&I decided that this story is officially dedicated to ChainGangShorty54 .

The finale.

Two months. Prolly the longest each man had gone without speaking to each other.

and Hayley? Vacation- apparently a long one.

Chris was still angry beyond belief, and Alex was still maintaining he hadn't done anything wrong, and never would. Seriously, how do you argue with that?

"Hey, man!" Chris smiled at Petey who slapped his back before throwing himself in a catering seat next to him. "You okay?" "Yeah, fine. We're allowed back on TV tonight..." "Oh. Cool man, cool." "Yeah." Chris sighed, flattening his side fringey thing again. "So. You and Alex-" "Aren't talking."

Petey put his hands up in self defense, "Okay, okay, sorry buddy, just makin' sure your doing okay." Chris sighed and slapped Petey's shoulder. "I know, I know man, it just get's to me."

He felt a hand on his shoulder, but it wasn't Petey's. "Pete, give us a minute, eh?" Petey nodded and left promptly. Chris sighed, knowing exactly who it was, hearing that smug and promo perfect tone. He took the seat, looking Chris right in the face.

"What, Alex?"

Alex sighed, sinking back into the chair and his leather jacket. Silence. Chris sighed, crossing his arms. "What Alex?" Alex sighed once more. "Look..." Cough, cough. "Nothing has ever come between us before... especially not a chick, ya know?" "She wasn't just a chick, Alex. You loved her and you know it." Alex sighed, why couldn't he just let that go? "Look..." "Why can't you just say it?" Alex groaned, rolling his eyes. Chris was so stubborn. "Yeah, for the past few weeks you've been running around with other chicks- Probably doing Christy... Again. I know you're over her n' all but can't you just admit it?" Chris sighed.

Alex sat forward, but he wasn't looking at Chris when he said it, he was looking above him. "I loved her, alright. I did." He finally made eye contact with his 'best friend' again. "But... You loved her longer..." Alex stood, Chris was confused. "What are you doing?" Alex shrugged. "I got you a present." "You got me a present? Why?" Chris said, standing up from his seat. "I don't know, felt like it-" He shrugged, before scratching his belly nonchalantly "You'll dig it though." "Oh Really?" "Yeah, I'm sure." Silence.

"What is it?" He said with hope.

Alex laughed, pointing behind Chris. "That."

"Hey Chris." He stood stunned.
"H. Hey. He-Hay Hayley."
"Smooth, buddy. I'll leave you two kids alone." Alex smiled, kissing Hayley sweetly on the forehead before slapping Chris's shoulder and leaving. Chris took a deep breath. "What are you doing here?" He plainly asked. She smiled, "Alex called me. We talked. About you."

Chris's eyes widened. "Oh, really?" She smiled and nodded. "Yeah, for a pretty long time." "Oh. Reallllly?" She laughed. Was that all he could say?

She smiled. "He really loves you, you know, to bite the bullet and call me." Chris sighed. It was true. "And..." Hayley sighed. "So do I."

"Pardon?" She smiled seeing his stunned face, talking a step toward Chris. "I love you." Before leaning in and kissing him softly. He still didn't move. "Oh..." "I swear if you say really Chris, I'll kill you." He smiled down at her. "And Alex?" Chris asked slyly, leaning in closer. "Is currently dating my sister." Hayley smiled. Chris grinned, leaning in for another kiss. "Perfect."