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Six months later.

Sam had finished his grand jury testimony in the trial of Thomas Berringer and left the courtroom to meet Dean and Bobby. It wasn't easy but it was just him in front of the jury, a few Internal Affairs officials and an attorney. Memories choked him and he was glad to be away. He had heard the verdict. The last remaining living cop who was responsible for Maris' captivity and rape, nineteen robberies, seven murders all together and one attempted murder was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Sam hadn't had to face the man and that was all that kept him calm. Dean, being one of the murder victims, waited for Sam out of sight with Bobby. Sam met them a half block from the court house and went to a small outdoor café for lunch. Sam sat and talked with his brother and Bobby, the three men looking happy and healthy for the first time in months. Sam's scars were all hidden, with him opting to keep his hair longer, although it was kept neatly trimmed. The extra length had worked the wave out and it fell straight to the tops of his shoulders. He was healed, his strength and muscle tone returning fully, the headaches gone completely.

"Sam? Dean?" The two looked up at the sound of a voice they recognized, Sam turning in his seat to see Doctor David Benton. "It is so good to see you!" He said.

"Hey Doc." Sam said, remembering the kind man from his first stay in the hospital.

"Doc." Bobby and Dean echoed, nodding their heads.

"It's just Dave now. I retired from my active practice. I started a clinic where I use therapy to work with patients with head trauma, trying to get them back to as normal as possible. There is someone I want you to meet though." Dave turned and motioned to a table just a few over. A woman stood from the table and walked over. She was wearing a pale blue dress with a white sweater draped around her shoulders. "Remember Maris, Dean?"

Dean gaped. Gone were the vacant stare and the pale cheeks. Maris' hair had grown longer and was thick and straight. Her eyes were a vibrant blue, dancing as she caught his stare. "Maris was my first success with the treatment I invented. She's also now my adopted daughter."

"Hi, guys." Maris said, smiling at Dean and then Sam. "I've heard a lot about you." She turned to her father. "Do you mind if I talk to them a bit?"

"Go ahead. I'll have our lunch boxed to go." Dave walked off.

"I remember what happened, Dean." Maris said quietly as she sat at the fourth chair at their table. "I remember the bridge, seeing you. Sam, I know you too. Your mother talked to me. She came out of the light and spoke. She knows what you've done Dean, and she left me with a message. She says there's a way out and that Sam will be the one to find it. It's your combined destiny and she says do not fight it. It'll come down to the wire and go beyond but you will not be lost for long." Maris closed her eyes and spoke, like she was trying to remember exactly what was said to repeat it. "She said 'Don't give up on memories. What you live for will be what saves the both of you.' She was a beautiful woman. She loves you both so much."

"Maris, why were you on the bridge?" Dean asked.

Maris looked directly at Sam. "I'm twenty four. My mother died in a nursery fire. I know about you Sam. I can astral project and have the ability to persuade thoughts and functions. I was visited by a man with yellow eyes who said he had plans for me that would make me the next great leader. Then something happened to me and my powers took me to the bridge. I knew I was there for a reason so I just went with it. Then you showed up Dean, right after your mother. I knew then I had to fight my way back. I had to give up one freedom to gain another. Sam, I'm sorry but I made you sleep. The Catatonia? I did the same to myself as an escape I think. Dave's unwavering help and understanding brought me back." She stood. "I have to go. We're going to the theatre this afternoon."

"Unwavering help and understanding brought her back. Just like Dean's did for me." Dean met Sam's eyes and Sam smiled.

"Hey, I couldn't give up on my Bitch."

"I just got tired of listening to you talk. Jerk."

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