She could do this. It wasn't a big deal, it wasn't a big deal, her mind chanted. She was only hyperventilating, but of course Ron thought she was panting out of desire.

His hand was trailing down her body, thank Merlin he hadn't taken off her clothes or his own.

She had no idea how she got from studying in the Gryffindor common room with Ron to him hovering over her with his lips and hands on her, in the most intimate manner.

'Hermione... you're so beautiful,' he murmured in her ear.

She colored slightly in the cheeks. Ron and Hermione had been dating since 6th year, but now it was a year later. Everyone had gone to bed- but naturally Ron had not finished his homework and needed Hermione to help.

Ron apparently had other plans in mind. With a tiny peck on the cheek, it somehow evolved into a passionate kiss on the lips. She tried not to wince or panic, it was rather difficult since she could feel Ron's hardness nestled in between her legs.

And that's when the hyperventilating began.

Hermione was afraid of sex. Plain and simple. The mere thought of someone that was the opposite male touching her and kissing her was just nerve-wrecking. It was a mistake to get into a relationship with Ron, but she had thought that since they were still so young, he wouldn't want sex.

Merlin, was she wrong.

'Ron..,' she whimpered, when he pressed down on her thigh. His hands were everywhere, running through her hair, caressing the skin on her neck.

His lips were suddenly on hers, and it was passionate enough to send her running for the Forbidden forest. She moaned into his mouth, and tried to push him off, but since coming back from summer holiday, he had managed to exercise all his excess fat into muscles. So he pretty much outweighed her by 60 pounds.

Oh, what joy. She was hyperventilating and starting to feel faint.

She could just picture herself unconscious underneath Ron, and he would have no idea. She needed to get out of here! Oh, his hand was pushing her skirt up! She was going to puke, the veil stuff was coming up her throat at that exact moment, and his tongue was in her mouth. She closed her eyes tightly.

Ron's tongue slithered out of her mouth and found it's way in her ear, gently licking her sensitive earlobe. 'Blimey Hermione, you feel so good.' he moaned.

Her mouth opened, wanting to voice out 'Stop or get off me!' ..but nothing came out. Her skin had goosebumps and Ron was teasing her soaked knickers.

She was sweating now, and shaking. She needed to go now, before she made a complete fool out of herself. She was not meant to have sex, it was too strange. Especially with Ron who was panting in her ear and brushing against her shirt clad nipple.

It felt like the world was about to implode around her. She couldn't handle this anymore. She put her hands on Ron's chest and started pushing. She willed herself not to yell at him, he wasn't aware that she was totally repulsed by anything and everything to do with sex.

'What are you doing?' his voice sounded strained.

'Get off me,' she demanded in a squeak. Yet he was still on top of her, oh Merlin he was still kissing her neck and moving her knickers aside. Was he going to rape her? Panic quickly took hold.

The bile was still stuck in her throat and her breath was coming out raggedly. Oh God this wasn't happening. She shoved, and squirmed, and finally managed to slip out from under him.

Then she ran...ran for the girl's bathroom where she managed to reach the toilet on time and puke all of her dinner.

What a way to start her sex life..