heard that phrase blasting through the radio about a million times.

Alex and I, we had been best friends, tag partners, and of course partners in crime for years. Longer than I can remember. Nothing could come between us, not him being a total asshole, not the belt, not anything. Not the fact that I somewhat looked up to him, and especially not some chick.

When I met him he had been in the Indies for years, working Mexico, Japan, The UK, and everywhere in the US. This kid was advanced beyond his years, he had a cool look, he had cool friends, and he had a different woman on him every week. I don't give a shit if I'm older than him, the kid's a hero.

Well,I thought that until about 6 months ago. Shit really hit the fan and I don't know if I'm really proud of it. It seems we found the one thing that could come between us, and her name was Hayley Crawford...